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  1. I still prefer the Navy-over-Navy, preferably with white-topped socks (the way Melvin Gordon usually wore it). I love the consistency with the bolt in this uniform combination because the bolt is always on a white background. Enough with the San Diego talk. San Diego had its chance at the ballot box knowing that the team would leave without a new stadium, and even then couldn't get to a 50% "Yes" vote. The Chargers left a market of 3.1 million people for a market of 18.8 million people. They'll be fine.
  2. I could be wrong, but the shield is painted on the ground at the Hoag Performance Center, which is their headquarters at "The Hive" commercial office complex in Costa Mesa. Training camp is elsewhere in town, at the Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex.
  3. Twice a year is frequent enough for the Powder Blues, because the Powder Blues are not good enough to be the Chargers' primaries.? The Navy over Navy look is the best home look, especially when worn with white socks (the way #28 Melvin Gordon is wearing them below). I hope they stay with this general scheme when they crash at the Rams' stadium ten times a year (as an Orange County resident, I like to think of the Chargers as being an OC team having to shlep it up to LA County to play their home games, the same way I'm forced to go to LAX if I want to take a direct flight to MKE). ??? The Navy over Navy set provides consistency for the bolt since the bolt is always on a white background (white helmet, white shoulder stripe, white pant stripe). The same consistency is found in the Color Rush (Royal) set: Trivial note about the Chargers' Color Rush game last year (which I attended): Melvin Gordon changed his socks at halftime. The above photo is from the first half, and below is what he wore in the second half: While I have some minor quibbles with aspects of the Chargers' set (the bolts on the sleeves are infamously backwards ?), my only major change would be to add gold pants to go with the Powder Blue jerseys. Here is someone else's mock up of what gold pants would look like with the modern bolt on a white stripe, albeit paired with the white jerseys (which I am not inclined to support). ? (
  4. I just noticed that there is a unique aspect to the giant version of the classic shield logo the Chargers have painted with their primary logo at their new headquarters in Costa Mesa: This version of the logo has both Navy Blue and Powder Blue. Until now, I don't think I've ever seen an official version of the logo with both shades of blue. I think it looks good, maybe good enough to be at the upper left chest of the jerseys? (perhaps in lieu of the "CHARGERS" wordmark between the NFL shield and player number). Well, maybe two shields would be one too many for the front of the jersey. Has anyone found a clean version of the navy & powder blue shield?
  5. Under Armour may be rolling out new templates, at least for some schools. They are marketing a football jersey called "CompFit 2 Bruins" which is different than the template UCLA used last year. UA has other templates in this year's catalog that look new to me. I personally prefer the "CompFit 2 Impulse": (
  6. Chargers season ticket holder here. This has likely been discussed before, but the Chargers have three shades of blue. The primary color is Navy Blue, and the uniforms (either colored or white) featuring that shade are going to be worn 13 times this year. So far this season, the only time the Chargers wore the navy jerseys, they also wore navy pants, which (especially when paired with white socks) looks pretty great and is my personal favorite Chargers uniform: The alternate jersey is the Powder Blue jersey, and those jerseys are being worn twice, which is the maximum number of times the alternates are allowed to be worn (the Rams asked the league for permission to wear their alternates a third time but were denied). Of course, there are also Powder Blue accents in the primary colored and white jersey and in the primary logo. Today's jerseys featured the league-mandated "Color Rush" monochrome uniform. The Chargers decided that their Color Rush uniform would resurrect the Royal Blue (and gold numbers) of the Air Coryell era: Technically, the Chargers weren't obligated to wear the Color Rush jerseys this season because they won't be on Thursday Night Football, but the jersey has become so popular that they wisely took the option to wear the Color Rush set for one of their Sunday home games. The conventional wisdom had been that the Powder Blues were the Chargers' best jersey, but it seems to me that a lot of Bolts fans now prefer the Royal Blue to the Powder Blue. FWIW, the Chargers' blue in their inaugural season was Royal Blue, not Powder Blue. Courtesy of Paul Lukas: I believe that the Color Rush jerseys are only supposed to be worn once per year, so, as popular as they are, it's unlikely we will see them again this season.
  7. University of Wisconsin-Madison institutional logo (here combined with the institutional wordmark). When I attended the school, it was more commonly referred to as the "Field House W" because it debuted in 1930 with the opening of the UW Field House. Pre-Motion W primary logo: Outlined Motion W (much sharper than the non-outlined Motion W)
  8. I live in Orange County and I won't root for the Rams. I'll likely root for the Chargers when they move to LA.
  9. I think we've established that. Wisconsin's "Badger" font only added serifs to certain Aachen letters.
  10. I've always wondered why Under Armour couldn't move the "UA" logo and conference logos to the shoulder panels to create a less cluttered look. Here's a rough mockup:
  11. It also looks like Under Armour changed minor aspects of the font (for the worse, in my opinion). These are the previous Badger Bold numbers: This is the front of the new Wisconsin jersey. Notice that the 6 is narrower and also loses the corner at the upper right.
  12. They chose the wrong font for the large numbers on the front (and presumably back) of the jersey. There isn't enough negative space. It's the same problem you see on the Eagles practice jerseys: Under Armour should use Badger Heavy for the large numbers, Badger Bold for the TV numbers, and Badger Light for the player names.
  13. Yeah, sorry, it looked like a white jersey on my phone.
  14. I'm sure you're right, but I can only go by what I see on the Fanatics website. It depends on the item, I suppose. Either way, it appears be darker than what we were using during the Reebok/Adidas era, which is a good thing. If there is a change to the Pantone, I don't think we would hear about it right away.