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  1. I know it's not actually true, but it feels like the only pictures in existence of that Cardinals v Orioles-Dressed-As-Browns game feature Sidney Ponson.
  2. The Tigers wore the normal uniforms for Trammell's number retirement ceremony Sunday. That was the reason.
  3. Literally from the article (and the first post in the thread): "Brown and yellow was the favorite with blue and white close behind. Neither had a majority." It's entirely possible it 40/35/25 on the split on what people want. Acting like the majority of fans want brown (and the focus groups says otherwise) is just incorrect. And you don't need red if you go to navy blue. The team actually wore orange with navy once upon a time.
  4. The Padres sold a shirt and hat with the striping on it several years ago. I think they advertised it as a one-off "military-style" thing. I have the shirt. They incorporate so many different elements that it's hard to keep up.
  5. It's tough to say. The home team almost always pays for the uniforms, but the visitors have to agree to play along. Not sure what happened here, but it's entirely possible the Marlins were cheap. There have been instances of road teams declining. The Cubs turned down throwbacks in SD when the Padres wore PCL stuff years ago. That one always sticks with me for some reason.
  6. It's not like we don't already know what Nike can do with baseball. They outfit a ton of college teams. Can they be traditional? Have you seen Texas & Stanford? Can they be crazy? Have you seen Oregon? As said above, it's up to the teams to decide where this goes, just like on every sport. Maybe we stop freaking out about Nike turning everyone into Oregon when the biggest change will almost certainly be the cut of the jersey.
  7. Lukas said (on the day the UA delay story broke) that one team is absolutely changing, but they are now weighing whether to do it in 2020 instead of 2019. He said they have to decide soon because the deadline for 2019 is coming up.
  8. I didn't snap a pic of it, but some of the Astros' dugout personnel were wearing UA clothing during the game Sunday. Polos or pullovers. Glimpse into the future, I guess.
  9. I went to Lids at lunch today and they had quite a few of these in the store. The sizing is akin to last year's Diamond Era hats (run a 1/8 size larger than older hats). The logo on the Padres hat above was TINY! I had an original hat from that time and the logo was not that small.
  10. That's funny how SkyDome was involved in a mid-season move twice. The Jays moved in-season from Exhibition Stadium to SkyDome in June 1989.
  11. In the replies, they note that these will be worn for the first two home games (against BAL), when they unveil the banner (home opener) and they get their rings (G2).
  12. MLB Shop already has the new Tigers jerseys and hats up. For those so inclined, the old versions of the hat are on sale, the 2018 version is full price and excluded from the sale promotion.
  13. One of UA's signature looks is the faux flannel grey material. I wouldn't be surprised to see that used in the same way the D-Backs adopted graphite as the away color. Maybe one or two teams try it out at first. It has to be said every time: just because the manufacturer has crazy ideas, it doesn't mean the teams will adopt them en masse. Teams control their identities, and some teams are EXTREMELY conservative in regards to making changes.
  14. This is correct. They were only supposed to be on the road for 3 in Anaheim (Players' Weekend), so they didn't bring the regular grey jerseys. Their beat writer said they had the navy jerseys with them because come of the players wear them for BP, instead of those pullover tops with the numbers on the sleeve. I guess someone either drove their orange set out to an available airport for the final game. I can't remember when IAH/HOU reopened. It's been a hell of a 10-day stretch here in Houston, so some stuff is still a blur.
  15. Plus the SUPER OBVIOUS tell that it's a woman's jersey: the buttons are reversed. Women's clothing buttons right over left.
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