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  1. Dolphins wearing aqua throwbacks today vs Chiefs... this might be the best looking matchup of the entire season.
  2. We are... I work at Dick's Sporting Goods. We just received the limited Baker Mayfield jerseys with the NFL100 shield.
  3. Love the Lions blue pants! But ugh the blue socks too do they have grey socks as an option? probably not
  4. Even though the shades of gold on the jersey and helmet are a bit different...the Saints still look beautiful. This needs to become permanent
  5. Heard the Chiefs are wearing white jersey and white pants with....white socks. So something they haven't done in a couple years since they've been doing the red socks with the all white.
  6. Wonder if the Chiefs are going to go with red pants or stick with white pants and red socks like they did last year... pants it is
  7. You're right. They've never worn red socks when going white on white. Looks a little weird since we haven't seen it before, but they still look great!