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  1. I was actually thinking about adding white, but it made it not look like a different jersey template and not just a color flip like I wanted. But i'm happy to see someone else thinks there should be some white.
  2. Due to my slow progress on this project, the draft kind of made this post a moot point. I wanted to draw up a concept on what I thought the new Sens unis would look like based on the leaked jersey designs we had. Since It took me too long, the Sens actually officially unveiled the Home and Away set just prior to the 1st round yesterday. But figured since I'm also including an Alternate Uni concept that I should just post it away. I seem to have hit on my predictions for the home and away set, I just had to adjust the collar after the unveiling last night. The adidas collar can be a sh** show for some teams but I'm happy the sens went for the color collar instead of the way some teams collars look. IE Pens, Blackhawks, Maple Leafs. The Alt concept is kind of based off of the new Vegas Golden Knights alt, I just took the colors and flipped them so that Red is the primary color. I think the Sens look really good in Red. I wish they would have taken the retro set and built off of it instead of just going with a carbon copy of the originals from the 90s, that way they could have honored their previous look but make something all their own. But anyway, Please let me know what you think!
  3. I really know nothing about Metroid but this is pretty cool!
  4. The script is so clean, It's such an interesting concept to do lower case, It adds a retro flare but updated. I've always thought the Trout era Angels need a Blue alt. Is there any way to match the free rounded script with the numbers? It doesn't look bad at all, I was just thinking though that the script is rounded edges but the numbers are sharp edges
  5. Thanks for this, I went back and forth on whether I wanted to do the pants stripe or not. You can see I left in off on the Alternate concept. I just though it left to much blank space so decided to add the stripe
  6. Thanks, It's a drawing I did of Jack Eichel that works well as a template as it shows the front of the uniform really well. And it helps people see the uniform in "Action" which helps people settle on if they like a concept.
  7. I haven't seen an official showing of what the Kraken will look like fully when they take the Ice in later next year. I wanted to take a crack at the guessing the full uniform as well as designing an Alternate uniform. Taking what has been released already, the logos and home and away jerseys, I went to work thinking up what the full uniform will look like. There is a small concept photo on the Kraken's website where you can see a very small game of hockey being played with one team wearing the official colors of the Kraken so I zoomed in and took some of what I saw into account. I came up with the sock design by taking the sleeve patterns and adapting them to the socks. The pants have went back and forth with just having a plan dark blue pants and one with stripes down the side. I decided to post the ones with the stripes just so have a bit more to the design. The alternate I wanted to lighten the uniform up and add a bit more of the Red coloring to it by added some piping to the outside of the yoke and the outline of the numbers. Please let me know if there's been an official release of the uniforms that maybe I've missed. If not, let me know what you think!
  8. The full script of "St. Bonaventure" seems too long for the front of a unifrom. I love how you stylized it as "St. BONA" on the white and yellow basketball jersey. I think you should stylize all the uniforms with the sorten "St. BONA" for consistency. Other than that you cleaned the Bona Wolf logo and the "B" logo is very unique and would be a nice distinct logo.
  9. Someone noticed that on twitter and let me know already. What happen was there was so many fan concepts out online that when I was referencing the new uniforms i accidentally found a fan edit and not the official photo. It is weird they changed the striping to be less consistent
  10. I quite like the sleeve designs, but the numbers feel really awkward. I think I get where you going with them but they are just to much, IMO. I think the design works better in the Pants stripe than the numbers. Overall pretty good. Excited to see the rest of the series
  11. @jwinters does it show up now? rehosted the images on imgur
  12. Oh crap, they are showing up for me. Thanks for the heads up
  13. You don't have to do this, but I'm just curious what it would look like if you didn't connect the Halo to the "a". Leaving a bit of white space. I do like it, my only critisim is that at first it comes off more of an "8" than an "a"
  14. Recently I've been drawing a lot of Hockey players, doing a full history of a particular players uniforms. While doing Jack Eichel's, even though he hasn't played a game in these yet, I drew the new Royal blue uniforms they will wear for next season. While doing so I had an idea for an Alternate Uniform. So the first two pictures are of the Home and Away set they will wear this coming season and the final is of the Alternate concept I removed white from the color pool and using the 2018 Winter classic Shoulder patch logo as the main crest, It comes off as a Faux throwback. I wanted them to be seen as a whole Set. If you'd like to my uniform projects, I post them on twitter @JaredGrubbs
  15. Haha I know exactly what you mean! Damn I should have thought of that
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