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  1. It's a photoshopped graphic just to show which number he picked. Take it easy, guys.
  2. Wouldn't be shocked if the White Sox City Connect jersey was simliar to the Bulls City jersey
  3. Would prefer if it used team colors. That's literally a UCLA hat. That being said, I'd love a Chicago flag White Sox jersey
  4. Back of the hat. https://fb.watch/4BFr0yEICf/
  5. It was already rumored that he was buying Washington.
  6. Seeing the current Rams helmet by the Super Bowl XXXIV logo hurts. A bunch of these Hawaiian logo-mashup shirts are on NFL Shop recently.
  7. I didnt realize they put up that much signage in the practice field/locker rooms. Those are awesome.
  8. There we go. Where did you find the better quality version?
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