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  1. Definitely will never unsee that. Coolest pirate in college athletics.
  2. Peoria Chiefs (while affiliated with the Cubs) Peoria Chiefs (while affiliated with the Cardinals) The name of a local afilliated ball club can hold a lot of brand identity, if the team has existed for many years. This was a fantastic way of incorporating the major affiliate into the look and feel.
  3. How many NFL helmets have had a football on it? Pat Patriot and old Dolphins come to mind
  4. He just hates SportsLogos. They're real. Give it up.
  5. Just me or is the outline on the number different?
  6. I think it looks a little to Lions-ish and I feel like this is the reason it hasnt been back. idk... thoughts?
  7. More imagery, this one originally from NFL's twitter