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  1. The Minnesota Twins will be celebrating 60 seasons in 2020. They had a 40th season patch in 2000 and a 50 seasons patch in 2010 so it's possible they will have a 60 seasons patch in 2020. It wouldn't surprise me either if they decide to drop their red "TC" home alternate and introduce a throwback alternate since they got rid of the 60's cream colored throwbacks after the 2018 season.
  2. They had rolls of turf on little carts scattered throughout the entire field, indicating they are probably going to be replacing the entire turf field for the Super Bowl. I know the NFL typically takes control of the Super Bowl stadium as soon as week 17 is over but they had to wait until after the Vikings playoff run. That is why the NFL was worried about the tight timeframe had Minnesota hosted the NFC Championship game. There is no baseball being played in the stadium until after the Super Bowl as the NFL now has control of the venue.
  3. Looking at some post-game videos following the Saints-Vikings divisional game, you could see numerous rolls of turf out on the field which would indicate new turf for the Super Bowl.
  4. I must have missed that in the Timberwolves thread so I will look over there, Thanks Conrad!
  5. As with everything else that is speculation at this point, I don't know how legitimate this is or how accurate it is, but this could give us a good idea of the Wolves "Icon" and "Association" jerseys. This is the first time I have seen the actual font and numerical fonts on the uniform match what has been floating around with the Wolves marketing department for their "NEW Era, New Look" campaign. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Someone on r/timberwolves saw the white and navy unis on 2K18 and gave a basic description, so here&#39;s my updated estimation / prediction... <a href="https://t.co/5GHIq4u09W">pic.twitter.com/5GHIq4u09W</a></p>&mdash; Conrad Burry ??? (@conradburry) <a href="https://twitter.com/conradburry/status/892540198625652737">August 2, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  6. This has been the "Wolves" font floating around with the new apparel and marketing material. I wouldn't be surprised either if the numerical fonts below are what we will eventually see on the uniforms.
  7. I apologize if this has been posted, but has anyone else seen anything in regards to the Timberwolves new uniforms? This appears to be the "road" and "home" jersey and seems legit as it has the fitbit patch as well as Nike swoosh. It also has the tree pattern side panel which was part of the "tease" back in March/April. https://twitter.com/marqualler/status/883123816158965760/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fmarqualler%2Fstatus%2F883099897649545216
  8. I would say the Cleveland Indians will be the next team to overhaul for obvious reasons. My two dark horse candidates for overhauls are the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox. The Rangers need to go back to the drawing board and settle on either red or blue as the primary color and put "Rangers" back on the home uniforms as well. I can definitely see the White Sox doing an overhaul too and bringing back some of the elements from their past looks. Although unlikely, I would not be surprised to see the Miami Marlins go back to a more traditional look with teal in the next few years as they approach their 25th anniversary. Both San Diego and Tampa need to ditch the navy blue and go back to some of their more unique looks of the past. Seattle's look is definitely a "modern classic" in my opinion. Just designate the teal brim cap as the primary home cap. While Colorado's look is not the greatest, its a very solid look that has aged well. Hard to believe both Seattle and Colorado have had their current looks for over 20 years now. Ironically, it's the teams that consistently change that have the most problems when it comes to identity. Too much navy blue and red in baseball so I respect teams that are unique with their colors such as the Mariners, Rockies, A's, D-Backs and Astros.
  9. As a Twins fan, it seems like they wear their blue navy "Minnesota" tops way too frequently. Prior to this season, they got rid of the navy "Twins" jerseys and wear just the one now. Last I knew, at least for the Twins, it was the starting pitcher who selects which uniform to wear. Wednesday and Saturday home games are designated for the 1960's cream throwbacks, every other home game it' s white or blue. Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes more often then not select the blue tops. Last year, Vance Worley always selected the blue tops it seemed. I wish they would go back to truly designating the alternates as that, an alternate jersey. Worn maybe once or twice a week. Through 58 games, the Twins have worn their blue "Minnesota" tops 26 times. Navy Minnesota-- 26 Cream Throwbacks -- 10 Gray -- 10 White -- 8 (not including Memorial Day and Jackie Robinson Day) '84 Powder Blue Throwbacks -- 2 White Camo/42 -- 2 (Memorial Day/Jackie Robinson Day)
  10. These three teams once had unique color schemes and need to get rid of the navy blue in their current color scheme in my opinion: Milwaukee Brewers Tampa Bay Rays San Diego Padres That would eliminate 3 teams that use navy. Houston gets a pass because they "upgraded" from their previous colors and went back to a more traditional route. They also have orange as one of their primary colors. Other teams like the Nationals, Twins, Rangers, Red Sox and Yankees will not be changing their colors anytime soon. Tampa Bay's entire "upgrade" was a huge disappointment to me when they dropped the green.
  11. I apologize if there is another thread for this topic, but are there any MLB teams planning on any logo/uniform changes for 2014?
  12. Very impressed with the new road sweater for the Wild. Glad they went with the primary logo on the front of the jersey. Will the NHL ever let teams go back to wearing white at home, or at least let the home team choose to wear white/dark at home? I miss the days of NHL teams wearing white at home.
  13. I don't want to get this thread off-topic as this issue has been discussed in other threads, but I will bring it up again for those that don't know the history. The following 6 names were the finalists for the franchise, and Wild was ultimately unveiled in January 1998. Blue Ox Freeze Northern Lights Voyageurs White Bears Wild It is worth noting that the Minnesota Moose, who replaced the North Stars in the market, were in existence from 1994-1996 before relocating to Winnipeg, Manitoba. So if the Twin Cities were awarded an expansion team today, would Moose be a good pick or even a finalist? Could they bring back North Stars? Similar to Red Sox-White Sox? Stars-North Stars?
  14. My Top 3: 1. Wild 2. Blackhawks 3. Canadians I agree in that there are so many ways you can judge logos. Are you judging a logo based on the aesthetics alone? If so, than history should not be a factor. On the other hand, logos are "brands" and history/tradition is a big part of an overall brand. I think the Wild have one of the best logos in sports in my opinion. And for being an expansion team, its aged very well and remains a great logo to this day. Of all of the expansion teams over the last 20 years, the Wild have had one of the best logos in sports. While they have updated their sweaters a few times, they have kept their primary logo and colors the same from day one. Look at all of the other expansion teams throughout sports that have undergone complete overhauls and/or logo changes since their inaugural seasons... Devil Rays, Marlins, Bobcats, Hornets, D-Backs, Predators to name a few. Than you have franchises like the Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres than can never seem to settle on a brand and are changing every few years. The Wild got it right the first time with their logo and colors and hopefully they keep this look for a long time. I also like how they used elements of the logo to make it look like a "bear". Similar to the "H" in the Hartford Whalers logo and the "MB" in the Milwaukee Brewers ball in glove logo. When you can get creative with your logo like these, it makes for some of the best logos in sports.
  15. Sorry if this has previously been posted, but the Wild announced they will unveil their new road white sweaters on Sunday, September 1. They will start sending out teasers via Twitter next week leading up to the unveiling. I am wondering if they will be similar to the new Iowa Wild white sweaters? http://wild.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=680466&navid=DL|MIN|home