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  1. I actually just recently bought my "whale": a personalized Minnesota North Stars jersey (courtesy of 503 Sports, and arriving by the end of the day Friday)
  2. tdk1984

    NHL 2017-18

    Would be the perfect time for the Wild to negotiate something with Dallas to get the Minnesota North Stars history back, since the Wild's look hasn't changed a whole ton in their almost 20 year existence. Not overly likely though at this point.
  3. All the pre-move to Dallas stuff should to go back to Minnesota anyway (yes I'm biased).
  4. I honestly can't remember quite that much. I was only 10 1/2 at the time. Just that I hated having to move.
  5. That was the logo they used when I still lived in the LA area. I haven't been back there much since, so I had no idea they even changed it in the first place. So I guess you could say as far as I'm concerned they never changed it.
  6. I hope the Wild are just getting off to a slow start, or they'll be in for a long season as well. Though I had a feeling this was coming with a change in philosophy from defense first to offense and all.
  7. Yuck. I know for sure I will not go to college at Oregon.
  8. Thank you for getting the thread back on topic.
  9. Since 1993, and using teams that have played from 1993-2005 (that would not include the Devil Rays), the Marlins have outdrawn 6 other MLB teams and 2 have new parks (Pittsburgh and Detroit) and one switched cities (Montreal/Washington). Team/Attendance totals 1993-2005)/AVG Per game Florida - 22,056,117 - 21,991 Oakland - 21,965,640 - 21,526 Detroit - 21,480,007 - 21,003 ***New park*** Pittsburgh - 20,943,351 - 20,740 ***New park*** Minnesota - 20,322,032 - 19,903 Kansas City - 19,759,988 - 19,681 Mtl/Wash - 15,918,053 - 15,957 ***Moved*** *And, on a side note, they were very close to a favorite of Bud Selig: Milwaukee - 22,656,184 - 22,220 ***New park*** I just don't get it. I had such high hopes for the A's, Tigers, Pirates, Twins, Royals, Brewers and Expos/Nats. I really thought they would do well. Turns out I was half-right: they did (fill in the blank)_____________ on the field, but have been a failure with the fans. Oakland-small market posterboy; keeps talking about moving, no world titles. Detroit-on field performance in that time frame: AAA quality Pittsburgh-on field performance in that time frame: pathetic Minnesota-almost contracted, threatened to move, kind of kills enthusiasm for the sport up there, no world titles. Kansas City-on field performance in that time frame: laughable Montreal/Washington-almost contracted, roster gone in fire sale, godawful onfield performance, shipped to San Juan in that time frame. By 2000 MLB had effectively nuked Montreal as a market and they kept the team there for four more years. Oakland - is so no a small market. Have you checked a map. It's like 20 miles from San Francisco which is like the fourth largest market in America. They keep calling themselves small market because they want money for a stadium but California in general has very few small markets. Detroit - has enormous history. The Yankees sucked for all the 80's and most of the 90's and their fans kept coming. The Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs and Giants have a grand total of 2 world series in like 100 years and their fans still come. Pittsburgh - Most beautiful ballpark in baseball. True, team sucks, but again they're fan base should be solid considering 100 years of baseball. Minnesota - 2 world series titles since '87 and a bunch of division titles. KC - yes they stink MTL/Was - they stink worse. Has anyone considered the fact that the reason the Marlins have'nt caught fire with the fans is because they're only 13 years old. It takes time for the fans to fall in love with a team. Do you think that we should all praise heaven that we have been given the gift of a baseball team. It's a business, not a gift and it may take some time effort and investment to build a diehard fan base. The Bay Area is not big enough to support two franchises. In fact the only markets in the US capable of supporting two franchises in one sport are New York and Los Angeles, the Bay Area is neither. As a Yankee fan, you should know the Yanks didn't stink most of the '90s. Starting with '94, the franchise began its turnaround and beginning in '96, they've won the division every year except '97, and have made the playoffs every year since '95 and were the team of the 90s. Also, it doesn't matter what the franchise has done for 100+ years as much as how they're doing now. If a team has won somewhat consistently for 100 years, but in the past decade had more 100-loss seasons than not, why should the fans constantly show up? By showing up to see a team run by an owner who obviously only cares about making money and not winning, they only encourage the owner to keep doing what he's doing. Plus, Minnesota is a very small market. Many people in the area are too busy working to attend games.
  10. Also, you guys should quit relying on Wikipedia. That site can be edited by anybody. What you guys get from that site I suggest you try and find on another site just to confirm the information is correct.
  11. LONG LIVE ROUNDBALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! theme they need to get the NBA back from the fools at ABC, they dont have the play off tripple headers like NBC did Yes. The greatest sports theme EVER!
  12. Someone who thought they could turn the franchise around? Although switching to the NL West would be better.