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  1. Tom Coughlin talks Uniforms. Look at his reaction when asked about the two-tone helmet https://twitter.com/AlyssaLang/status/978684108095270913
  2. That is the AFC Finalist Jacksonville Jaguars, sir. We wont put up a banner like the Colts though.
  3. Quick mock up done by reddit user MojoFan32 based on some of the leaks.
  4. Fun Fact: The Bills have not scored a touchdown in a playoff game this century!
  5. Honestly, it looks a little naked to me. But I think I woud prefer it to havin a white keyline, which would look really bad. Either way, if they go the traditional route of having the primary logo on the helmet, I do not think going navy blue will end well. Also I can't believe they didn't take this opportunity to update the flaming thumbtack logo.
  6. Playing devil's advocate: What if he just means blindsided because the fanbase mostly has no idea change is coming rather than what the change actually is?
  7. They used that all white Jaguar all the time on social platforms the for past few years. Also, the full colored Gold Jaguar was used all over the place during free agency on Instagram posts, twitter, etc. but for some reason that's ignored. I will print out this post and eat it if they change their logo to an all white Jaguar.
  8. The very first picture What is with the red on the top left? Could that be the start of a gradient?
  9. I will be ecstatic if the Jags helmet finish looks like Oregon State's. Also, I am TeamNoJaguarPrint until I see a concept change my mind, and I haven't seen any come close to making it look good. Only the Bengals (and teams who've copied them) have made animal print work. Everything else is tacky.
  10. According to Reddit (i know, i know) the Jaguars state of the franchise event will be held on April 19th. This is likely the day things are unveiled.
  11. Describe what they look like then. You were willing to do it for like 5 other teams. Describe what the new Jaguars uniforms look like if it isn't what leaked.
  12. I couldn't disagree more. But hell, we all have our opinions. I'm not gotta hate on your for yours.
  13. We'll have to see them in action. Maybe it's a total mess and they need to change the numbers. Honestly it's a hard determination to make from poor quality tech sheets.
  14. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5MhmGf9zMM8/TJJgTmMLvaI/AAAAAAAADnc/ah2pBkan014/s1600/9-16-10+usa+today+link.png Stop. I don't believe anybody actually thinks that ^ looks better than the mock ups. But go ahead and fire away with the hyperbole ridden takes.
  15. Am I taking crazy pills? The mock ups are so much better than this. The random snakes on this jersey were a horrible design and looked different on every single player. Seriously search Aaron Kampman or Tyson Alualu during that era. The look was horrendous.
  16. What? Their current look is a cluttered mess. It is nowhere near borderline perfect. In fact it's probably bottom 5 in the league. From the "leather" look on the shoulders, to the ugly collar and different colored sleeves and the weird Jags patch w/ the head facing backwards. And the pants that just had a weird random shape. It was a mess.
  17. Right? I mean even if it's not your style it's such a massive upgrade.
  18. So you're sticking with the Jags as teal primary. I've heard and seen different, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt based on what you heard. What color are the numbers? Black? That is a tragedy.
  19. This board always hits the landing on overreacting. I really can't believe anybody with eyes thinks the mock up on the previous page (which is close, but not exactly right) would be a downgrade from either of the previous 2 sets. It's such a clear and obvious upgrade. Of course it's not as good as the original (95-08) design, but we all knew it wasn't going to be that.
  20. Everybody who has seen the Jaguars set has gone against everything he has said, so then he pulled out the "oh they must've changed it since I last saw!" crap. Save that for Reddit.
  21. Everyone is going to be squinting at the picture, but the reality of it is that it's marketing material. Who knows if that's even the new uniform photographed behind it. Plus even if it is, it's blurred and filtered so much nothing of note will be picked up.
  22. Oh so you were just guessing it was the day before the draft? I definitely think it will be a couple weeks earlier than that.
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