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  1. Flipping between this and the Virginia Tech game. Bills and orange-wearing Hokies look too close in hue.
  2. Can't decide if GT's numbers are too low or nameplates are too high. This isn't a bad color-on-color matchup.
  3. Toledo has the microscopic nameplates UA used with early South Carolina teams.
  4. So since Miami reverted to the stock nameplate font a couple weeks ago, Tulane has the worst now, yes? Oh! I forgot Louisville's San Andreas script.
  5. It's interesting that adidas announces this initiative the same week as Nike continues their N7 project, which touches on a lot of points made above.adidas is trying to throw money around to make a problem disappear. Nike is promoting some representative athletes to ensure the topic at hand stays relevant.
  6. Kevin Love out here looking like dude from "Her"
  7. Maybe Rovell can quantify how much LeBron cost adidas?
  8. NC State visits ECU next September...adidas has both programs so I'd expect a Pirates/Redcoats theme.
  9. The schedule of teams wearing the Nike N7 turquoise uniforms is as follows: November 13: Oklahoma State (Men’s) November 14: Nevada (Men’s Rainbow Classic) November 17: Florida State (Men’s) November 18: San Diego State (Men’s) November 18: Gonzaga (Men’s) November 20: Oklahoma State (Women’s) November 21: New Mexico (Women’s) November 23: Stanford (Women’s) November 24: Haskell Indian Nations University (Men’s and Women’s) November 25: New Mexico (Men’s) November 27: Nevada (Women’s) December 1: Nevada (Men’s) December 19: Florida State (Men’s) - game site on Seminole land in Sunrise, Florida
  10. This national awareness/swag alternates mashup is nauseating. One or the other please. If that restricts alternates to Sept, so be it.
  11. Look how big that Adidas logo is on the shirt and pants. So so tacky. Fits right in with the corporate speak - makes "inspired by the jaws of Husky Stadium" sound almost honest. You can always count on adidas to make a bad situation even worse. Yes, let's take a Miami Nights alternate and military pandering alternate and MASH THEM UP. That's the ticket.