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  1. Don't mean to sound like a dick, but throwing a soccer ball and changing the font on the Hamilton Tiger Cats logo doesn't count as a concept logo man. Also, I agree that the rock does need to look a bit more masculine. I do like that Austin concept, though.
  2. Simple, beautiful design. Way better than what they have now. The cleverness and simplicity of it reminds me of the Hartford Whalers logo. Great job!
  3. Seriously, everything is beautiful. I honestly don't have one complaint.
  4. I can already tell this is going to be awesome. I can't wait to see more!! One quick question, I ask this on almost every sports league thread I go to, but will Buffalo, NY, have a team?
  5. Should have used this logo for the Colts..
  6. Could we possibly get some pictures of what they look like in NCAA?
  7. As jcampo6 said, Orlando City SC will be joining the MLS in 2015, along with New York City FC, which is a true expansion team. It has not been confirmed nor denied if Minnesota will be joining the MLS eventually, but my guess would be no. I think the MLS wants to get some teams in some cities that don't have MLS or NASL franchises, then maybe setup a promotion-relegation system with the NASL. Anyways, Saathoff, that FC Dallas concept is fantastic. I would buy that away jersey in a heart beat. Also, I love the idea of rebranding Chivas as AC California. Sounds awesome! Also, is there any possibility of putting a team in Buffalo, NY? Great fan base, but nobody ever gives the city love in their MLS series'. Looking forward to some more concepts!
  8. I like the idea of putting teams in Portland, OR and Rochester (or Syracuse), NY.
  9. Getting a West Seneca Wings vibe from the Sabres 3rd... but it's unique, and I like it. Both are great, as always.
  10. Good to know there are Arby's on the planet Daia.
  11. Watch this kid have the best concepts this forum has ever seen lmao
  12. Ran, isn't this your topic? Shouldn't you be making the concepts? Anyways, as for expansion, I think Kelowna is a no brainer. In my opinion, it is a growing city, and it may eventually be able to support an NHL team one day (isn't that what every Canadian city strives to do?). I think putting a CFL franchise there is really what the city needs to become one of the biggest cities in Canada. Another no brainer would be Quebec City. Provides another rival for the Alouettes, but they would need to build a CFL stadium. Other cities that you should consider - Halifax, London, St. Johns, Victoria, and if you're feeling ballsy - Niagara Falls (could play in St. Catharines)
  13. Could you ever update this logo? Thanks!
  14. Would you ever consider putting one of the new teams in Buffalo?