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  1. It's cool to see that all you guys collected these , too. I'm tempted to go through my old bedroom at my parents' house and look for mine.
  2. I'd love to see the Raptors make some kind of change, whether it's bringing back purple or going blue with the rest of the Toronto teams. I'm just not a fan of their current look.
  3. Todd McClure played center for the Falcons from 1999 to 2012.
  4. I joyfully laughed out loud when I first opened this thread. I adore that logo. Well done, this is a cool concept.
  5. My parents have had Auburn football season tickets my whole life, so the interlocking AU logo was the first thing I ever recognized as a sports logo. I remember, at about age 4, pointing at the AU on the field and asking my mom, "What letter is that?" She told me, "That's an AU. It stands for Auburn." After that I realized that every team had their own logo. During every game I would flip through the program and literally take note (I used a small memo pad) of every visiting team's logo, colors, and nickname. Eventually, I started paying attention to the games, but my interest in sports aesthetics never diminished. EDIT Another early memory of my sports logos interest-- When I was in third grade, I collected those NFL team pencils. Did anyone else have those?
  6. There are some quotes by Arthur Blank going around the internet today about him wanting to bring an MLS team to Atlanta. There's an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle but I can't read the whole thing. There have been rumors about him wanting to bring a club to the city before. I would be absolutely thrilled.
  7. I really like these. I have a question about the Vancouver jersey, though. Is that a numeral 6 or a crest/logo?
  8. I definitely don't hate the new Silverbacks logo. I quite like it in some ways. But I think with this competition, the "safest" choice was selected. I think that's probably pretty typical with contests driven by fan votes. I would've liked to see at least a small reference to the silverback gorilla in the logo.
  9. Michigan' s numbers are very hard to see today.
  10. I really like it! UAB could use something like this.
  11. I once had a dream that the Lakers traded Lamar Odom the the 49ers for Vernon Davis.
  12. I actually think about this topic a lot. I grew up a huge Auburn fan in Alabama. My parents have had season tickets since they graduated from AU in the early 80's. My mom always reminds me that she walked all the way up to the upper deck at the Iron Bowl when she was 8 months pregnant with me. I'm now an Auburn student. When I calculated last, I'd been to over 100 Auburn football games during my life. I grew up with college football, and it will always have a special place in my heart. The tradition, history, stories, stadium experience are all amazing. But I've also grown to hate all of the controversy, corruption, and dysfunction in college football. I've found myself enjoying and more heavily following the NFL in the last few years. It's just better football, when it comes down to it. I love the talent and the skill. I love how competitive it is every year. The problem with the NFL, for me, is that I never had a favorite team growing up. I always wanted to get into it, but living in Alabama, people just don't care too much about professional football. No team has ever truly put forth an effort to market to the Birmingham area, where I grew up (and why would they?). I've been looking for a team since I was a kid, and don't know if I'll ever have a true NFL fan identity. I'm working on making myself a Falcons fan now, as they're the closest team to where I live. So, while I have a natural tendency and reason to care more about college football, I would rather watch an NFL game. And I'd MUCH rather watch the Super Bowl than the BCS national championship.
  13. This is a good start for the Power. The logo looks small- try making it a bit larger.