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  1. Yea that comment makes no sense. Sports shirts are created for the moment at hand. Their shelf life is no more than a year. I think the only ones I remember that covered multiple years was the early 90s Bulls titles promoting the 3-peat. If (when) GS wins in 2018 they'll add the B2b phraseology.
  2. Indeed I just saw both the 1995 and 2016 images on google and not a modicum of change! McCaffery is going to wear the same uni Frank Reich did. And the more I consider the design I'd say their set is pretty era-proof. They could be like the Steelers/Raiders/Pack/Bears type teams and stick with this for a very long time with just simple additions like black or blue pants.
  3. Ah okay thanks for the info. They changed to the current set exactly 20 years ago. That's gotta be a record duration for a 'new era' set in pro football. Selfishly I just feel like a change/reversion is overdue but I imagine Broncos fans are content seeing how they've won 3 titles in these.
  4. Anyone know if Denver is reverting back to the 'D' logo? I just spotted the following screen freeze on the espn main page under the header of 'QB battles'. Don't follow the league but these players look like current members. Would be super stoked if that 80s/90s era Broncos set comes back, especially the D with the kicking bronco.
  5. Former Rockets fan here (1991-1995), and this franchise is known to kick a good thing down the road. They ditched what I would call iconic red and yellow era combo worn from Moses Malone era to the titles team in favor of THE most clownish uniforms in NBA history. The 'rocket ship pinstripe' uniforms from 1996-2003 were so cartoonishly awful I shuddered every time I saw them compete (the Pontiac Aztek of NBA kits). Then they brought in pretty basic designs which were a godsend compared to their predecessors, but used wide shoulder designed that again deeply flawed the set. I would therefore contend that for the last 22 years the Houston Rockets have no identity, and have muddled through several variations ranging from god awful to unnoticeable. I very much hope Nike will be the one group that can set the rocket back on course.
  6. Firstly great thread. Enjoy the deep level discussions from the posters. My argument in these case of the Browns, Hornets, and Sonics of retaining history/uniforms of lost teams is that it is strictly for the benefit of those that matter most - the fans. Sports is nothing if not entertainment for the public at large, and 99% of every team's fanbase resides within its geographical footprint. The Sonics fans deserve their original franchise name and records because its what's best for them. It will mend the wounds suffered from losing the team a lot quicker than establishing a new identity, especially knowing an NBA expansion team will be mired in at best average play for years starting out. Five of the last 7 expansion teams (since 1988) have never been to the NBA finals. The other two lucked out with the Shaquilles, Wades, James, and Howards of the world. I think every opportunity is merited to Seattle to re-integrate the Sonics identity when (and it will be when, not if) they get their team back. In addition as a fan who has zero connection with the Sonics other than seeing them play for a decade, I would be very ecstatic to see them return as if they just had a 10 year gap. I bet a ton of NBA fans if not the vast majority would say so as well.
  7. Cleveland Browns and Charlotte Hornets have already set the precedent...but you're right in that these two only have 3 year gaps (1996-1998; 2002-2004). Seattle is looking at least 10 years of no history (2009-2019) assuming they get their new team for the 2019-2020 season. That'll be hard to explain for future historians 50 years from now.
  8. Cuantos anos tienes my man. Cuz as some one who lived through that I know it wasn't the city's call on the name. I'd bet it would've remained if the owner would've allowed.
  9. I was hoping Jordan logo on football gear was going to come and go, but their core audience is definitely embracing it. So it'll just be something the new generation is accustomed to within a certain time-frame. I've always been partial to the swoosh, so hopefully a lot of the classic teams (Bama, UGA, tOSU, UT etc) stick with it.
  10. All the other teams you mentioned have gone through several iterations in the past 25 years. What's surprising is Portland. They are one of the handful of teams who have stayed relatively the same during that same span: Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, Celtics, Knicks are the others. Chicago and Boston haven't changed at all since the 80s, and NY is wearing the their same 80s era design. I suspect it's the ties to Nike that is prompting a rebrand though in Portland.
  11. I expect San Antonio to follow the Nets' lead with a red H-E-B logo.
  12. Okay how about a NFL version 'wife swap'. Tennessee Texans and Houston Oilers.
  13. I miss the Houston oilers brand identity, particular in comparison to the bland Texans "2014 Atlanta Hawks-esque" pallette. The NFL should not have allowed the displacement of that in favor of banishment altogether. Not sure why a Browns deal was not agreed upon 20 years ago.
  14. Rams have to have some third color mixed in even as an accent. The Colts blue and white should have precedence especially since I don't believe any of the 32 teams share color schemes as is. The red white blue teams mix in grey or silver to different themselves for example.
  15. Yankees have the best road grays when contrasted with opponents' kits.
  16. Wow we all forgot about these. Iirc these were the first sleeved jerseys against San Antonio in 2013.
  17. The warriors wore their regular blue jerseys this week but had the diagonal script on the chest. This should be standard or at least put on the yellow versions.
  18. At GE we don't make a lot of the things you buy. We make a lot of the things you buy, better. Except for these Boston jerseys. Whatever the opposite of better is that's these things.
  19. UNC unis in that tweet are phenomenal...but again it's gonna take me awhile to not think of the argyle as gravytraining their hoops program (Michigan - looking at you as well). Houston's charcoal could have used a light color outline on the numerals, light silver or white. From television standpoint couldn't see the finer elements of the design.
  20. Those 80s style carried through the 1990s, with only a shadow font thrown in in 1996.
  21. UVa went super conservative. New age folks won't like it but these are super krunk for us classic bunch. Good job CBM.
  22. White pants for USC with gold stripe outlined in gold.
  23. Whoops forgot that 1999 team did have the LA Rams set, and didn't change until 2000. The GSOT era 1999-2001.
  24. Sorry to drop into the thread without going through the previous posts but has the team considered simply using the 1994 throwbacks they wore on occasion in St Louis? Shouldn't be too difficult for Nike to produce a road version of the royal blue and golds, and would be a neat continuity touch linking the last season to the first one back. These current navy and champagne remind me of the greatest show on turf days.
  25. Did they really wear that gray top? Maybe just the filter on the photo but that is super ugly. Yes Va Tech has great standard unis, and I disagree with your view on their brand. They've been a top tier national program since at least the Vick years. But Beamer is throwing a bone to his players. Evidenced by that Kansas State article yesterday that confirms recruits care deeply about new uniforms.