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  1. D-III Stagg Bowl on ESPNU Color v. Color Matchup (UWO's All Black vs. Mary Hardin's Yellow/White)
  2. Wisconsin had its Red/White Scrimmage today. Unveiled their new UA Uni's.
  3. They did in the Juco-Gary Era. Last time they were in Iowa City (which was a win as well). Put me down in the "I like the look" category.
  4. I don't think I would have ever realized that without your simplification. Thanks! Agreed. I actually love that look. It's the one I was really hoping for.
  5. So assuming Packers going white pants instead & the Bears go mono-blue?
  6. I was wondering if they would possibly use the number font in the marketing material itself. (Or something close to it).
  7. Agreed. A tad baggy but love seeing THOSE Brewers colors back. The fact the didn't go totally JV w/block M's on the batting helmets was a great touch as well. Had they gone socks and stirrups....
  8. Wisconsin's contract with adidas is done in about 40 days or so. We be seeing something soon. Definitely excited to see the shade or shades of cardinal Wisconsin runs out on September 3rd.
  9. Steve Barkowski era was my favorite in Falcons HistoryR, R, S Home R, W, S Road
  10. Trying to find some pictures from a 2 games in 1989. Green Bay Packers (in white at home) vs. Tampa Bay Green Bay Packers (in white at home) vs. New Orleans The Pack haven't been in white at home since. (Only 2x since the 50's)
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