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  1. The goofy number font AND the whole "gel" look. The whole thing looks dumb. I didn't really miss the yellow and blue classics when they changed up to blue and gold. But these putrid things they have now make me yearn for the classic blue and gold which was immeasurably superior to the current set.
  2. LogoFan

    USFL Tweaks

    I can understand Surge and MadDogs. Surge due to one of the most powerful earthquakes in US history happening in the area (closer to Memphis, but still...) and the Mad Dogs were a slap at the NFL for Memphis not awarding the Hound Dogs to them, but that reference is really dated now.
  3. LogoFan

    USFL Tweaks

    I don't like them, I LOVE them. Bravo! What a sharp, distinctive color palette!
  4. So they put lipstick on a pig. But it's still a pig and the uniforms are still fugly. Like painting the Titanic a different color in hopes it will avoid the iceberg,
  5. The logo is good, even though it looks like it time-warped here from 1970. The helmet strongly reminds me of the AAF...the antlers really need to be heavier/bolder IMHO.
  6. LogoFan

    USFL Tweaks

    I love you series and what you're doing with the teams, but I'm not going for the helmet and logo. I loved the original Feds logo, even if it was dated...not crazy about this one. Did you try to merge the original birdhead logo with the Stallion's waiving stripes, with a black bird head transitioning to green? While I think the silver helmet looks good on paper, it seemed like the green didn't pop as much on when the Feds made that move...like it was watered down by bleed-through from the silver. Uniforms are perfection.
  7. The day the Roughnecks revealed their logo, I said the NFL would claim infringement because it's so obvious. That said, I can kind of understand some of the NFL hate based on their history of hypocrisy. On one hand, we have the NFL understandably going after the CFL over their team called the Baltimore Colts. Going overboard, Al Davis actually tried to claim infringement on the Falcons when they went from red & silver to black & silver. So the history of them being protective of their property is there. Then, you have the flip side where the NFL was slapped down over their original Jaguars logo when they were guilty of being too much like another company's logo. And of course, there's the ultra-hypocritical situation with the Ravens where the NFL clearly ripped off and then denied stealing a fan's logo submission. Ultimately, hypocrisy doesn't trump copyright laws, so despite individual emotion in this, legally they are correct.
  8. Not surprised. My visits these day have gotten sporatic due to family illnesses.
  9. While I'm glad they are dropping the stupid drop-shadows from the numerals, now they remind me strongly of Da Bears numerals.
  10. Unless they got an okay from the NFL prior to doing this, I can almost hear the clickity-clack of lawyer's keyboard preparing their suits for copyright infringement. Because, NFL.
  11. Unlike the A11FL that never saw the field, The Spring League is now on its 5th season. They have had absolutely the most modest of structures. Ironically, they partnered with the AAF and then XFL. While both of the latter leagues are gone, TSL is still around. They will have 8 teams this season but have no wish to try to be on the big stage. Modest plans seem to have worked for them.
  12. One good, one bad. The Sea Lions was an unused A11FL logo from Dane Storrusten, but with a new wordmark. A+ The Lineman logo...not sure who designed it but what is it that adding steaks behind something is supposed to make it a good logo? D. At least it's not the Buffaslug. Poor name to begin with and logo doesn't save it.
  13. Nice add-on...forgot that one. IMHO, gray facemasks are okay in some situations where silver or gray is used in the color scheme. I'm fine with the teams like the Giants, Raiders, Cowboys, even Eagles using gray facemasks, but on teams like the Colts, Bills, Cards and formerly Browns, I hate it.
  14. This is what the Falcons and Saints remind me of when they go with their unitard look. Essentially long-johns without the butt-flap, but knowing Nike, they'll try that at some point. The only difference is the presence of numbers on the NFL uniforms. Just say "NO'. It's a bad, bad look.
  15. While it remains to be revealed what we will see yet in 2021, this is my list of things I DON'T want to see: gradients piping gradients chrome gradients unitards gradients solid socks that match the pants, regardless of jersey gradients eyesore numbers like the current Falcons, Titans or digital Bucs gradients
  16. 1. Falcons, Falcons, Falcons 2. Rams 3. Washington Whatevers 4. Titans 5. Eagles
  17. Better. But the Bone still sucks and the yellow crescent whatever just gets lost on the jersey. It looks like some threw it in as an overcrowded afterthought. Or someone squirted mustard on him. Personally, I love the new blue...it really stands out as a unique color. They need to go to a matte helmet IMHO and ditch the gel numbers.
  18. Sorry if this has been brought up before but it just struck me this morning. Funny the things you notice while on a long hold during a client call. I just can't unsee it now. Right down to the gradient.
  19. They need a name. Too awkward in a league that manages to have all-plural names and then...a non-name. It's as lame as the Browns having no logo. At least they didn't go with Washington Team of Football (WTF).
  20. I called this when the Roughnecks first revealed their logo and most folks that I was reaching. To me, this is no surprise after the precident set in their non-stop harassment of the CFL Colts who were forced to change to the Stallions. NFL will lay claim to anything not nailed down.
  21. I was really hoping the Titans were going to go to helmets utilizing their medium blue when they did their overhaul a few years back.
  22. I didn't like the Rams' new unis when they were rolled out. Seeing them on the field only made it worse. They are just God-awful. It thought I might like the lighter blue but the helmets are too shiny, the highlighter-yellow gets lost and the "bone" just looks like a dirty uniform. And those gel-looking numbers...WTF awful. While I didn't mind the early 2000's rework, the current set is best for the crapper. The new ones made me immediately yearn for the classic look again. Just...ugh.
  23. Correct. Actually, the Spring League began using the Generals ID last year. When I first saw it, I reached out to Dane Storrusten to let him know (figuring it had been ripped off) and he confirmed they cleared using it with him first. Looking at all the teams, the 2 from Dane are the superior of the lot.
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