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  1. Not only does this ruin Paterno, but it will cast a shadow on their entire program and all of its successes. Penn State has long prided itself on being clean, out of trouble, etc. I think this will end up being much more significant than people are thinking right now. As for JoePa, his legal obligation being fulfilled doesn't mean anything to me. I think his dishonest response "If true, we were all fooled" and his inability to report this to authorities is much more telling.
  2. Initially I had toronto in the central. That change was fairly arbitrary and probably I should swap them and Baltimore. Look, it's not entirely based on geography. A division with Philadelphia, Boston, new York, Atlanta, would be very tough. I not only tried for geograPhic sense to some extent but I also based it on the teams' success, attendance, etc.
  3. With recent talk of MLB realignment I sprouted an idea in this ol' brain of mine. 3 leagues. 2 divisions in each like the old first division second division setup. 10 teams per league. Leagues are regional: created by combining divisions from current leagues with a few changes. Playoffs: Take the top 2 teams from each league AND 2 wild cards based on record. Scheduling is spotty but interleague would be frequent. So: Federal league: west: Colorado Houston Texas Seattle Arizona Oakland Anaheim San Francisco San Diego Los Angeles National: central: Chicago WS Chicago cubs St. Louis Detroit Minnesota Baltimore Cincinnati Philadelphia Kansas City Milwaukee American: East: Toronto New York mest NYY Boston Cleveland Washington Pittsburgh Tampa bay Miami Atlanta
  4. Haha yeah, that's a really rational argument that isn't exaggerated! I love ad hominem attacks!
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