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  1. This is what i came up with for a little league Baseball logo
  2. I think I was trying to force the Gaffiti Style logo, but Im not to good at it. My style is more of a professional clean look. So this is what I came up with.
  3. Thanks for the critisim, This is what i was looking for, i have posted on thother sites, and they just say, looks auful, or, looks ok, nothing to help me make it better, Thanks. Ill start over and try something else.
  4. The Founder of Graffiti of War asked me to make a logo for them. Wanted to know what everyone thinks. Current Logo Proposed Logo
  5. Sonic is in Sega, I was thinking about duckhunt and kirby, but was not sure.
  6. Moved Zelda to Wii, added Final Fantasy and Castlevania to NES
  7. Moved Mario Bro. to Wii from NES, I dont want to put another Mario series, it would be to much like each other. removed Splinter Cell and added Modern Warfare and Gears of War to XBOX, added Portal to PC
  8. Added Uncharted to PS, Half-Life to PC, and Metroid to Wii. Portal started with PC and XBOX when first released, I will see if any other suggestions before adding that one. my biggest problem is the Wii, I guess if i can fnd 2 more for NES, i can move Mario Bro. to Wii
  9. I got this idea from a thread about a vintage video game hockey league I was thinking of setting it up in the same format as the NFL, 2 conferences, 4 divisions in each conference, and 4 teams per division. What I'm trying to do is find the most famous games that is either for the specific games system or started on a specific game system before branching out to the others. The ones I have so far I already have a idea what I'm going to do, just need to fill in some of the blanks. I may have some in the wrong places, but this is what I have so far: Classic Conference Atari Division Pacman Space Invaders Missile Command Centipede [*]NES Division Final Fantasy Mega Man Castlevania [*]Sega Division Sonic the Hedgehog Bomberman Dragoon Force [*]Arcade Division Donkey Kong Galaga Street Fighter Asteroids Modern Conference XBOX Division Halo Rainbow Six Modern Warfare Gears of War [*]Wii Division Metroid Mario Bro. Zelda [*]PS Division Grand Theft Auto Metal Gear Solid Uncharted [*]PC Division World of Warcraft Half-Life Portal
  10. All the new Nike uniforms are suppose to be released sometime in April, around the time of the 2012 Draft.
  11. Why are people saying this is Nike's fault, Nike does not make changes to the logo.
  12. This is a downgrade to me, the only reason I can see for them to do this is printing cost.
  13. here is a svg file for the numbers
  14. i picked A, but i like the stars on B, but not the football.
  15. I think you could add "Dallas" to Alt 2 and use it as your primary and use the "D" as the secondary.
  16. Something like this looks nice, just need to get the correct font for each team
  17. I agree, price and ease of getting tickets go hand in hand, if the OP wants a accurate list, it should include the price. For instance, last year i went to a SA Spurs game, a nose bleed section ticket cost $8, but if you want in level 2 is $100, and court side your looking at $200 or more. I was just making a statement that the OP was just stating how easy tickets are to get.
  18. The OP is making a list of how easy it is to get tickets, not how expensive they are. The only one I know of is the SA Spurs, PIECE OF CAKE!
  19. They do have secondary logos for the game