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  1. The history section of that host committee site
  2. Eh, the block is just the generic one used by the Giants
  3. Just saw it on twitter and I knew this board would have a huge meltdown You guys act as if they're D-Backs levels of bad
  4. The navy Indians jerseys are pretty solid
  5. I think the trailer shows an early build of the game which would make sense that MLB didn't have a style guide ready for the ASG at that time. Here's a gameplay from the final build, shows accurate jerseys of the 2012 BP jerseys:
  6. They are accurate save for 2013 and 2011.
  7. These are great, especially the template, parabéns
  8. I'd tolerate it if each team picked their own camouflage, using desert MARPAT for everyone is silly. The Mariners for instance should have used NWU since it matches their theme and Seattle has a couple of Navy bases. But hey, laziness wins again.
  9. The only black I would like to see back are these:
  10. Thanks! Might as well complete the 1997 set. California based AIS (Adventures in Sports) were exclusively the official supplier for the Mets during the mid to late 90s (consumer versions were manufactured by Russell). Since they weren't allowed to show their logo in front of the jerseys, the jocktags were shown under them. The small rectangular box shows their location. 1997 Home: 1997 Road: By this time the Mets made the switch to blue glacier twill. I'm going to start to work on the rest of the '90s next.
  11. Not a redesign. I've been enamored with sites like erojkit and switchimageproject showing off vectored shirts for soccer. I'd figure to do the same, recreating baseball jerseys used by the New York Mets. I killed off time vectorizing stuff and did the Mets' home alternate used in 1997: An underrated set from an aesthetically magnificent years for the Mets in the mid 90s. An emphasis on the aesthetically, they weren't magnificent on-field until the late 90s. This predates the snow whites that were recently axed by the team for the 2015 season. The hat though... Well, at least it's unorthodox. Font used during that time: My OCD flared out when I saw so many distorted lines in the original block font from the style guide, so I straightened them out. Also, I took the time to recreate the front block font used by the Mets and other teams. It's not the same as the Dodgers' front block, bit less thick. I pulled off a glacier twill effect on Illustrator: Redrew the Jackie Robinson 50th anniversary logo from the raster found on this site: And as an extra, I drew these jocktags back in 2012. The BP one is badly outdated, but here it is anyways. The Russell jocktag took a while, couldn't find a pic of the Diamond Collection raster logo so I resorted on using pics from jerseys. So tell me what you think. I'd appreciate your criticisms and hopefully if this works out, I might branch out to other teams. Big thanks to aawagner011 for his template.
  12. I don't mind the home jerseys going from cream to white. I thought the mid 90s home jerseys were perfect. The glacier twill was underrated. The camo jerseys are garbage, but at least they'll be used for like 5 games.
  13. I think the minor change for the Mets is the blue hat button