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  1. So I took some of the comments and re-worked a little. With the helmet I switched the facemask to white and added a white stroke around the logo. Also, I added a helmet stripe to match the pants. I wanted a wide base of the stripe to give this the "modern classic" feel I've been going for. All in all I'm torn on the changes. I liked the simplicity of the stripeless helmet and I thought the blue facemask gave the set good color balance. I do agree with @jus2damcrazey219 that a blue facemask might look a little more mountain-west conference than NFL but I felt like black through off the look. White seems pretty slick. Also added white pants while trying to keep the striping consistent. I'm anxious to hear feedback on how I handled the stripe. I used Keuchly's name and # to show what a 2 digit non teen number looks. I've played around with a set of blue pants too but I'm not sure about those yet. As a note the blue is more consistent picture to picture and more in line with what the Panthers actually use. I was having issues last post with image hosting and the lighter blue in some was from an earlier working version.
  2. I decided to play around with the Panthers uniforms and see if I could make an updated version. I wanted a set that reflected the only uniforms the team has ever worn but that would represent a modern upgrade with the new ownership group in place. Some of my biggest changes were: 1) Dropping the use of silver. I don't mind the Panthers use of silver for the most part but in trying to create a streamlined design 4 colors just felt tough to balance. Silver didn't feel like a necessary part, especially on the away set so it's now gone. 2) Making the helmet black. I wen't back and forth on this. I have never loved the idea of black helmets for the panthers, mostly because I have never seen one that looks great IMO. Especially after changing the logo a few year back a lot of concept work for the Panthers is just putting that logo on a black helmet. I think my problem with that is the lack of a consistent outline and no keyline on the logo cause it to get lost on a black helmet. I tried adjusting the logo, thickening some of the blue parts and making a consistent blue outline. I think it came out ok and black with that logo is the best of all the options I played with. 3) Removing the helmet stripe and changing the facemask to blue. I don't think this set needed a helmet stripe. I originally had one that matched the pant stripe (which comes from the original set), but it seemed like overkill. I think the blue facemask adds enough flair that the helmet doesn't look "plain" without a stripe. I'd love some feedback on this. 4) Making the home jerseys blue. I think it offers great color balance with black pants and a black helmet. It also allows for an all black alt for "big games". 5) Moving the classic shoulder loops to the sleeve and making them consistent across all 3 uniforms. I was really going for "modern classic" with this. Hopefully this set can be worn for 20+ years like the first. I also made an alternate version of white pants and a pair of blue pants that I may post after I get some feedback on this set. Without further ado, your UPDATED Carolina Panthers: Here is a side by side of the logo adjustment: And some close ups of the helmet and uniforms:
  3. Ironically I find your post much more biased than the one you’ve quoted. Also disagree with your brand value rankings, not sure what makes you think that. I think this brand has value separate from Richardson. I would guess before this weekend most people didn’t know who the owner was and after the sale most won’t remember it. Although I do hope they take down that statue.
  4. Announcement video from the Hornets App
  5. From the wolves Snapchat. Interesting that they're pushing a throwback T
  6. I'm really glad they used team colors on the ad space and that they adjusted the color to match each jersey. At least that helps them become not as noticeable.
  7. As long as I live I may never know the appeal of designing these uniforms this way.
  8. I thought the exact same thing. Like asking for your favorite candy bar, saying Hershey's then saying you hate chocolate.Anyways, this thread practically already exists http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/89169-sports-logo-prototypes/
  9. Man that is a great Winter Classic look. Such a fun thread to follow man. Great work on the player intro structure as well, I get excited just looking at it. Also I think it's worth noting how easy it is to "geek out" over threads like this with all the effort the poster puts in to their work. There aren't many truly "geek" worthy concepts these days (though some folks get excited for any old thing) but your work always brings the heat.
  10. Don't have much to add except that the "B" Honey Drip logo is drool inducing. I absolutely love it.
  11. I know other folks didn't like the "armpits" being colored but I liked the way that part of the design mimicked the shape of logo. Just my 2 cents on that. That alt looks great I'm glad you kept a simple B&W uni part of the set because like you said that commercial really shows how strong it can look. Of the three I think the steel scheme is my favorite, brown intrigues me the most and olive I like more in concept than execution. But certainly either of them look like they could fit in the NHL and immediately be one of the best looking teams.
  12. As some have said the grey-blue fits well but I like the suggestion of trying olive green. That would be a unique scheme to the NHL and would be different enough from the kings without being too close to Dallas. I like the uniform a lot though, it does a good job of looking like the logo without trying too hard. Fake Edit: Every time I look at the brown option it grows on me. It's a sneaky good choice.
  13. Nothing much to say other than these look sharp. I don't necessarily agree that you need a third color, I think black and white alone look great. If you did though the stroke around the secondary on the bike wouldn't be bad as a seldom used third color. I always enjoy your concepts in terms of thoughtfulness and presentation, looking at your graphics as well as reading your explanations is just as enjoyable as seeing the concepts you come up with and make this section of the boards way more fun than just clicking and looking a pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hate bumping this just to ask, but, has anyone successfully downloaded the AI version? seems the link is broken. If anyone could give some insight or pm about it thatd be awesome. Thanks!
  15. My guess is they used a picture of the Vikings throwbacks as a base image for the photoshop.
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