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  1. I like the Nike Saints uniforms better than the five different shades of gold prior
  2. Honestly forgot about this uniform..
  3. Cardinals: state bird of Illinois and the color of the faded University of Chicago uniforms they received Falcons Panthers Bears: "Bigger" Chicago Cubs Cowboys: Clearly a reference to Texas....... Broncos: ranches in Colorado Lions Chiefs: Native American dominance over the region centuries ago Rams: along the foothills of Southern Cal Vikings: massive Scandinavian desecent in Minnesota region Raiders Eagles Next!
  4. Yes, he clearly meant literally.
  5. Slightly different, but I buy a lot of Vikings black shirts and jackets because purple is sometimes obnoxious and doesnt go with a lot. But that doesnt necessarily mean I want the Vikings to have a black uniform.
  6. Haven't even ventured to look through all these comments but I can only imagine the fires being started in here. HOLY CRAP THESE ARE BAD. 70-year old helmet design...out the window. What the hell is that patch on the front of the jerseys with stupid stitching on it? The Away uniforms are BONE Colored? Excuse me?!
  7. The old proposed logo was probably even closer to the Old Man on the Mountain. #RIPIP
  8. I'm honored. I will say, I was giggling as I was posting it.
  9. The two worst helmets in NFL history.
  10. to get back to the Rams, it's not so much I won't like the crescent moon design, it's the throwing away of 70 years of the same design. I know you all understand this on here, but 70 years is a big deal. Across multiple cities.
  11. MAYBE the Rams realized they shouldn't throw away a 70 year old helmet design. Consider for a second they have a brain and MAYBE this is the real helmet.