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  1. They must have wanted to wear the Color Rush but ran out of "allowed" games
  2. *goes into a internet worm hole of Florida Suncoast Dome footage and information*
  3. The yellow ones are clearly colored better, but do not give the same retro wool vibe the design is supposed to give.
  4. It's ironic because when it was standard definition, FOX was a lot clearer than CBS. It flipped when they went HD (IMO)
  5. That number font always looked like it was on a fake Chinese jersey
  6. Can you imagine being the equipment guy and having 10 different sized TV numbers for the Panthers jerseys this year?
  7. Very possible it's simply a font being used for social media and print collateral designs. Not an official font to be used on uniforms, official documents, etc.
  8. They are honoring different decades at the different games this year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the franchise. Last night's game celebrated the 1980s. (Hence why the 85 Bears came out of the tunnel prior to kickoff)
  9. This made me realize the Chargers and Texans font are actually pretty close.
  10. Font definitely looks like an old brewery and the number font has edges just like a beer barrel. I like it.
  11. Can ND please keep those pants full time?