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  1. With all due respect to @TruColor, that is incorrect. Both of these images are from CCSLN. The colors are different.
  2. Yeah, it's the colors. Both the Rams and Chargers maddeningly went with lighter shades of yellow, maybe to distinguish themselves from the Packers and Steelers. The Rams call it "Sol" and the Chargers call their color "Sunshine Gold."
  3. For all the news it got back in July, underwhelmed by the Social Justice version of the UW-Madison crest. Grouped in with a lot of other symbols on the back of the helmet. Would have preferred that the crest had a 1.5" x 1.5" space over the stripes on the left sleeve, as allowed by the new NCAA rules. Also, those helmet screw caps should be white. The "FM" sticker is for Father Mike.
  4. Agreed. The last set of uniforms, as originally conceived on the old Reebok template, were great. Changing to the Nike template was a mistake. Something is off-putting about the new sleeve bolts, like they're rotated too far forward and aren't long enough. Also, there isn't enough contrast between the white trim and the Chargers' weak shade of Gold. The facemasks are closer to Packers' Gold, but otherwise the Chargers new shade of Gold is too light.
  5. Upon further review, I prefer the Chargers' horizontal sleeve bolt to the new stunted arced bolt. The biggest changes that needed to be made were to the number/NOB fonts, and flipping the bolts so that they aren't pointing backwards. To do it properly, it would have required a diagonal seam on the front and back of the jersey, but both the Cardinals and Broncos templates also have diagonal seams on the front of the jersey.
  6. It's going to be a problem in every city, not just Cincinnati.
  7. The Chargers trimming the bolt in Powder Blue appears to be problematic. It doesn't show up well on either the white helmet or white jersey. Maybe a matte/non-reflective helmet decal would help, but I this is why some of us were advocating for Navy trim on the bolt, like the helmet on Anthony Lynn's desk. (https://twitter.com/mtslzr)
  8. I'm not suggesting a white bolt. I'm suggesting a bolt on a white panel. What I'm suggesting, effectively, is a Color Rush set similar to their primary set in 2017 and 2018. Personally, I think the decision to use a navy bolt for the Color Rush set was stupid. There's a reason they only wore navy bolts for one year: a gold bolt looks so much better.
  9. I think white-paneled bolts (jerseys and pants) would have been a good choice for the Navy Color Rush set.
  10. https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/nfl-super-stadiums/full-episodes/nfl-super-stadiums (at around 31-minute mark)
  11. Stadiums are expensive, it's rare when a team (or teams) can build a stadium on its own. Regarding the Chargers, once the vote went down the way it did, being relegated to a 50 year-old dual-purpose stadium with no leverage was the worst of their options. The Chargers thought they were popular enough within the San Diego city limits that voters would approve re-allocation of Convention Center funds towards a football stadium. They were wrong. And with 32 teams in the NFL right now, it's unlikely San Diego will ever get another NFL team.
  12. But the people on this board aren’t holding other teams to the same standard. To my knowledge only the Giants, Jets, and Rams (and maybe Dolphins?) haven’t received public money to build their stadiums. I don’t see people here throwing shade at the 49ers, Raiders, Packers, or Bears because those teams got hundreds of millions of public dollars.
  13. East Village proposal included $650 million in private money towards a new stadium in a small market, a market that wouldn't have supported PSLs. Citizens still voted "no" at the ballot box.
  14. Found it. It has a Reebok tag so it was from a few years ago. Looks like they simply created a gold version of the crest that was being used at the time by the Athletic Department (you can see the identical use of black to create shading).
  15. It’s a relatively simple change to make. The administration would have looked like d*cks if they hadn’t agreed to it. The biggest problem: for how long do they have to keep using it?
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