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  1. I haven't seen this one mentioned. Colgate released a new identity this fall.
  2. I thought I was watching a video game from the early 2000s with the helmet color and the logo on midfield. It just looked wrong all around.
  3. Wow, really emphasizing Kansas City. I agree, I love the interlocking KC.
  4. Wow, looks like you're right. Weird that Brandiose would call out a logo they didn't create. I guess they were just talking about the weird latin names for Copa.
  5. I recall from the video they posted that they did do that logo. Check it out around the 5:00 mark
  6. I think it's a good modernization and Rickabaugh created a more complete and unified package than what they had.
  7. The league's media site has all these in .ai and .eps format if you need better (and the secondary logos and wordmarks as well):
  8. Kansas is going to wear these against Texas. Awesome throwback to the '88 team.
  9. Never saw anything on this. Monmouth released a new identity last month
  10. Here is a link to a detail of the pinstripes (couldn't embed the photo):
  11. Phoenix Design Works is a company who does logo work for sport teams and colleges and they have a tendancy to do over detailed work. Oh ok haha. Yeah, the design was definitely Phoenixed then. I mean I think it looks good in terms of the artwork itself, but definitely a little too detailed. To further fill you in... Not only do they do over detailed work, they have about 3 go-to elements to their designs, and nearly every design uses all three. 1. Super detailed (but not necessarily realistic) renderings. 2. Beveled wordmarks. 3. Use of the typeface City. When the OP states that his school got Phoenixed, he wasn't implying that someone designed them a logo that had some tendencies of a Phoenix work, he was stating that his school actually had their logo re-designed by Phoenix Design Works and that it looks every bit the part. You can't call that font City. Check out the graphics package they link to on their site for their vendors. They actually call the font Casper, a customized font complete with the bevel. They even include instructions on how to color the font properly. Logo package
  12. The new logo seemed to make it into the 2009 baseball media guide. (Without the colonel's head) Link to guide Also found this story Story from Nicholls website And this story from a local paper. It was Rickabaugh: Nicholls State University has put a new face on its venerable colonel mascot, whose previous depictions were retired in 2004 amid concerns they recalled a gray-uniformed Confederate officer and the Old South. The change to a red-and-black-colored ?Col. Tillou? image comes after a yearlong process that involved five months of focus group meetings among students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members, Nicholls State officials said in a statement Thursday. The Ohio design firm Rickabaugh Graphics, which Nicholls State hired in June 2008 to create the image, met with the focus groups to develop the new look, officials said. University spokesman Graham Harvey said the new mascot, seen rearing back to swing a saber in a stylized logo provided Thursday, is a much fiercer-looking and more contemporary figure than the previous image. ?It is better for this day and age,? Harvey said. The new, updated athletics logo will hit Thibodaux stores selling university merchandise Saturday, Harvey said. The costumed mascot will be unveiled at 11:30 a.m. Aug. 27 during a ?Welcome Back Day? celebration at the Nicholls State Quadrangle, officials said. Nicholls State President Stephen T. Hulbert retired the 42-year-old, gray-uniformed caricature and the bearded mascot costume in spring 2004, officials said. In a message to faculty, staff and students at the time, Hulbert wrote the colonel mascot?s uniform had over a period of years ?taken on similarities reminiscent of Civil War history.? The gray uniform is most often associated with the old Confederacy. According to news reports in 2004, the president of the campus chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People had asked administrators in late 2003 to revise the image because it looked like a Confederate colonel. The image, the NAACP had said, did not reflect the campus makeup at a time when 17 percent of students were black. Harvey said students were part of the process of developing the new image. A message left with the Student Government Association was not returned Thursday. The colonel mascot is often called ?Tillou,? after the university?s namesake, Gov. Francis Tillou Nicholls, a brigadier general in the Confederate army, Harvey said. The colonel mascot was created when Nicholls State had an ROTC program and the highest rank cadets in the program could reach was colonel, Hulbert wrote in 2004. Nicholls State has been without a visual representation since the 2004 retirement, although the ?Colonel? remained the official mascot for Nicholls and the name ?Tillou? was not retired, officials said.
  13. I just looked at that pdf file and find no such logo hidden within it. Deleting the mystery logo crap from the vector file doesn't reveal anything, just a black cap and a black square. Did they replace the file already?