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  1. KAT and Wiggins? LOL NO WAY. Did you see what Paul George netted?
  2. Better look at the partial logo.
  3. Found this partial logo is being used on chrome browser.
  4. Maybe it's an arrow northward? All I can think of.
  5. I clearly said the new wolf would be rendered differently than the current secondary. The image I posted was from someone who saw the new logo and attempted to recreate it using the current secondary as it was 'close' to the new wolf. Sorry I even posted.
  6. I said that the wolf was rendered differently than the current secondary in my post. The secondary was used as a base to get the idea. I live in Minnesota, have been around ccslc since '05 and wouldn't have posted that image without some sort confirmation that the logo was something close to that. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if any secondary/accompanying marks are introduced tonight as well.
  7. Surely it isn't huh? It was much closer than what Conrad posted.
  8. The mock ups are using the current secondary as it is close to the new logo. New logo will be revealed at halftime of tonight's game vs OKC.
  9. Floating around wolves boards is this. Wolf is rendered differently than the current secondary, features more blue, is facing the opposite way and has a green eye.
  10. My old high school... Woodbury (MN) Royals. I feel like this is clip art but I did a quick search and yielded nothing. Woodbury also has a second high school that opened in 2009: East Ridge (MN) Raptors
  11. I see things more like this. Better rivalry structure and the Black division would be the more intriguing division for more football while the Black division would be more the basketball division. Big Ten Black Division Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois Blue Division Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa
  12. Randy Moss: I met at an autograph signing for a charity basketball event. Got to VIP access with the players since I was on the school basketball team. He actually was a really nice and funny guy. His eyes were also bloodshot and he wasnt speaking the clearest haha. So once in a blue moon is a little more often that he led us on. Daunte Culpepper: I have met multiple times. He used to be my uncles neighbor in Orlando so I have talked to him while he was watering his lawn and waxing his Impala. I also had the pleasure to be coached by him at the Tice Brothers football camp in St. Paul. He actually remembered who I was and who my uncle was and for a pro athlete I thought it was pretty neat. Joe Mauer: He played in the same conference as my school and I met him at the Tice Brothers football camp as well when he was a Senior. The way he conducts him self in the media is exactly like his character. He is a real humble, down-to-earth, nice guy. Adam Weber: I played against the gophers starting Quarterback in high school and played with him again at the Tice Brother football camp. I thought he was pretty cocky guy who didnt give anyone else the time of day at the camp. Michael Floyd: Played against the Notre Dame receiver for 3 years. A TREMENDOUS ATHLETE. I had to cover him in my senior season and he was a beast. I held him to under 50 yards in the first half but he exploded on our other corners to finish the game with over 200 yards. He is also a pretty nice guy and came up to me after the game and said we had a nice battle. Seantrel Henderson: Also played against the #1 recruit in the nation once. Broderick Binns: Starting defensive end for the Iowa Hawkeyes. I played tight end as well and he was another force. Dude is tremendously strong and quick for being 260 lbs. He also chatted with me after the game saying I held up pretty well. Michael Bennett: I was staying in the dorms during the Tice Brothers football camp and had met him earlier in the day. I was in line buying a smoothie at a frozen yogurt place and he came in line behind me. I started talking to him asking him about the NFL and stuff and he offered to buy the smoothie for me, which was pretty cool for a former pro bowl running back to do. He was a really cool guy. Adrian Peterson: Met him in Mankato at a Kwik Trip. He was buying gum and gatorade and I obviously had to say something to the guy. He seemed really rushed and was kinda unpleasant but the dude is JACKED. He did offer me an autograph however.
  13. Can anyone tell me the font featured on nikeacg.com where it has 89over2009 20th anniversary?
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