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  1. To get back on topic, The logo is pretty cool. It kind of looks like the love child of the Admirals and Bucks, no offense I mean that in a good way. My only issue is with the hanging skulls. The way the two outer skulls are hung from the antlers, they look like they are about slide down the antler.
  2. I think it is meant to play on a local belief, kind of like the Jersey Devil (correct me if I am wrong). I believe the concept is based on the premise of the character, not the characters actions. I mean if people in Milwaukee are that sensitive to their teams being named after negative human behavior, then Alcoholics Anonymous must have been up in arms for decades about the Brewers. Honestly when I heard the connection to cannibalism I thought of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein. Also where do you get off on people for being sensitive to local crimes?
  3. This is awesome. I'm a huge Disney fan and my favorite attraction is the Haunted Mansion. You should do a whole Disney Parks league.
  4. I noticed that in addition to the NFL and Super Bowl logos having new turf, the endzone areas had new turf which extended out to the two yard line. Also that two yard section is the area where Charles Woodson, coincidentally?, broke his collar bone. I can't find a good source but I have been hearing on other sites that the new turf sections were not the same brand as the rest of the field, again I can't confirm this at the moment. The turf at Cowboy Stadium is also notorious for injuries and is what many people believe what cause Tony Romo to go down. On a side note i really hated the transparent Super Bowl logo. I mean come on, it's the F'n Super Bowl, don't half-ass it and allow the yard lines and hash marks to show through. Also why would they create a new standard logo with gradients knowing that it would have to be reproduced on turf, embroidered caps, and the jerseys themselves?
  5. I always told myself I will wait until a Wisconsin pro team wins a world championship before I have my first avatar/signature no matter how long it takes. May I request one of all the Packers titles, or at least all the Super Bowl ones? I'm kind of in tears right now but it feels so good after nearly losing faith earlier on in the season.
  6. Since it was played in Cowboys stadium and the home team in Cowboy Stadium wears white, does that make the Packers the visiting team for wearing green?
  7. Actually, Miami University uses an 'M' on their helmet. It's the University of Miami that uses a 'U' on their helmet. Opps my bad. lol
  8. Why couldn't it just stand for Green Bay I mean Michigan State uses an "S" and Miami University uses a "U" so why can't Green Bay use a "G"?
  9. I too would have liked to see an updated Mustangs logo with new current colors. I really don't think anyone in Wisconsin right now wants to associate with the color purple due to recent events in the past two years. EDIT: Actually I shouldn't say that since UW-Whitwater, which wears purple, currently has a 3-3 record in the Stagg Bowl and has been in the Stagg Bowl for the past six years and have won the last two. I know it's only Division III but Division III uses a 32 team playoff system and the Warhawks have been undefeated since the 2009 season. I gotta give the Warhawks their due they deserve it.
  10. In Super Bowl I both endzones where yellow with Chiefs in red and Packers in green. It would be interesting if the matchup is Packers vs Steelers and have both endzones yellow. Also because they both use a stencil font.
  11. Okay, once again, this is not only an issue when the two teams play, and we can all tell which team is playing based on the helmet decal and the TV graphics. Nobody is arguing that, but you seem to be arguing that branding is irrelevant in uniform design. If "you can tell who is playing by the screen graphics" then why even design uniforms? Give each team the same uni with different decals and let the fans read the graphics to see who is playing. You keep blowing things way out of proportion and suggesting ridiculous situations. I only said that each team keep their current unis. Your making it sound like I would suggest both teams or all of college football for that matter go to a white helmet/pants and red jersey scheme and only a different helmet decal and people can read the screen to figure out who is playing. Come on man. I just don't see why people can't look at the score bar for ONE time to establish if it's Wisconsin or Nebraska or whoever else is playing for that matter. I get it that they will be in the same conference and if someone is watching TV they may not know right away which of the "red" Big Ten teams are playing but that problem already existed before they were in the same conference. Both teams have reason to keep their current unis, if one team wants to change their identity then good for them.
  12. <img> Stupid Picture </img> That doesn't really fit... Sure it does. Stomping your feet and saying "anyone who doesn't agree with me should be slapped" and building a strawman about the people who disagree with you is more than fitting. Yes, I could tell by the giant W on Wisconsin's helmet that they are the Badgers and not Cornhuskers. Still there is no reason why two schools, let alone two schools in the same conference, should have identical uniforms except for a chest patch, helmet decal and one extra helmet stripe. It is even worse considering Wisconsin's school color is different, and they ackonwledged ditching their color and stealing their look from Nebraska. Is it earthshattering that sports teams should consider branding and distinguishing themselves? What the heck do we talk about on this board? People complain about every other MLB using red-white-blue, yet it is A-OK for two college football teams who will play almost every year to have not just the same colors, but carbon copy unis? Why not just put each team in Raiders unis with different logos and say "If you can't tell who is playing by the helmet logos and players you are a moron?" Thank you Dr. Phil. Let me rephrase that. Both teams should keep their uniforms the same because they will only play each other once in a while. When they do people can simply deduce who is who by observing all the graphics on the screen. No one is an idiot if they are incapable of such a task.
  13. How about BOTH teams keep them the same and anyone who can't read the team name on the score bar can be slapped in the face. And if you are actually at the game and can't tell who is playing then you have problems.
  14. A little bit off topic but the Packers field logo consists of gold and white paint. There is no green paint used, just the natural grass green showing through. So you could say that the Packers are the first and only team to have ever "colored" their field in accordance to their "logo".