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  1. The bottom of the "W" confuses me. In the circle logo, the bottom appears to come to 2 points, but on the "W" the outlines come to a flat bottom. Minor, but once I noticed it I can't un-see it. Other than that, solid design. Good work!
  2. I like it, particularly the helmet. I miss the silver, though...otherwise, great job!
  3. I miss the turquoise but very nicely executed.
  4. The Sharks and Vulcans were always my favorites and I did a Vulcan's logo modernization a few years ago but never tackled Jacksonville. This uniform is absolute beautiful! The addition of teal makes sense and the shark fin on the sleeve is brilliantly executed. By far one of my all-time favorites on this board. Bravo!
  5. One of my best friends who's lived in Nashville almost 40 years said he and a lot of people he knew were hoping for "Tornadoes", especially after the tornado of 98 that went through downtown Nashville. I think it would've been a good choice, too. But maybe "Moonshiners" should be on that list. LOL
  6. So they went with bold separations on the logo but on the numbers it's so subliminal it makes it pointlessly stupid.
  7. Half the hand-signal is "loser". Doesn't help.
  8. 3 years and THIS is what we got. WOW. Holy ****-fest disasters, Batman!
  9. "Forced errors" are not just in baseball anymore! The batch was a horrible idea, but the execution made it ten times worse. This whole thing is a forced train wreck. The royal blue unis are okay other than the number gradient. The "bone" uni is a complete bone-headed disaster, from a mis-matched stupid patch to Ram horns that while looking good on the royal blue, look like a giant "WTF is that?" mess. The yellow is almost completely faded out against the light background. Someone needs to make Nike cease-and-desist this bastardized terrorism on team unis. What a pile of total crap.
  10. Beat me to it by a minute. LOL
  11. Given the negative fan reaction to the logos, it wouldn't surprise.
  12. They'd look so much better piled into a high stack and set on fire. Former San Diego Charger fans know what I'm talking about. Feel the burn. EDIT: Okay, I'll stop now.
  13. I'm not dyslexic, but half the time when I see the new jerseys, I think "ALT" instead of "ATL".
  14. Well said. That's why I washed my hands and walked away.
  15. Yellow pants look great with it. The Chargers wore yellow pants with the powder blue from 1966 until 1972 when the switched to royal blue jerseys, keeping the yellow pants until 1985. I'm thrilled over their return but do agree powder blue pants would've been a good addition.
  16. This is how I rate the new/returned-to-old unis: 10: Bucs 9: Bolts (-1 for helmet numbers) 7. Browns (-2 for not returning orange pants. -1 for still being boring) 7. Colts (-1 for possible logo infringement, -2 for minor change to uniform that barely qualifies as a "Change") 6: Pats (-2 for dropping silver pants. -2 for primary not returning to red) FAILING GRADES 2. Falcons (-1 for gradient alt. -2 for unitard looks. -1 for no-contrast socks. -1 for ridiculously-sized "ATL". - 3 for having great alts and sorry-ass every-days) -8. Rams (-5 for gradient logos. -3 for kindergarten-quality ram-head logo. -10 for failing to turn in uniform homework before the draft. You had 3 years. 3 years!!!
  17. They're going to have to work hard to achieve that.
  18. Looooong-time fan of the Chargers and I've always hated the numbers on the helmets.
  19. Great update. My choice would be white pants with the powder blue, yellow pants with the white. During the Fouts era, the team largely wore their white jersey with the yellow and it's a good look. I like that they went with larger bolts on the shoulders...they really stand out and look far better than the ones they've been wearing that were dropped (and upside down) on the sides. I like color rush...the navy one is absolutely awesome. If I had to bet money, I see a lot of Dane's influence in this knowing his work on the A11FL ids. The ONLY gripe I have is the numbers on the helmet as they take away from the logo. Other than that, absolute perfection. The Bolts did what I was hoping the Falcons would do, but the Falcons really ****ed the sheets.
  20. "New uniforms"....in the Brown's case, more like re-introducing the Edsel and calling it "new". The Brown's Journey in Excrement makes a strong argument to allow teams who roll out horrible new unis to be able to back up to what they replaced the next year, then start a 4-year clock if they want to try again.
  21. Same here. When the XFL was still working on their team identities but had announced the cities, I kept seeing "Defend the DMV" on the DC forum page. I finally posted "Is the Department of Motor Vehicles under assault?" jokingly and someone explained it. You learn something new every day.
  22. I know. I'm out, don't need the drama.
  23. To quote you "who the hell cares if you like" my opinion or not? I never said you were wrong; you chose to read into that. Whatever.
  24. I understand it just fine and don't need any help. I still don't like it and don't hear it spoken often. Nothing changes that.