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  1. The logo is terrible but the colors make sense. Navy and gold are the colors on the city flag of Nashville. There would have been a revolt if the colors were changed. Gold will be the primary uniform color .
  2. Not always the case. When I was coaching at a Division III school, we went to the NCAA playoffs as an automatic qualifying conference champion.. We put the NCAA logo and playoffs on the side of the ring and we're told months later, the week he rings were to be delieved, the NCAA had rejected our design and forced the company to destroy all the rings made because the correct term was "NCAA Championships" and not playoffs. We waited over a month for the rings to be remade and delieved to the team. So the NCAA does have some say in the matter
  3. The rings can be no more than $300 in value under NCAA rules. Its fake gold and fake diamonds but it still looks good and unless you follow closely no one will ever knowExactly! They used to use real gold before prices skyrocketed! Now it's just a jewelers alloy that's used. But I have heard that the coaching staff still get real gold rings. I would say that is the case because their rings can cost as much as the school wants to pay
  4. The rings can be no more than $300 in value under NCAA rules. Its fake gold and fake diamonds but it still looks good and unless you follow closely no one will ever know
  5. So did Louisville. They split the conference championship so they all bought rings.
  6. I think getting rings for making the bowl game is pretty standard practice. And I agree that it's pretty lame. I am generally OK with it. But i don't think teams should get multiple rings unless they win the conference and a bowl (or Nat'l title). I think the solution for NIU would be "MAC Champs" and it could say "Orange Bowl" on the side. It's prestigious for those players to go to that game, even if they were trounced. I believe these were their MAC Champs ring because it says that on the side. I think they choose to put the Orange Bowl logo on top to recognize the achievement of going to the game from a mid-major conference
  7. is this the maryville in st. louis? i live like 10 minutes away. No it is in Maryville, TN. I believe that the school in Missouri is now Maryville University
  8. A quick search on Instagram and I found a bunch of rings Central Arkansas Southland Champs Northern Illinois MAC Champ and Orange Bowl Arkansas State Sun Belt Rutgers Big East Champs Utah State WAC Champs Fresno State Mountain West Champs Boise State Mountain West Champs South Carolina Outback Bowl Champs Ferrum College (D3) USA South Champs Maryville College (D3, My Alma Mater) USA South Champs
  9. Some other rings I have seen recently Vanderbilt Music City Bowl Virginia Tech Russell Athletic Bowl
  10. Standford's Rose Bowl Rings Other RIngs from The Orange and FIesta Bowls with Luck
  11. The BCS Ring is awesome too. The football stone being white looks like the crystal ball. Overall great job by Bama on the ring design
  12. That's the equivalent of a "everyone gets a trophy for playing soccer" trophy. A ring for 11 wins? It's kind of pathetic. I mean this is South Carolina football where they have won exactly one conference championship in their history and one SEC East title with a loaded team in the worst SEC East probably ever in 2010 and still had like 5 losses
  13. 2011 Cincinnati Bearcats Big East Ring South Carolina "Best in School History" 11 wins ring
  14. The other jewelers in the article are such haters because they didn't get picked to make the ring lol
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