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  1. This is my current whale. It's beautiful.
  2. The fact that Michigan football wears black cleats. If Notre Dame can get gold cleats, Michigan can definitely get blue.
  3. This is probably my biggest whale. As far as I know it was the "Official Team Player Knit Hat" or at least that's what all the other team's in that style said. I can't seem to find this hat anywhere, even finding the picture was near impossible.
  4. Is that a joke or is there a real article saying that?
  5. I wish you posted this around a year ago. I found one in an outlet store for around $15. I didn't buy it though.
  6. Not a whale for me but, I bought an LA Kings jersey from 02-04 for $15 at a factory outlet store.
  7. A white Youngstown SteelHounds jersey. The ones they used in their last year of existence.
  8. If yauger72 loves the Flyers jerseys WITH the off-color nameplate -- apparently believing that it is unpopular -- then why does nash61 think everyone seems to love them? I just assumed everybody hated them. Most comments on the jersey pages for them involved the nameplates being bad.
  9. I love the Rays' plaid billed hats and the Philadelphia Flyers current jerseys WITH the nameplate.
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