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  1. Oregon's Jeff Lockie wearing his backup Taylor Alie's hat after Alie replaced Lockie. The ironic part is Lockie should have a hat as he's usually the backup to Adams.
  2. Yeah Ki-Jana will best be known for the PSU duds with the alternate color Nike+Swoosh sleeve patch. Was Penn State the first CFB team to display Nike on their jersey?
  3. ^ That was always fun with the NBA ASG and Pro Bowl, seeing unusual numbers on stars. I've never been able to find numerical rosters from those games, however.
  4. Forgot he wore #5 before taking #4 after Harper was shipped to LA.Fond memories of Ehlo, Kerr and Price shooting the lights out.
  5. That plus Revis is Nike's main defensive endorser, he wouldn't be caught dead in UA.
  6. Biggio's goofy hat pins notwithstanding, that Astros set kicked all kinds of ass.
  7. In that vein, current Pats special team ace Nate Ebner was a rising star at USA Rugby before Ohio State got him to switch to football.
  8. While we're on the wrestling tangent...Captain Joe Anoa'i.
  9. Guys on rehab stints or 'when they were in the minors/juniors' would be a cool topic on its own.
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