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  1. Got it to work! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. G4ce

    WFT Rebrand

    Hi everyone, Longtime reader, new poster here. Also a longtime DC Football fan. So, before they announce the new name next season, I wanted my first concept to be a rebrand of the WFT. From the list of possible names, I really like The RedWolves (or Wolves) and the Commanders. I am planning on exploring both of those names with logos, wordmarks, helmets and uniforms (if I can find a good uniform template! - I'm just getting started). Below is my first idea for a RedWolves logo, wordmark & helmet. My initial plan was to design a wolf-themed brand that was similar in appearance to the logo previously used from 1971-2019, so long-time fans could visually relate. My first logo is a moon with a wolf icon in front - the Wolf's neck features a stylized "W". The wordmark is created with a font similar to the team's previous wordmark, but with a few wolf embellishments. My next plan is create a wordmark for just the name "Wolves" as it is becoming pretty popular with our fanbase. I've enjoyed seeing all the great artwork on this site throughout the years and look forward to y'alls feedback and interacting with you! PS: Team President Jason Wright said they would be going with a clean break from the previous identity, so I believe a look like the initial logo is not a possibility, just an idea I wanted to explore. Thanks for looking!
  3. Can anyone offer up some help/advice on how to include images in a post? I attempted to use a "share link" from my FlickR account and when I pasted the link in the "insert image from URL" box, the box just turned pink and nothing happened. Little help please? Thx!
  4. As a skinz fan, seeing this killed me... Art Monk as a Jet: Art Monk as a Jet in a Quasi-throwback: Art Monk as an Eagle.. ..in #85
  5. Jim McMahon in any of these uniforms never looked right to me... I couldn't find one of him in his #7 Cardinals uniform..
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