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  1. And what about SB LIII ? also known as Super bowl LIE
  2. Yes but to a casual viewer they would be the Miami Dolphins . Trust me i had first hand experience with a friend of mine
  3. I don't know.. teal over white and white over teal looks too much like Miami's aqua on white and white on aqua to me
  4. There really was room for tv numbers, and the fact that they dumped em is saddening
  5. Yes . A Flywire Limited size S equals pretty much to a Vapor Limited size M
  6. I never understood why they don't remove the helmet logo when they're donning the throwbacks. Without the one shell rule the look'd be 100% better, but still, a blank helmet would work just fine. I don't get it, that yellow on the logo seems so out of place to me
  7. it needs a black collar and black sleeves (only the final part of them, well you get the point)
  8. orange jersey needs white (cream) numbers to me
  9. How about a blue facemask on the home and away helmet and a red one on the CR helmet? Have you tried it?
  10. Other than that , i really like this series so far! Cant wait to see what you got in store next