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  1. You hit the nail on the head: This is going to come down how effective the Sox's starters can be.
  2. I'm not a big fan of the different colored sleeves - to me it gives a sloppy, unfinished look. Also, white pants = blech! I like the green jersey / yellow pants much, much better. It gives it a nice contrast. Also, on the third jersey the numbers would be very hard to read on field or t.v, maybe try green numbers instead? Otherwise good concept, this has the makings of something nice, just seems rough around the edges. Reminds me of CFL...just my $0.02
  3. I don't really like any of them, except for the Cork Admiral's. To me, that would look very cool on a white helmet, with a red facemask. The rest of the leagues are meh at best, they just seem very cartoony/cheesey. Not that it matters - if I remember correctly the teams wear jerseys that look like high school practice jerseys, and it's nearly impossible to get any branced merchandise IIRC.
  4. While I do like the name "Senators" a whole lot more than "Nationals", I'd be furious if the new ownership group did go ahead and changed the name. They would completley alienate their new fan base. Take me for example. I live, go to school, and work all in northern Virginia, about 20 miles out of D.C. And around here, the Nationals are big. I work in retail, and you see everyday people walking around with ballcaps, t-shirts, jerseys on all proudly displaying "Nationals". I have bought 3 hats, two jerseys, and 5 t-shirts all saying Nationals for me and my family. Now if they change, I'd be so angry that I dropped so much cash into them, I'd just buy the MLB TV package so I can see my Reds and go back to ignoring the Nats. But I'd rather not. I like the team, I love the ballpark. I enjoy watching the games on MASN every night and talking about them the next day. But a name change is the last thing they want. It would ruin the brand they have worked so hard to introduce. Just my $0.02
  5. I'm dissapointed. They could have made this into a very cool, very fun promotion that could have really stirred up some national and team pride. I would have much rather seen some unique jerseys, that instead of saying "Jays" it could have said "Canada", and the jerseys should have been red with white piping. Also, I would have much rather seen red or black hats with the Canadien (sp?) leaf on the front, and the Jay's logo on the back. I realize this would be costly and probably never used again, but I can bet merchandise sales would be through the roof, and maybe bring new fans to the team. "Don't just root for the Jays, root for Canada!"
  6. Well, when wearing shorts, the thighs must not show. Most soccer shorts I have show at least a little thigh. Also, from an Islamic scholar: Again, most soccer shorts don't go to the knee. Well, I got what I asked.
  7. Seriously, what the hell? Someone show me where it says in Islam that you can't wear shorts.
  8. I've always been fond of Notre Dame's leprechaun. Or VT's italicized VT logo. Do you know Paul Lukas too?
  9. Um, Cool? By any chance are you of fan of UniWatch?
  10. I know a Jason Alexander. (George Costanza from Seinfeld's real name)
  11. My pet peeve are Red Sox bandwagoners. I'm talking about the guy in the brand new David Ortiz jersey saying things like I've always been with them, I'm so happy they finally won! It's such bull to me. I can't stand em.
  12. the49erfan15 sent my some of this stuff. Me and my coworkers sure do like it, and I think it's as good as Dr. Pepper, if not better.
  13. Well, Robb finnaly got back in touch with me. He sent me this: Hey Drew... Good to hear from you man!!Yeah,things are finally starting to take a turn for the better.Rachel is responding well to treatment her treatment which is a real blessing.I have not been home in Monroe in quite a while except to make trips to get clothes or pay bills,get my mail,etc and then I've come back down here to Rachel's mother's,which is where I am now and have been since right after my last CCSLC post.Her mom's computer is weird about cookies so I have to do the login process everytime I go to the CCSLC from here so I'm just taking a break from there until this passes and I'm back finally home.The thing about the jerseys is that I talked to Wanda - my sewing lady - just last week and all of you guy's jerseys have been finished and have been for a while,I just have'nt been there to pick them up and send them out.I was going to just have her do it but I really want to get pics of them first so that I can have more to show off for potential customers.I'm just really in a bind right now with all of this but most all my other customers have been really understanding,I just REALLY hate that I have'nt been able to deliver like I normally would.In fact,the Giants jersey I made for you,and the Buccaneers jersey I made for 49erfan15 are actually the 2nd attempt at each one.I made the originals months back and had them ready to ship out.Then I made a deal with Wilson to get NFL on-field style jerseys from them and the Teamwork brand jerseys I was using just did not compare,so I started over and made new LT and Steve Young jerseys and then this came up with Rachel in February and after she took a turn for the worse she began to improve and now it looks like she'll recovery fully which I'm SOOO thankful for. The sucky part about all of this is that I have probably ruined my rep on the CCSLC and may have even lost my membership.Josh's jersey has been finished for a while but it's the same situation:I just want to take my pics of it before I send it to him and I want to inspect it myself before doing so,because if Wanda sends it off there could be something wrong that she does'nt know to look for....I just like to be thorough with things.Josh has called me quite a bit but since I dont have pics of his jersey yet I dont know what to say to him.I even put other people's orders on hold to get his done before Rachel's cancer came about,thinking he was going to be a repeat customer.I've dug a hole for myself without even trying to really and it sucks....because for one I'm anything but a crook,and two,I actually CARE about what I make and go to great lengths to replicate the real thing unlike so many guys on Ebay.It just sucks..because I cant just bail out on Rachel and tell her I've got my jersey responsibilities and I'll be back soon....I cant do that even if she told me to go on.She's helped me out so many times in so many ways that I could never repay her.She's been the best girlfriend a guy could ever ask for and once she's fully recovered she'll be the best wife a guy could ask for. Anyways enough of my sob story.If you dont mind could you let everyone know Rachel is done with treatment for now,is improving,and let everyone know I definitely have not forgotten about their jerseys and promise that everyone WILL be taken care of...I would really appreciate it.If I have to when I do return and if Chris still has a place for me there then I'll hook you and anyone else up with a jersey on me just for having to wait so dang long.Again I'm so sorry for all of this but it was really good to hear from you and hope to hear back from you soon.Take care! Robb