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  1. Thats all my teams won lol . If you wanna do soccer then you'll have to add all the AC Milan's trophy room PS when I have the templates, what will I have to do in order to make em appear underneath my posts
  2. No it aint me LMAO... but that man surely shows commitment to the team !
  3. With me being a Dolphins fan, every time my friends (or mum) see Jax in teal/white they go "oh your teams playing" . Yes this is a small sample and yes i might have the dumbest friends in the world, but you know... Im not saying every team needs to do that, obviously. But Jacksonville seems to have a bigger interest in Europe than most of the other franchises , and they also play basically every year in the Old Continent (remember when someone even said the might wanna consider the idea of relocating and becoming the "London Jaguars" ?). Dolphins are very big here due to their history (Shula, Marino) and city's background notoriety (everybody'll tell you Miami's in FLA, not a lotta people even know Jacksonville exists), so if the Jags want to appeal to the EU market they ought to distinguish themselves more, mainly by using colors no other franchise uses for merchandising and uni's IMO. Teal and black? yes. Teal and white? already taken . Why isn't anyone selling Portland Trailblazers stuff here ? Cause there's already a team with richer history and the same color scheme (Chicago, obv) that's outselling them by a mile. But the Hornets are big in our market, and guess what, they got unique colors.It's not rocket science. This is just my thought , but then, i aint no franchise GM nor marketing guru.
  4. Teal over black for JAX or black over teal ? Yes Teal over white? meh, its a little bit too Dolphin-ish IMO. Even from a marketing standpoint, i tell you: a casual fan (especially here in Europe) who sees teal over white will think Miami. Yes I know they got black helmets instead of white ones and Miami's aqua and not teal but trust me on that, teal over black would be more unique and distinguishable .
  5. I agree that the current vapour untouchable is the cleanest of all time. Uniforms look very good in it. i'm curious to see how the new one translates on game issued and retail jerseys tho, i hope they don't mess it up cause rn also retail jerseys (limited&authentic) are REALLY good
  6. My bad, what an idiot. I miscounted the C's . But still, why would they put 1894 in there ? Weren't the original senators founded in 1883? Am i wrong?
  7. FYI thats not how you write 1994 in Roman numerals. While it isnt totally wrong, not calling it the standard version isn't a stretch
  8. And what about SB LIII ? also known as Super bowl LIE
  9. Yes but to a casual viewer they would be the Miami Dolphins . Trust me i had first hand experience with a friend of mine
  10. I don't know.. teal over white and white over teal looks too much like Miami's aqua on white and white on aqua to me