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  1. Fake! 1. It's hosted on photobucket, I would think if it was real, it would have came through an official site. 2. No where does it say it is going to be the new uniforms.
  2. what are they going to do next, sue the government for using the word Brave in the national anthem?
  3. Can you provide the logo you want for this?
  4. Riddell is the "official helmet of the NFL" until 2013
  5. There should be instructions with the download. You do not need to do anything with the angle, just input your logo, and it does the rest.
  6. A guy named Mike Lester, former editorial cartoonist at the AJC, designed that logo in 1983. Let's see some photos of your high school using it then and before. I was in Junior High School in 1983, my sister went to the same High School in 1984 and they were using the logo then, I would have to research when they actually started using it.
  7. What happens if a college takes a high school logo? I know for a fact that my high school was using Georgia Tech's Yellow Jacket Logo back in the early 80's and probably longer, and here at CCSLC it says Georgia Tech did not start using it until 1991.
  8. You can now download from first post
  9. Yes I understand the Logo and Stripe is not on the helmet as they would be on a real helmet. I quickly placed them on there just to give everyone an idea of what it would like like in different colors.
  10. Here is a Riddell 360 Helmet Template I been working on. I will share it once I get done with the front, rear, and 3/4 view. EDIT: Decided to go ahead and make this one available while I work on the others. Download
  11. The bills Alt link is the road uniform
  12. Okay, now I'm confused. Theses are already GIF (except for Mac which is a PNG) and when I right-click them, they save as the same file type they originally are. Are they saving as JPG for you for some reason? They are GIF, but they do not have a Transparent BG.
  13. Could you provide these in a transparent (PNG or GIF) Format?
  14. I'm not up on every team in every league, could you provide the logo you want for the highlighted teams in a transparent (PNG or GIF) format logo.
  15. I do not have these logos in vector format and these are in JPG format meaning they have a white BG. If you provide me with a transparent BG copy (PNG or GIF)of these, I will be happy to make them. I do not have the time to remove the BG from them.