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  1. put a stripe on those helmets and shrink the logo.. and it'd be perfect!
  2. No outer border anymore.. looks clean . Seems like the C patches players wore during color rush games 2019 2018 The biggest difference comes with players with less than 4 years of captaincy (can you say this ?) . In previous years you would see as many gold stars as the years the players served as captain (up to 4) and the other ones would be the same color as the C : Now they got rid of the non-gold stars , and centered the remaining gold ones: (I'm sorry i couldn't find an on-field shot, i can remember our MIA Center Kilgore wearing one, but this is still a pretty good illustration) Again, its basically what color rush patches used to be. I dig it
  3. I see new captain patches .. the stars are different
  4. They used that type of collar for the winter classics in the last 2 years.. i guess it could be legit
  5. not a fan on the logo on the ANA alt, but wow they all beautiful! way to go!
  6. No plus, i can't find the SJ draft hat on fanatics , what the ...!
  7. Or that they don't put the SJ all together !! smh
  8. Not bad but i feel like the stripes are a touch too thick ... and i woulda put the "screaming sharks" (thats what its called) on the front of the black third
  9. i might be a weirdo but i never actually saw a "C" in the orca logo before someone told me its supposed to be a C for Canucks
  10. some white on the 3rd wouldn't have been a bad idea.. other than that, you looking good at last Vancouver!
  11. If you talking about the helmet logo.. looked like a mix of eras just because it was poorly photoshopped in the first image they posted. They did the annual photos and the "throwback helmet" is always the same , '66 logo (no mix of eras to be seen)