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  1. Although Mexican Coke is now more readily available in stores, I had always hoped Coca-Cola added a "throwback" line using the diamond can design.
  2. Yeah...I listen/watch pretty much every radio/tv show that's on in the tri-state area, and I have literally never heard a single fan call Jeter a traitor for going to Miami, nor have I met a single person who thinks that. In fact, it was viewed as a very expected and logical move based on everything he had ever said about his post-career ambitions.
  3. I checked every other team shop and didn't see any, nor have I seen any on the field either. So, unless I'm mistaken it's just the Yankees right now. And yes, they're awesome. Actual quality jackets need to make a comeback in MLB; they've been nonexistent for almost a decade now.
  4. These uniforms represent pure, classic gridiron football. Huff, Robustelli, Connerly, Gifford, Grier, Webster. These were the uniforms coached by Jim Lee Howell, Tom Landry AND Vince Lombardi. Elements don't need to match 150% of the time to make a uniform good; look at the variations between primary logos/wordmarks in MLB and cap logos. They may not match individually, but as a whole they look better. I don't really get the hate for the red on the road considering how much red has been used in Giants history. I'm not adverse to the white pants as an occasional alternate, but I'm disappointed by this move even if it only lasts one year. If I was forced to "update" the Giants (emphasis on forced), something like this would be the most I would do:
  5. I think in general, baseball uniforms were at their peak aesthetically in the 60's. By that I mean they were worn perfectly, not necessarily that they were all better designs. Pants were worn high but well below the knee; Stirrups weren't the skinny strips they would become in later years, and perfectly balanced with the pants length; and uniforms were athletically form-fitting with sleeves at mid-bicep length. If only we could get back to this. Classic. To be honest, I'm really torn between these two. On one hand I love the road uniform as is, white outlines included. It's hard to believe that these have been around for nearly fifty years, because the classic flannel-era non-outlined "NEW YORK" uniform was worn for a little over fifty years as well. Either way, loads of history behind them. On the other hand, I would love to see a return to the non-outlined/sleeve cuff look. However, I don't think it can work without having a faux flannel material (something I would be interested in seeing.) My only fear would be that it would come across as a gimmick. There's something about double-knit uniforms that doesn't always translate over well without having outlines. Sometimes they tend to look a bit too blank, and I think a light flannel pattern could improve that.
  6. I love the matte helmets; they have that great old-time baseball feel to them and it's a change I've been advocating for a while now. Weren't the Pirates the first team to make the switch? I thought they looked great. Besides, Mickey approves of the matte: Now, If we want to discuss the aesthetic merit of air vents and cool-flo nonsense on today's batting helmets, I'm all ears.
  7. Yankees jerseys have the majestic logo under Yogi's "8" patch. Must not have been worth removing for a league-wide alt this year.
  8. Eh...I like the lettering and the addition of the seam, but I hate these shapeless logos of late. There's too much empty space which makes for a terrible looking hat patch (might be ok on some jerseys though.)
  9. Nothing at all. What I meant was that with the prices of jerseys being what they are, in my opinion I would think people would like the fact that a NNOB jersey has more legs so to speak in who you're representing; whether that's a favorite player or a big-time free agent bust, because it can transfer over to any player (in some cases multiple favorites) wearing that number. I have nothing against NOB, I am not repulsed or sickened at the sight of them in any way. My personal preference however, is for NNOB, but I understand the arguments for both sides. As has been suggested before; I wouldn't mind seeing classic franchises with NNOB at home and NOB on the road...It just has to be done properly and would at least be the best of both worlds.
  10. LOL, true...I did say for arguments sake.
  11. Plus, as a value-conscience fan; wouldn't you rather have a nameless jersey that can be worn for years without looking outdated? For the Yankees, if I had a Mariano Duncan jersey 20 years ago it turned into a Scott Brosius jersey, then a Johnny Damon jersey, or a Hiroki Kuroda jersey, and now a Didi Gregorius jersey. Just for arguments sake, how many Mets fans bought a Jason Bay jersey and are embarrassed to ever wear it again?
  12. NNOB is clean, professional, and worked just fine for many years. It shows you are part of a team and not just an individual who happens to be playing on one. NOB clutters and cheapens classic uniforms when done poorly (i.e. 95% of the time). It just screams cheap, beer league customized replica to me. They might as well just say "#1 DAD" or "Joe's Plumbing."
  13. Wow, I was so focused on the jerseys I didn't even notice the button. About time they changed that. Also, I don't know if it's just his posture, but Girardi's raglan sleeves seem to sit much lower this year as opposed to last year. Maybe a result of the template change?
  14. Scanning through some of the spring photos and it does appear that the Yankees have switched to cool-base home uniforms. You can see the material better up close, and that they still maintain a pseudo-stitched look to the pinstripes. If they were finally making the switch at least they have done it the "right" way, because there are no missing pinstripes in any sort of side panel. I didn't go through all the players/coaches to see if this was team wide or still personal choice. Has anybody had a look at what the Blue Jays are doing yet?
  15. It's pretty depressing seeing the direction MLB is going in aesthetically. It was always a (admittedly minor) source of pride knowing that MLB was the most consistent and tasteful of the major sports, but they've taken a pretty big step onto the slippery slope the last couple years. First the coolbase era of mismatching grays, cheaper looking materials and huge discolored sweat stains. Then you have the proliferation of gimmicky alternate uniforms, patches on the hats and jerseys of all postseason teams because the world series wasn't special enough i guess. Now we've got entire chunks of uniforms missing, encroaching batterman patches and sublimated bp jerseys that you know are going to spread like wildfire. I hate sounding like the "get off my lawn" guy, and I realize doing things for sales/marketing is nothing new but...idk, still bugs me. Heck, even the authentic collection stuff and postseason clubhouse shirts that I used to love have been total garbage the past 3-4 years with all the "we take october" "we want it more" etc. that just panders to all this YOLO, #hashtag, "I'm a special snowflake and everyone needs to acknowledge it" nonsense that has been smothering our lives in recent years. /rant