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  1. What could be more punny than the Macon Whoopee?
  2. I see some mentions of domes/indoor stadiums. Am I mistaken in thinking that FIFA doesn't allow games to be played indoors?
  3. Man, I really like the slate blue. I could deal with the terrible new faux-Mavs jerseys if they had at least kept slate blue.
  4. I remember when I was a kid (~8 years old), a buddy and I were talking about NBA basketball, specifically Grant Hill. An adult overheard us and asked us if we knew what a piston was. We both responded that it was a kind of horse. Obviously our incorrect response was influenced by this logo: Obviously there's a connection there with HORSEpower in car engines, but my elementary school self didn't know that.
  5. Great stuff going on in this thread. I love the Croatia second kit you made, despite the number visibility issue.
  6. This is a secondary logo for the Birmingham Barons. I've always thought it was pretty cool (along with the rest of the Barons' identity).
  7. NFL- Eagles, Redskins, Falcons NBA- Thunder, Mavericks, Grizzlies, Hornets MLB- Astros, Marlins, Padres NHL- Stars, Blue Jackets MLS- Earthquakes, Impact, Crew, Revolution
  8. The Cup celebration is always moving, no matter who's lifting the trophy. I loved that Emrick let the crowd do the talking there for a while at the end of the game.
  9. Whoa...I had an eerily similar experience. I was at that race. My dad took me to Daytona for my 16th birthday. I was a Mark Martin fan. I really thought I'd see him win one... And like you, I've since strayed away from NASCAR. Other painful moments: Bowl selections, 2003. My Auburn Tigers weren't selected to go to the national championship. I was pretty upset. NBA Playoffs, second round, 2010. Hawks swept by Dwight Howard and the Magic. NCAA Tournament, 1999. Number 1 seed Auburn loses to Ohio State. 8-year-old me was just sure we'd make it to the final four. I was hugely disappointed at the time, but now I'd be thrilled for Auburn to even make the tournament. MLB playoffs, 2009. Cards swept by Dodgers in the division series. Bah.
  10. Does anyone else think that both the Thunder and Marlins suffer from too-many-colors-syndrome? I feel like if they could settle on two or even three colors, they could build stronger identities.
  11. I'm stoked! Also, I think I mentioned this in the other thread, but I LOVE the AC St. Louis crest.
  12. So long as that beautifully boring 'N' remains on the helmet, I'm open to seeing their brand develop a bit.
  13. I'd like to see some more gold worked into the Dallas home and away jerseys. It would make the logo feel a bit more in-place.
  14. I really like this. Question: is the helmet stripe just gold and white? Or is there a second gold stripe on the other side that we can't see?
  15. I really like the consistency you gave the Broncos. But I wonder what the home would look like with blue pants?
  16. Not a lot of discussion of college sports in this thread so far. I have to deal with this quite a lot, being from Alabama where people think college football is the only sport worth talking about. I'm fine with people rooting for my school (Auburn) and our rival, Alabama. Top-tier sports is lacking in our state, so people need something to latch on to. But what REALLY irritates me is when the people who flunked out of their local community college say bad things about my school and its community, and they've never even set foot on Alabama's campus. It goes both ways, too. It seems like the people who are the most obnoxious about Auburn and Alabama football are the ones who have no association with the school. There are some things about living in the South that I love, but this is something I can't stand. Does anyone else experience this in any way? I think that it's okay to cheer for or root for a school that you don't have associations with, as long as you don't give that school a bad name by being obnoxious with your fanhood.
  17. The kits indeed have blue numbers tonight.
  18. HUGE night for soccer tonight! I'll be watching USA-Brazil at 7:00 tonight. Then I'll be catching the online stream of Silverbacks-Sounders.
  19. Here's what I've come up with for NBA realignment. I wanted Atlanta to be in the same division as Memphis and New Orleans. I think this set-up makes quite a bit of geographic sense. But the playoff logistics are yet to be figured out. This is a pointless thread, after all. BIRD DIVISION NYK BKL BOS TOR WAS PHI JORDAN DIVISION MIL CHI MIN DET CLE IND WILKINS DIVISION ATL CHA MIA ORL MEM NOR OLAJUWAN DIVISION HOU SAS DAL PHX DEN OKC JOHNSON DIVISION POR SAC UTA LAL LAC GSW Edit: Can anyone come up with a better name for the Wilkins division? There aren't any huge names coming out of that division's teams that I can think of.
  20. I don't think the way you pick a sports team matters all that much, so long as you plan on sticking with the team. Jumping on a bandwagon is kind of lame, but not so bad if you plan on riding it when the good times are over. Auburn sports have basically run through my blood all my life. My parents (both AU grads) have had football season tickets since the early 80's and have been taking me and my sister along all of our lives. Now my sister is an AU graduate and I'll have my degree in a year. Professional sports, on the other hand, have been more or less selected by me. I grew up in central Alabama, a professional sports wasteland, of sorts. The closest pro sports teams were a few hours away in Atlanta and Nashville. It wasn't until high school that I really cared about any professional sports teams. Some of those (Falcons and Hawks) were picked based off of location and simply what I'm able to see on my television at home. Others (Penguins and Cardinals) were kind of thrown onto me through friendships/relationships. So, I guess in the end it doesn't matter how you end up being a fan of a team, so long as you stick with them.
  21. Awesome work. I have two favorites. The first being the Loggerheads. A cool name, a good color scheme. The Palms are my other favorite. I'd buy one of those hats if I had the chance.
  22. The Atlanta Silverbacks beat the Georgia Revolution, meaning they get to host the Seattle Sounders next Wednesday! Oh, wait... It looks like the Sounders bought the rights to host the game in Seattle. How is this even allowed? I'm pretty irritated. I was planning on going to the game.
  23. I can't say I'm a big fan of the second comet, either. But this is overall a cool concept. Can't wait to see more.
  24. Is it just me, or is the Home Depot Center crowd pretty lacking?