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  1. I didn't see it posted, but Bowling Green is wearing a brown helmet for their first game this season.
  2. If I had a dollar... Let me rephrase, Akron's entire identity looks really bad. Aside from the prototype white helmet and the 2014 white helmet.
  3. Is it just me or do those look black? I sure hope not. Akron looks really bad in black.
  4. This is my current whale. It's beautiful.
  5. Again, sorry for the long wait. I put the jet from the WHA Winnipeg Jets logo in the background, with current colors. If you don't like it, just tell me. Here it it! That's awesome!
  6. Can I have a Winnipeg Jets one with Ladd, Bogosian and Trouba please? Thanks.
  7. The fact that Michigan football wears black cleats. If Notre Dame can get gold cleats, Michigan can definitely get blue.
  8. This is probably my biggest whale. As far as I know it was the "Official Team Player Knit Hat" or at least that's what all the other team's in that style said. I can't seem to find this hat anywhere, even finding the picture was near impossible.
  9. Bumped to show the unis in action. Here's a picture of the Raiders uniform in action. The "We Will Win" was bumped to the back while "Raiders" was put on the front. The Panther game is this weekend. I'll have pictures up then.
  10. So my high school, (Warren G. Harding in Warren, Ohio) has made history by announcing possibly the first high school throwback games. They will throwback to the two different east and west side high schools before they merged in 1990. Here is the link to the story.http://www.warrenschools.k12.oh.us/news/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/IMG_3107.jpg And here are the jerseys for each. Western Reserve (The west side school) in black, and Warren Harding (the east side school) in white.
  11. Is that a joke or is there a real article saying that?
  12. 1. See a Winnipeg Jets game at the MTS 2. Go to Sports Authority Field for a Broncos Game 3. See Winnipeg win a Stanley Cup 4. See Denver win a Super Bowl 5. Go to the Big House in Ann Arbor for a game 6. Go to Fenway Park and Wrigley Field 7. See an NBA/NHL team in Seattle 8. See the Whalers return 9. Attend an Outdoor Hockey Game (Michigan v Ohio State at Jacobs Field)
  13. http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/331/winnipegjets.png Thanks a lot!
  14. The note logo would never be changed, but those are beautiful.