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  1. Celtic 91/92 away kit: A complete mash up of multiple shades of green and brown.
  2. My guess is maybe the NFL brought in their own grounds crews for Championship games in the earlier years, thus visitor end zones. No way that happens now. With the high stakes amplified, as well as the focus on the mental game and psychological advantages increased so much that teams have full time people to think of gaining those advantages, no team will put their opponents name in one end zone at their own home field.
  3. browna

    NHL 2017-18

    Maybe Vegas has some revolutionary material, that if the light hits it on the right angle, it lightens up big time or has a sheen to it. Any club that would do it would be Vegas.
  4. Fine for a regular season kit but underwhelming for an anniversary kit. Celtic a few years back for their 125th had a 3rd shirt which was like an original one. The Nike swoosh and sponsor name was the same colour as the kit (white). The usual home strip had a reduced sponsor logo for the team along with the thinner hoops from back when as well, for that season. Shame that the sponsor didn't agree to something like that this year for Liverpool but maybe a special one will come out over the summer?
  5. Depending on which pop culture reference you want to believe, Toronto has been given itself a trendy nickname "The 6" because of the two area codes that have "6" in it. Or the 6 boroughs loosely formed into the city Toronto. Whatever it is, "The 6" has gained prominence in the last couple due to Drake popularizing/reviving the nickname in his songs and an album name, and Stroman is just hopping on that Drake bandwagon with his number change since last year (which I think was 54).
  6. I know this was covered early regarding the NHL, and I believe it was Neil Sheehy (now an NHL agent) that "broke" the stats system by wearing #0 for Hartford: A link, and some relevant text from it: "When I was with Calgary I had two games to go before my contract became a one-way contract. Calgary was on an eight-game losing streak and I got called into Cliff Fletcher's office and told I was being sent to the minors. That team was going to play four games in four nights on the road, what a treat. "Terry Crisp was coaching the minor-league team at the time. When I got there, the trainer had a jersey with number 0 on it and he asked me what number I wanted. I said whatever, it didn't matter. He said would you do me a favour and wear this, number 0. I laughed and said absolutely. Crisp came in a few minutes later and said you're not going to wear that are you, and I said, sure. He laughed and said great, 'that's why I love you...'. "So I wore it in the minors for four games. I got traded to Hartford in 1988 and when I got there I wanted number 5 because I had worn it before but it was taken. I had worn 15 before and it was taken. My first time in the minors I wore 21, but it was taken. So I asked the general manager, Emile Francis, if I could wear number 0. He looked at me funny and laughed, but I told him I wore it in the minors, Crispy loved it, and Emile said 'why not?' "When people asked me why I wore it I had some fun with it. I would tell them it was the furthest number from 99 and talent-wise I'm furthest from Wayne Gretzky, but just remember opposites attract. At the time, the Battle of Alberta was pretty intense and my job was to play against Gretzky a lot of the time. "I also told people I wanted to get the 'O' back in my name for O'Sheehy, my Irish ancestors. The truth is, in Ireland our name was MacSheehy. I just tried to have some fun with it. Fans used to yell at me, 'Is zero your IQ?' then somebody would say, 'Hey, this guy went to Harvard you know.' It was hilarious."
  7. Sponsor logo absolutely ruins a jersey that otherwise conveys a lot of motion in a cool way Pretty much Hummel's usual logo placements...Denmark wore similar to that (albeit with shorter shorts) way back in the 1986 World Cup.
  8. Not sure if posted? Celtic with the final New Balance jersey released, the Euro/3rd kit....return of the bumblebee.Have to see the final color...not as eye-bleeding Neon yellow in some pics I've seen. Odd that the hoops don't go around the entire jersey? Previous iterations of the bumblebee did.
  9. I definitely think something about that uniform has to do in some part to the protest from the US Team to FIFA regarding the World Cup this year being played on turf. Certainly since it's only the US Women using them. Hey Fifa? You want us to play on Field Turf? And, you want us to play monochrome? Ok, well, we're going white and black so you can't use us in our uniforms any of your promo material and we're going to be unquestionably dull and non descript this entire tournament. We don't want to remember this World Cup as we're treated like second class athletes playing on carpet. And yeah, since we won't be getting grass stains on the unis, we'll put our own electric green on the socks. And, possibly that its played here in Canada; maybe wanting remove any red to avoid clashes?...but that's a stretch, and they could've then just used blue instead of black, but consciously, seemingly, chose not to. That's the only way this makes sense...considering how up in arms the field turf issue has gotten and how upset the US team seems to be about being regarded by Fifa as second class athletes, I wouldn't put it past the team to choose this as a protest kit/middle finger to Fifa, and Nike has to basically oblige to keep the contract. Or, the real unis were in the van that Jerramy Stevens drove drunk (with his wife Hope, the US goalie), and that van was impounded for reveal day....
  10. Black Shark helmets with the white unis? Flashback to Colorado's franchise opening game. Though I think from way back when in 2003 from when the Flames updated their unis, the team didn't want the new jersey on the ice until the regular season home opener. That said, 10 years ago, there wasn't interest and thus pics of preseason rookie games. Preseason games, I think the Flames wore their whites that year.
  11. Stamps look great today. Helmet looks better in action, jerseys looking good, but the pants, and of all things socks, really add to the look. Best of the Signature bunch, no question.
  12. The cool thing about the original black jersey was the fact that absolutely no one knew about them in advance. Long before teams needed to have all league approvals well in place and mass production of jerseys to be able to sell, and someone leaking things on social media, or the team trying to hype it up....the first time that ANYONE in the public even heard about them, let alone saw them, was coming out for kickoff that afternoon. Even in warmup that day (Labour Day, 1994), they wore their reds. I was watching that day, and recall the TV pregame, who said that something may be up with the uniforms, just minutes before they were shown. First time seen, first time with black pants (with white stripes, looked proper). They were badass, and for the stale CFL, a big deal with the monochrome look.Commentators were shocked/surprised. Stamps won the Grey Cup in them in 1998 (the jersey, pants were white that night) and then retired them, and other iterations since (mostly because they were a recolored primary, bib effect and all, or the leotard stripeless pants) weren't the same. Plus, the original ones had red numbers and letters...yes for those who care about trying to read small print and the numbers (ie TV commentators and old people) it was bad, and every version since has had white numbers, including these, but it was super cool Even these aren't the same, but much better then the last couple attempts at the black jersey and whole uniform setup. Stripes (kind of) on the pants thankfully...and yeah, cool helmet, but the font selection makes or breaks a lot of these jerseys these days, glad to see them getting away from the ones from the regular template (just as glad the Flames did the same with the font on their alternate) and it looks good.
  13. Think they could've spent an extra 10 minutes to iron or steam all 3 pair of those shorts before the photoshoot? Especially the bloke in the middle who also has an entirely ill-fitting shirt to match. I am sure if you look close enough you may see the plastic bag the kit came packed in. Terrible.
  14. ^ I wonder if Seattle gets a contrasting end zone color...wolf grey?...surely not neon green?