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  1. KAT and Wiggins? LOL NO WAY. Did you see what Paul George netted?
  2. Better look at the partial logo.
  3. Found this partial logo is being used on chrome browser.
  4. Maybe it's an arrow northward? All I can think of.
  5. I clearly said the new wolf would be rendered differently than the current secondary. The image I posted was from someone who saw the new logo and attempted to recreate it using the current secondary as it was 'close' to the new wolf. Sorry I even posted.
  6. I said that the wolf was rendered differently than the current secondary in my post. The secondary was used as a base to get the idea. I live in Minnesota, have been around ccslc since '05 and wouldn't have posted that image without some sort confirmation that the logo was something close to that. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if any secondary/accompanying marks are introduced tonight as well.
  7. Surely it isn't huh? It was much closer than what Conrad posted.
  8. The mock ups are using the current secondary as it is close to the new logo. New logo will be revealed at halftime of tonight's game vs OKC.
  9. Floating around wolves boards is this. Wolf is rendered differently than the current secondary, features more blue, is facing the opposite way and has a green eye.
  10. I have attended the combine for this league and have a bit of knowledge about what's going on with it. I know they plan on having 6-8 teams to start and with the league being based out of Minneapolis there is a good chance a franchise will be located there. I know New York, Boston, Houston are also being considered. They have been trying to get former NFL players to crossover as their talent pool.
  11. My old high school... Woodbury (MN) Royals. I feel like this is clip art but I did a quick search and yielded nothing. Woodbury also has a second high school that opened in 2009: East Ridge (MN) Raptors
  12. I'll take a Minnesota Vikings dynasty and then a return to who they have been ANY DAY.
  13. Homer pick: The 1998 Minnesota Vikings. There is so much that happened during that previous offseason/season it would be a great 30 for 30.
  14. That Senators set is AMAZING. In fact, this whole series was original, well presented and one of the best I've seen on here. Nice work.
  15. First guy that comes to mind is Charles Oakley.
  16. I really don't envision a scenario where the NBA expands, the talent pool is fairly scarce. The draftable players in this forthcoming class may be the weakest in 15 years. If anything I see the NBA reconfiguring and dropping a few teams and relocating to markets where they are the 'only game in town'.
  17. What you did to the Rams logo is great. Really good job simplifying it while retaining the overall feel. However, I feel the jerseys are too plain and are lacking something.
  18. I was recently in Columbus for the Arnold Classic and it seems to me that the entire downtown area is centered toward the Blue Jackets. They also seem to have a very strong following as I saw a lot of people wearing apparel. But from an outside perspective I can see how they are irrelevant. Hell, they might be in Columbus I just didn't get that vibe though. My nomination for most irrelevant team goes to the Washington Wizards. Their roster is a jumbled mess of has-beens and yet-to-be's. John Wall has yet to capture the superstardom he was promised coming out of Kentucky while Nene is just another NBA big man and I've yet to hear about Bradley Beal since his name was called in the draft. Add in Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, Martell Webster and Leandro Barbosa and this roster has little to be ecstatic about. Not to mention the haphazard identity crisis that lacks any cohesive aesthetic. For a team centered in our nation's capital, the Washington Wizards should be a hell of lot more relevant.
  19. I could be wrong here... but I think the black facemask with the white and bronze is supposed to mimic the teeth of a beaver.
  20. Washington= Liberty RFC, Columbia Athletic Club RFC, Washington Metro RFC Dallas= Red River RFC, Victory Park RFC, Dallas Blues Atlanta= Centennial Park RFC, Peachtree RFC, Millennial Gate RFC, Atlanta Reds LA= Sun City RFC, Pacific Olympic RFC, Racing Metro, Coastal Metro RFC
  21. Keep in mind a game of 7s is only 14 minutes long... They could run a league with series competition style where every team competes every weekend and points are on a running tally over a season with a final match series between the top 4 or 2. A network could air the entire league's contests in a 3 hour block with plenty of time for commercial breaks... think of how long it actually takes before they cut to break in the NFL and I'm willing to bet they run well over 7 minutes. The commercial viability is there, I believe it is a matter of someone willing to take a risk. Keep in mind, I would NOT have rugby competing directly against the NFL. I think a spring/summer league would do wonders for the doldrums experienced after MLB opening day, the NFL draft, NBA/NHL playoffs and before NFL training camp and the MLB postseason races. I also think that a weeknight time slot, say Thursday, on a major network (NBC currently airs much of the rugby coverage nationally) would be best. The concussion issue doesn't affect rugby as much as football. You don't have the superman effect where guys launch their bodies at each other with reckless abandonment and fighting for every inch on the field doesn't matter as much as possession of the ball does.
  22. Seattle Pilots ---> Milwaukee Brewers kept a similar color scheme.
  23. A little homerish but these are MY christmas wishes #1 Minnesota Vikings... The look does not fit this team name. There is a great opportunity to go modern-classic and with the colors being a deep purple, steel grey, black and gold. The norseman logo does is in desperate need of updating. With a new stadium on the horizon and the amazing year of Adrian the timing is right to rebrand. Although the rumors of this already happening have piqued my interest! #2 Minnesota Twins... Why did they retain the metrodump look? Trash it and go classic. The ball park is amazing yet we still hang onto faint reminders of the yesteryear. I would be in favor of dumping the straight blue/red/white and going with a navy/green/maroon/cream. The Twins could use a reinvention and they could come up with a more unique way of interlocking a T and C. #3 Minnesota Timberwolves... Why did they become the step child of the Dallas Mavericks? Bring back the green... go with the howling wolf alternate or employ an Arizona Cardinals-like update to the classic look. #4 Milwaukee Bucks... I would LOVE to see them with a logo in a similar vein to the South African Springboks. I think I speak for everyone with the need to bring back the Irish Rainbow!!! It also would be interesting to see them incorporate blaze orange as an accent color. Embrace the hunting aspect of your fan base and exploit it. I have seen a few concepts on these boards that have had similar ideas and they were intriguingly fantastic. #5 Oklahoma City Thunder... I think it's time to establish an identity. Sky blue, brown, grey and an orange or yellow would make with an appropriate color palate to the name. Give us a logo that invokes something of relevance to associate their brand to. Weather, buffalo, old-west, oil industry... SOMETHING even if it has nothing to do with an actual Thunder storm. The streaking basketball, YMCA pick-up font is doing nothing for anyone, not even the fans in OKC. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are extremely marketable players, use a brand to get yourself even more sales and become a unique identity in a basketball hungry town. PLEASE!!!