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  1. Thank you, this is exactly what i feel. Its like the person who drew it never looked at a shark before. I am still all in for the new shark, minus a few nitpicky details. Old shark is bad.
  2. I will never understand how people think the old logo is better then the new one. That thing is awful. The jerseys themselves are top notch and I understand that love. I say put the updated logo on this jersey then I am on board!
  3. I think the USA colours work much better than England's. Even without navy blue, the USA looks like a USA team, I'm not really sure what i think of when I see the England kits
  4. Quebecor went through the process of expansion to show how serious they were about getting a team. Assuming their proposal was solid, the NHL would have no reason to reject them as an owner. If they are doing anything its not behind anyones back, just like True North did when they bought Atlanta. They are just being smart and not being public about it.
  5. I've been toying with a concept like this for a while. I also don't know why the background is black. Really, all the Flames need to do is add a bit of SUBTLE black trim into their classic set, and they would be good to go. I enjoy this set a lot!!
  6. the flames retros need a touch of black to eliminate the colour bleeding and maybe a shoulder patch and it would look great. The current set relies to heavily on the black
  7. only thing missing for me would be a white outline on the blue sash, to match the flag pattern of course
  8. Bad word choice there. Though this does raise a question: what happens if one of the teams (odds are it'll be Stockton) has to move due to stadium issues? Where would they go? Portland? Tacoma? Vegas?
  9. This is an upgrade, even if the logo on its own looks super bland. The team logos, while too busy in some cases really show the diversity that they were looking for with this brand. I think the USL has set it self up nicely to be the perfect minor league affiliate the the MLS.
  10. i think the gulls/ducks tie makes a lot of sense not just for history but also in the farm team parent team relationship. i would like to see the bakersfield team take the barons moniker and tweak the logo to fit the area. i think the ontario reign is on of the best brands in the ECHL and don't think it should be changed a san jose throwback to seals would be really cool, but i can't see that happening for some reason.
  11. Jhero34

    Template help

    Been working on some soccer concepts and keep trying templates that I am not too happy with. The old template that i loved seems to have vanished and my old computer crapped out a few months ago so my only hope is if someone here has it or knows where i can find it. this is the only picture i found anywhere in the same template! Thanks for the help guys!
  12. Jhero34

    Tennessee Titans

    i think adding that little touch of red to the logo and maybe the sleeve stripes would put this over the top
  13. as far as the oilers ditching the copper and blue, I am sad to see the colour scheme go because it was one of my favourites however, the edge style jerseys have to go, they were the probably the worst edge look in the nhl and practically anything would be better then wearing those abominations for another season. I would like to see the oilers bring back their mid 90's look when they first had the copper and blue, the 1996-1997 white jerseys with the navy shoulder yoke, my personal favourite look for the oilers