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  1. Did all of you really have to quote the images?
  2. *Wild logo hating) I love the green pre-edge jersey, the white one, and the logo. I don't like the wordmark or name or christmas jersey.
  3. - I like double blue - I like BFBS sometimes NHL - The 2004 Flames jerseys were the best ones, but I don't like the black C as their main - I love the flaming horse jerseys. - The best Thrashers jerseys are the navy ones with the T bird, but the Thrashers should take out the brown and red and be navy-baby-gold-white. - The pre-edge Penguins jerseys are their best. I like the vegas gold more than the bold. - The Canucks logo is amazing. - Minnesota's Christmas jerseys suck. - New Jersey's Christmas jerseys kick ass, but the logo sucks. - The black V Canucks jerseys are awesome. - The Teal seals jerseys kick ass. - The Hurricanes logo is good. - The 2009 allstar logo sucked. The 2010 is good. - Bronze, Black, and gold were the best caps colours. The white edge jersey is amazing, the red is not. - Overall the NHL has the best logos in sports. NBA - NO MORE BLUE AND RED - New GS logos are good minus the copperplate; I like the jerseys a lot. - Bullets is a :censored:ty name. - There need to be less basketballs in logos - Lakers logo sucks - Hawks main sucks MLB - I don't like the powder blue jays jerseys. There. I said it. The best logo they had was the updated version of that logo, and I'd like them if it weren't for the butt-ugly wordmark. There.
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