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  1. I feel like this day and age it’s almost impossible not to have something leak.
  2. Yes. Would prefer it if no one posted anything interesting in here until the unveiling? Just “won’t be long now” for the next 13 days?
  3. http://www.jaguars.com/draftparty18/ Check out the name of the documentary about designing the Jaguars Uniforms. “The Return Of Tradition” ?
  4. These sound horrible. A Gray jersey with a columbia blue yokes and red side panels? JESUS. And Red numbers on columbia blue? good GOD.
  5. I would argue there are a few egregious no-nos here: Hideous side panels The number font The fact that the number font on front of jersey doesn't match those on the shoulders (the little wing tip on the top of the 8 is missing on the shoulders) Using 5 (potentially 6 if the silver is different shades) colors on a uniform Plus we haven't seen the pants or helmet yet. Those are all pretty egregious imo.
  6. I thought the columbia blue we saw on the other photo was going to be a sword shape kind of like the Cavaliers have (which would've been meh) but that is a full blown side panel. I'm stunned.
  7. Well you can put to bed speculation. And woof. The columbia blue under the arm is worse than I thought.
  8. Let's not ignore the big neon dong either (never thought I'd type that). It was definitely put on there to deter sharing. If this was an elaborate Photoshop by somebody, this would not be on there.
  9. Correct. But we know they're not doing that judging by Shad, Tom, and Mark Lamping's comments on them. He also says they are much better than the Titans update.
  10. Which would make sense for somebody who wanted to leak something without consequences
  11. The gray makes it look dreary. Columbia blue needs to be more than just an accent on the numbers and the little stripes under the arm. Also, that number font does not look promising.
  12. Maybe Dan Parker isn't a complete fraud? Edit: He did say they had gradients though...
  13. Those gradient numbers are awful and reminded me of those old fubu shirts. Can't believe the number of people who think that looks good. Blinded by the beauty of the teal. Like @Gupti said, I do think it's worth noting they used teal instead of black, even though it's an obvious joke.
  14. Something we've ignored in this video is the number font at the end. If you follow the Jaguars on social media you'll notice they are very consistent using their custom font all the time, so I think it's pretty telling that they didn't in this video.
  15. Good theory. I was wondering why the helmets had no decals. That surely must be it.
  16. https://www.bigcatcountry.com/2018/3/28/17172320/will-the-jaguars-new-uniforms-feature-more-teal You've seen most of the quotes in this article in this thread by Shad and Tom, but this in interesting in terms of the leaks: "There’s been some things floating around the internet about them, but from what I understand those are nothing final and the final product will be different." Just another thing to take in, I guess. Who knows at this point.
  17. https://twitter.com/RuiterWrongFAN/status/978765776667709441 More confirmation the Browns are changing in 2020, but what's interesting here is that Haslam has stated the equipment guys have had mechanical difficulties with the current uniform. Wonder what that could be.
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