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  1. I'm not very exited about Nike taking over as they are going to put the creep on the chest but also looking at some jerseys that Nike do for college teams I dont really like the Jersey Cuts they have, but we'll have to wait and see what they do for the MLB. Anyway I like these, as some other people have said the number font isn't the best, But I actually really like the BP jersey. It reminds me of the Turn Ahead the Clock games but done better.
  2. I hope they return to something like this, I like certain elements from their current sets but this is how the Browns should look. Nice work! -From a Steelers Fan
  3. You can also see an LA in the facemask area, I don't think that was intention since you said you designed this before converting it to a LA Rams logo but that's what i see when i look at it. Its simple and would be instantly recognizable when someone sees it. Good job!
  4. Really really like the White with teal accents, love the edit you did, definitely cleans up their messy unis
  5. I like what you've started here, but just personally the lighter blue doesnt work for me. Along with the red which seems a big orange it reminds me a little to much like the 90's islanders tooth paste unis. I think if you change it so the cuffs are that only light blue i think it could work quite well. Keep up the good work!
  6. Ren! A few years ago I posted in here requesting an update to an old PITT Logo, I've been going back through to see if you got around to it but it just showing me those PhotoBucket icons, I was wondering if you did do it you could repost it? Thank you!
  7. Hello again everyone. I've decided to revisit my expansion project and New Orleans Idea. Using a suggestion another user in my last attempt gave me I decided to go with the New Orleans Krewe. The logo I came up with was a jesters hat. The far left part of the hat is shape as a crescent for New Orleans nickname being the Crescent City. I also used home plates as the design for the crown of the hat and clearly baseballs for the bells. Since this is baseball I also wanted to add a Roundel logo in the set as an alt. I was going to due a Fluer-de-Bat idea but I didnt realize The New Orleans Zephyrs use one as their primary. Next is the Workmark. All the text is custom I believe I used impact bold as the font, then added the spikes on the side. Next are the home uniforms. I wanted to do I couple of options here. First is the standard home uniform. Next is the Home alt. and the last is a Fauxback using a pullover and "stretchy" pants with an "older" version of the hat logo which I will post further down in the post. And also the last jersey shown is the Batting practice for both home and away. The hats go in order along with the jersey. The next set is the Away jerseys. First is just the standard greys. The alt away jersey is my favorite in the set. I wanted to do a home version of it but since the blue was a more dominate color than the gold. I thought it would look better with the grey pants. there is not alt hat. C&C is appreciated. and lastly like I said here is the fauxback logo. It's a little rough but that was my intention.
  8. Great work. I like the original redo on the belly of the Orca were the light blue breaks into the dark blue and the Tail looks better when it is filled in with the dark blue like you have on the last update. It helps break the logo up.The first logo, before the redo at the top looks almost like a Manta ray from the side so as you've done I'd keep that scrapped. Also I think you could keep the first full Orca in as a alternate to your new one. They would both work good together.
  9. Don't talk your design down, I think it should be something you should be proud of. The notch in the upper left is a great Idea. I don't know if you touched on this anywhere in your explaination but what would really tie the uniform together would be, obviously, adding numbers to the jerseys. As far as the alternative logo, it looks too much like a logo a team would use as a tribute to an arena during the first/last year there. It feels to me like am standing at the bottom of the space needle looking up. It should be more level with the eye. Overall its a nice design which the addition of the numbers and some logo fixes it should be even better.
  10. Basically, I really liked the pelicans script and thought it would look good for an away jersy in baseball, and as far as the saints go its hard to put a fleur-de-lis in something and not come out with something saintsy looking. And I'm all for teams using the same elements from each in a city, me being from pittsburgh where every team is black and gold. But I see your point in that I probably used to much of the others identity and didnt create much of their own.
  11. As I started in my last topic, I looked into the expansion of MLB baseball to bring it 32 teams in the league with my national league team the Carolina Hammerheads. Now after a few days of getting back at it, work can be a real B**** sometimes, I wanted to unveil my American League Team, The New Orleans Brass. I really find New Orleans could be a wonderful place to place for an MLB team and just thinking of what a beautiful ballpark they could have if they design one in the style of southern architecture and Bourbon street it would be a neat place to go see a game. Now with that being said I played more off of the color of brass than instruments so as you'll notice there are non in the logos/uniforms themselves. With the Uniforms obvious white for home and grey for black. But the alt can be worn at both and there is no specific cap the team would wear at home or away its what ever combo they would want to go out on the diamond in. And what would an NOLA team with a Fleur-de-lis in it. So as always please C&C and thank you. PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE TO EXPAND IT, EASIER TO SEE OBVIOUSLY
  12. It's been said previously but the script isn't working for me on the jerseys but that's really the only fault i have with the jerseys. I like the crown above the letters and would work as a Sunday alt faux back or special event jersey a la Tampa Bay only, and again its been suggested before, as a pull over jersey.