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  1. Bronco II was not the original Bronco. It was a smaller version. That being said, the horse never changed, to my knowledge on either model.
  2. I appreciate your skills, but I'm not sure a stadium that looks like a strip mall on the outside is what sells.
  3. I have a couple EFF hats. Tremendous quality. Easily 'shrunk' to get rid of the excess crown height (if you're like me and want it basically low crowned). I even sent them a intertwined two letter logo that my alma mater high school uses and they did it perfectly!
  4. Would the Cardinals' schedule be completed? The template is a dead link.
  5. Birmingham was the Stallions. Jacksonville had the Bulls.
  6. Is it just me or is there something inherently wrong about a Moscow logo with an Eagle in it? All this stuff is sick, btw. Nice work!
  7. Detroit would be Motor City FC for me.
  8. Isnt Cleveland known as the Forest City or am I imagining that? How about Forest City Athletic or Forest City 1814?
  9. '47 Franchise caps are great IMO. I hope these are Franchise as they appear to be.
  10. I know I should know this, but what is the font on the site in the Scores, Standings, Schedules, Stats, etc. dropdown links?
  11. This is worthy of a real expansion team proposal dude. I wish I could buy some gear..........seriously.
  12. The white is a distraction and basically has no reason for being there. The rest is good.
  13. BB, Mays played for the Minneapolis MILLERS, not Miners.
  14. You really should put some of these on Zazzle or some place like that.
  15. I'd buy that burgandy tee right now. You should try a navy tee with the burgandy/gold lion.
  16. I was going to do this myself, but I can't find a comparable free font. Tennessee Vols Black b/g ROCKY TOP with the 'Power T' as the T in Top. EDIT: Nevermind. I worked it out.
  17. Still interested in that Cardinal logo when finished.............what do you use to 'trace' these onto the wood?
  18. Sorry, but all the area west of Nashville that you have as Vandy country is SOLIDLY UT ground. I know. I live in the far NW corner and there are no Vandy fans anywhere.
  19. How I wish my Vols would go back to the white jerseys with orange numerals (without black outlines)!
  20. Great work on that Cards logo. I'm hoping you try out the stain instead of paint on that one. If so, I might be interested in purchasing that.
  21. Did you do that Cardinal logo shown in the first image?
  22. I like Mammoths or Sabrecats. Something to do with the tar pits.
  23. I have three EFF hats (SF Seals, Homestead Grays, and a custom). The quality is incredible and I love the fact that you can dampen them and toss them in the dryer for a couple minutes to shrink them down to your head. Be advised that once you get it 'a little too tall', STOP. It will continue to shrink as it becomes full dry. Our local high school uses the Red Sox font in an interlocking 'OC'. I sent a large version of our logo to them and they made the cap perfectly! Great stuff.