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  1. It'll make the Miami-FSU games look just like the good old 80s/90s era
  2. Old school is new school. These look like what Duke last wore in 2004 before they added black outlines.
  3. Packers all white last night were a solid set.
  4. Remember years back we feared how used to ads we'd become. Count me as having succumbed to that and even for a set like San Antonio hate to admit prefer the logo + ad patch look vs the blank shoulders in 2017. The elements add more variety, though could be a symptom of how basic the Spurs sets have always been.
  5. They literally just brought back the pre 1995 jerseys? Like 50 million Americans not old enough to remember that year. Should've brought those back a decade ago imo
  6. Meh. Since Nike took over the excitement of new uniforms isn't the same. Seems like every team regularly wears 4 versions throughout the season, with some completely abandoning the default team colors.
  7. Makes it more puzzling is there is not even any novelty to it since you've had a team wear that black/grey/silver combo for 40 years in San Antonio.
  8. I was really about to go off on incorporating black out of nowhere but realized they did have black trim in the Ken O'Brien/Blair Thomas 90s set so I have no grounds there. But going the Browns route with lettering stitched on the front is a mistake as this element is too far afield for this league, especially with so many sets unchanged going on decades. Someone brought it up earlier in the thread - a NCAA group of five worthy look. Marshall Thundering Herd and North Texas Eagles should be flattered by the imitation. Positive wise the helmet is outstanding in every way.
  9. ^Compounded even moreso by the colors Carolina blue and Navy being so attractive together. Titans have had a gold-level color scheme since 1998, but choose to throw that commodity away with that above design.
  10. It’s a bigger problem in that each team has so many more variations of jerseys it’s going to blur the line on what their ‘standard’ set is. And the Nike labeling is upsurd as who can keep track of the names for each set. Earned vs city vs icon. It’s just a mess.
  11. Ha had to comment it makes me smile knowing people born in 90s still know about my Houston Oilers! What a great franchise they were.
  12. Olden Polynice era Sacatomato Kings puncturing your vision with the gradient introduction, and then the Bison Dele era Pistons succumbing to the teal craze of the decade, very badly as you can see. Circa 1995-1998 I wanna say.
  13. Lakers home games have always been color on color except Sundays (since 2003).
  14. Is there not some steady creep in the size of the ad space. I remember it was supposed to be either 2x2 or 2x3... and with this one the squarespace font looks to take up a lot more room.