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  1. Been away for a while, crazy busy. Thought I would come back on, miss see all the great stuff on here. I just hit my 20th year, design hockey jerseys and logos. thought I would throw up my one of my 20th concept.
  2. I was asked to design a logo and jerseys for a team call Centurions and the sponsor was Burnco.
  3. I thought this one was too cool, to just be seen in a local Mens thought I would post it here. Was based on the Blue Jackets 3rd jersey colors.
  4. Been away working But still cranking out the jerseys. Instead of doing several post , thought post a few just finished.
  5. Cooperalls autographs being free
  6. Have not been at it for a while...but felt the creative juices, and went overboard on the time I charged for...oh well it was fun. the bottom left is the team supplied concept.
  7. Thanks again, and JaxNole I do drive with him in the truck. He is bolted down in 3 location and pad-locked in 3 locations. He is just a little over 120 pounds. AS for a name I call him Alpha.
  8. for the Flames jersey with the flaming "C". I called Flames head office and asked to put it on and was told i would be sued. I am going to put something on it...heck maybe after Flames see they might let me. I have done work for the Calgary Flames in the past and did not want to step on toes. I am planning to do football and soccer jerseys down the road. I put on the jersey what was legal.
  9. FUNNY PART.... The chains were bought at Walmart during halloween. They are plastic, and what was the turning point to making me go ahaed to make him. Best $18 spent.
  10. Well some of you know I have a small graphics/sportswear shop/jerseys. I have had a idea for about 4 years and finally last December after being a big chicken I decided to go ahead with it. So after 3 months of stress, anger, and lots of hair pulling...its done. I am very proud to show my new salesman. I launched him at the Heritage Classic game today.
  11. I forgot to post this a while back, but was talking to friend this morning about it...and how I didn't have a good picture. It made the national news...well Theo did. Theo Fleury had it on during his atempted come-back. Not sure how he go it...but it was nice to see.
  12. 9ers I will be getting better pics. Just had to get something least people know now and I will be updating and improving the pics.
  13. Finally after a year or so of changes and at times getting too busy to wokr on it, I got somethin up. CLick on the custom Jersey button in the upper right on the start page, to see my stuff.
  14. Well I have been busy doing boring stuff...but am back and have a pile of designs to work on, and hockey season is coming, here is the first. For a mens league they are going to use the old BLue jackets jerseys. What do you think?
  15. I have been using CorelDraw since it first came out...way back!!! I use both programs but find CorelDraw much easier and quicker to use. I often do my projects in Corel and save them in Adode for the client.