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  1. Found it. It has a Reebok tag so it was from a few years ago. Looks like they simply created a gold version of the crest that was being used at the time by the Athletic Department (you can see the identical use of black to create shading).
  2. It’s a relatively simple change to make. The administration would have looked like d*cks if they hadn’t agreed to it. The biggest problem: for how long do they have to keep using it?
  3. No, it was the crest, but an older version of the crest, similar to the version that was in use when I graduated: The emblem originates from the athletics end of campus since it is a flourish on both ends of the UW Field House. It was actually a graphic designer hired by the medical school in the mid '80s who first turned the Field House "W" into a crest that would be used as a logo by an academic department. The two-dimensional version of the crest was soon adopted by the rest of campus and later refined. There used to be a complex version and a simplified version, but the complex version (seen on that flag in my previous post and in Madison Cone's tweet) is largely being phased out. Here is a newer flag with the latest updates to the crest and university wordmark:
  4. Wouldn't have made a difference. San Diegans didn't want to contribute to a new stadium. Even if they had (and had the stadium survived legal challenges), COVID-19 would have killed the revenue source to pay off the bonds.
  5. I can't find a picture of it right now, but the crest has been on an alternate jersey/sweater for the Women's Hockey team, generally considered to be the school's most successful athletic program. As I recall, it was a white jersey featuring an older version of the crest over two horizontal red stripes.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Field House "W"/UW-Madison crest and prefer it to the Motion W. Aesthetically, the white "W" looks better, especially with the crest on a red background, but I have no problem with what our students are proposing.
  7. I'm not sure I agree. They spent a lot of time and money to customize their helmet and jersey colors, and the same devotion to detail could have been spent on the most colorful part of their multi-billion dollar stadium. But I'm not a Rams fan, so whatever.
  8. Not to be too much of a curmudgeon (because I like the look overall and intend to purchase a Powder Blue #33 Derwin James Jr. jersey), but I agree with Paul Lukas that some of the Chargers' Powder Blue elements look a little "lightweight." I used a darker Navy Blue (Pantone 296 C) for the helmet numbers and as a trim color for the bolts, and I think it looks a little better. Using Navy to trim the bolts would have probably required them to use a different logo as the primary logo, maybe a modernized version of the horse shield. With Navy or without Navy, it's a good looking uniform.
  9. I'm pretty sure the seats are Navy Blue, albeit covered in dust for the time being.
  10. Not sure if there is anything that is timeless anymore when it comes to these sorts of things. As a Chargers fan, it is gratifying to see the Rams crap the bed with their new logos and uniforms, though. I wonder if the decision to go to Royal Blue was made late in the process. The seats at Kroenke's stadium are Navy Blue. Seems like a lost opportunity for the Rams to mark their territory.
  11. True, but God knows when we'll actually get news about those. Single-game tickets went on sale this week, so that's actually news?
  12. Back to the issue of the Chargers viability, and I'm checking the single game offerings for the Chargers home game against the Jaguars (a less-than-popular opponent), and there aren't as many seats available as I thought there would be. For instance, there aren't a ton of seats available for purchase at the lowest price level. I wonder if some of those "unavailable" seats are really open seats that they are holding back in case more people want to buy season tickets. My seats are in the 400 level, and I haven't seen any of those seats available except for resale.
  13. St. Louis is almost certainly going to get a massive settlement.
  14. This is undoubtedly getting too deep into the minutiae here, but there is a discrepancy between the pant bolt in the unveil video and the pant bolt in the press photoillustration. The bolt trim in the screengrab is thicker, resulting in a shortened "body" of the bolt compared to what is on the photoshopped press photo. Hopefully the bolts on the real pants will be closer to the photoshopped picture, but we may not find out until August 2021. On the left is the reoriented primary logo for comparison.
  15. That's the problem with having two Color Rush sets. The primary colored jersey is so good, why dilute the brand with two Color Rush alternates? They should have decided on one alternate. Personally, I prefer the Navy over the Royal because we're bound to discover in May that the Chargers' Royal jersey is nearly identical to the Rams' primary jersey. With only one Color Rush alternate, I think we would see the gold pants more often.