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  1. I didnt realize they put up that much signage in the practice field/locker rooms. Those are awesome.
  2. There we go. Where did you find the better quality version?
  3. "The Super Bowl LVI host committee’s website goes live Tuesday, Feb. 9, at " Source:
  4. I still can't believe they're doing Wild Wing... I think the majority of hockey fans will be like "Wtf is this?!". Personally love it, but this will get some backlash, I think.
  5. Tons of minor league teams (unfortunately), but that's for another thread
  6. A look at the mid-field logo, at least, from their scheduled scrimmage at SoFi.
  7. I like the Nike Saints uniforms better than the five different shades of gold prior
  8. Honestly forgot about this uniform..
  9. Cardinals: state bird of Illinois and the color of the faded University of Chicago uniforms they received Falcons Panthers Bears: "Bigger" Chicago Cubs Cowboys: Clearly a reference to Texas....... Broncos: ranches in Colorado Lions Chiefs: Native American dominance over the region centuries ago Rams: along the foothills of Southern Cal Vikings: massive Scandinavian desecent in Minnesota region Raiders Eagles Next!
  10. Yes, he clearly meant literally.