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  1. thanks for the compliments and ideas! I'll add the cities to the list
  2. @ahowe6464 3 uniforms – Home, Road, and Alternate – plus a throwback/fauxback. As for whether this will run like a fictional league or not, as of now, I'm not planning on it. It'll most likely be just concepts, but as the league expands, I would be open to someone running the league in that sense. I'm gonna put a running list of all team location suggestions in the original post as well. Anybody have c&c regarding the last few teams?
  3. So, my league sources are indicating that the USFL is looking to expand to 16 teams in the immediate future. They however have decided they do not want to continue with brands of the original USFL and they are changing their logo. They are asking me to reach out to the public in search of team names for the next eight teams. The league has also changed its uniform policy. As expansion begins, teams will be allowed three sets of uniforms and one throwback uniform (or fauxback). It has also re-negotiated its contract with Nike – the sportswear giant will now provide a custom uniform cut. That's all the information I have though. Where would you like to see teams?
  4. I'm back with an update. Only two teams left to reveal after this post. My sources are telling me there are some league changes in the works. I will report them further in post after this. Team #6: Michigan Panthers This primary logo is actually a slight update of a previous panther logo I made as apart of my WHA redesign 5 years ago. This logo in particular never saw the light of day until now. The logo is a front-facing panther head in a somewhat-abstract style. It is a big departure from the original Panthers logo. The color scheme is brick red/turquoise blue/cream. As you see, the helmet is cream with the primary logo on both sides. It has a R/B/R stripe. The home uniform is red cream pants. It has cream numerals outlined in turquoise with a cream and turquoise striping pattern akin to the Browns old uniforms. The pants feature the same three stripe pattern on the helmet. The road uniform has red numerals outlined in turquoise with a red and turquoise striping pattern. It has red pants with a cream/turquoise/cream striping pattern. Let me know what you guys think. Home Uniform Road Uniform
  5. Having a singular B never actually crossed my mind, but now that I think about it, I agree that it would be much stronger as a singular B. Here are the updates to the Maulers uniforms though. The main change is the switch from a purple helmet to grey helmet. The helmet logo is slightly larger as well. Home Uniform • Road Uniform
  6. Appreciate the C&C. I'll be posting the updates to the Maulers uniforms soon. Meanwhile, anyone else have any thoughts?
  7. Well I'm a little late, but I finally found some time to post the next team. The Maulers update will come soon. Team #5: Boston Breakers As you see, the primary logo is 2 semi-interlocking Bs with waves running through both letters. Although the breakers had a great helmet, I wanted to deviate from the original logo and move towards a type-based logo, akin to Tulane's T. Onto the uniforms. The helmet, as you see, is primary white with the type logo on each side. It also features a light blue-to-white gradient in a wave pattern at the base of the helmet. The home uniform is navy, with white lettering outlined in light blue. The road uniform is white, with light blue lettering outlined in navy. Home pants are white, with a navy/light blue pant stripe. Road pants are navy with a light blue/white pant stripe. Sleeve caps employ a navy to light blue gradient on both uniforms. My main concern/gripe with this set is that I may have overdone it with the gradient helmet and sleeve caps. Let me know what you guys think. Home Road
  8. Hey all, really appreciate the C&C. To answer some C&C specifically: @KentuckyX I really didn't think to put the 5 star logo on the shoulders. I'll try that out when I go back and update the Generals again. @MJWalker45 I'll explore white behind the mauler on a purple helmet – I'm thinking that the helmet will probably change to grey to make the logo more visible. @Spanna65 I haven't gotten to it yet, but I will during the expansion phases of this thread. I've just started mapping out the path beyond the 16 teams like I mentioned in the first post. Once I get to the first phase of expansion, I'll most likely work on a new logo. I'm hearing there may be a new uniform supplier vying for the USFL contract as well. @KittSmith_95 I'm going to try a grey helmet. I think that will solve visibility issues. @Megildur I'll check out some helmet striping options on a grey helmet. My idea is to likely have a helmet akin to the Patriots – just a plain silver/grey shell. @neo_prankster I think white numerals on the could work, but I wonder if they'll feel out of place since there's little to no white in the uniforms elsewhere. The next team is done, they will likely be up sometime today. If not, they will be up for sure tomorrow, along with the Pittsburgh Updates.
  9. @DNAsports Thanks for you compliment. The next team on the docket is the Boston Breakers. Look for them to be up tonight or tomorrow. C&C welcome on every team as always!
  10. @DNAsports This concept, along with the Washington Federals and Boston Breakers have all been finished since June 2015. So yeah, this is coincidental.
  11. Do you think a grey helmet would be better?
  12. Team #4: Pittsburgh Maulers This logo was originally apart of a New York Giants rebrand that I submitted into a contest here on the boards maybe four or five years ago. When I had the idea to rebrand the USFL, I figured an update to this logo would serve well as the logo for the Pittsburgh Maulers. It has been simplified to where it is today. The helmet is purple and features the primary logo on both sides. The home jersey is purple with custom orange numerals outlined in grey. Sleeve striping pattern is similar to the Minnesota Vikings. The road jersey is white with custom purple numerals outlined in orange. It also has purple sleeve caps. The home jersey has grey pants; the road jersey has purple pants. Both follow the same striping pattern found on the sleeves. I feel maybe this logo could be worked on a little more – especially the fingers and the right arm of the logo, but I'm interested in what others have to say. Home Uniform Road Uniform
  13. @jaha32 Thanks for pointing out the spacing on the BIRMINGHAM, the kerning can definitely be improved now that I look at it again. @Dan O'Mac I'm still unsure of the color scheme as well – I think this logo could work in the original color scheme as well. @KittSmith_95 the business is what I was worried about. I'll have to revisit this on the next update. @ChicagoOakland I'm glad you like it. I felt the pentagon was a better choice than a typical shield. I'm gonna let the New Jersey updates sit a little longer. The next team should be up soon.
  14. Okay so I have the update of the New Jersey Generals done. The logo is nearly identical, but much less Stalin-looking and more generic looking. I wanted to see if the change in face would make a difference before I completely scrap this logo. Color scheme has also been changed to R/W/B, although I think this may look better as Red, Grey and Blue. Uniforms are the big difference. I based the design of the striping off of the a General's uniform. Thoughts? Home Road
  15. @Megildur I still may try a white helmet out later on, but the main reason I decided against it was that I didn't want to have a double outline on the logo. I think it would be too bulky. @BigRed618 I'm going to post an update of the Generals later tonight most likely. I've worked on the logo to make it less Stalin-like so maybe that will sell you. I'm open to the possibility of a more symbolic logo. As for Washington, I made this set back in June so I really couldn't tell you. The original set had a lighter shade of green and silver, but I would guess I switched it cause I thought it looked better. No real reason.