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  1. What on EARTH was that? The StoneHeads marked the moment when CFB uniforms jumped the shark, though the Miami (OH) bowling balls were a good indicator. This would be the part where a shark EATS The Fonz/CFB, leaps into the air, and explodes, only to reveal that our hero was a time travelling robot from a distant galaxy...while still keeping the same Happy Days plot line. In other words, we've jumped the shark--now it's just getting unbearably bad. In other news, MTSU uni-tracker info: last week, it was Silver/Blue/Silver. This week at UNT, Silver/White/White. A bye this week, then the Blackout vs. Marshall, meaning likely Matte Black/Black/Black. As you were. I like that you (rightfully) blast the current state of CFB uniforms, right before giving us an update on the apparently ever revolving uniforms of MTSU. By the way, am I the only one who can't figure out who MTSU is? To be honest, up until a couple of years ago, I said that Middle (Middle Tennessee/MT/MTSU) should never have gone I-A in 1998, because we were better off playing Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, and Austin Peay, but we've had some competitive-for-us years, including an 8 win season last year with a win over Georgia Tech (and a bowl snub, which led to us jumping ship from the Sun Belt Conference a year early), and have been to multiple bowl games in the past several years after a 50 year drought. I don't expect most people to know MTSU, which is why I'm spreading the somewhat tempered love. Same thing with the Uni-Tracker thing. Middle, my alma mater, does a lot wrong, and a little bit right. After looking every bit the lower-mid-major sideshow we were for years by changing jersey styles, templates, and manufacturers far too regularly and making high school teams look good, we finally settled on a Nike contract and template, and have just added to it. We look like USC in blue, white, and silver. First, all they had were blue and white tops and pants, and silver helmets. Over time (usually one to two elements per year), they grew the set, with a solid black set and shiny black helmet, and slightly off silver/gray pants to hearken back to the school's football tradition. The silver pants were scrapped, re-done, and re-introduced (not perfect, but close enough), and the glass black lid was replaced with a matte black--and while I hate having black uniform elements on a team called the BLUE Raiders, the matte black looks much, much better than the gloss. This year, they added a white helmet, which the program used to use (like the silver pants), and for some reason a second white helmet with the American flag in the logo. (Thank you, Nike.) While we do have a crazy amount of options, they're all on the same template, and correspond well. When Middle doesn't go crazy (like wearing monochrome blue, or throwing in the black lid or black pants haphazardly) they look like they're supposed to--the white trim on the blue top matches the white pants, or the silver lid matches the silver pants, or whatnot. No ghost flames, no bowling balls, no diamond plate, and no rocks. Just a handful of options. Middle Tennessee, uniform-wise, lives on a razorblade, and if they fall to one side, they look classy, and to the other....well, unprofessional may be the best way to describe it. It may not be camo-barf or neon highlighters, but a patriotic white helmet with a plain blue jersey and black pants isn't exactly a legacy I want to carry on for State Teachers College. That's one of the reasons I keep tabs on it, especially since we don't have any other people keeping any eye on it this closely--and little things like the pair of white buckets are a bit surprising when they do appear. Also, I'd post pics, but is one of the few places I can get them for each game, and the way their photo galleries are enclosed all I can do is link to them; no direct posting.
  2. What on EARTH was that? The StoneHeads marked the moment when CFB uniforms jumped the shark, though the Miami (OH) bowling balls were a good indicator. This would be the part where a shark EATS The Fonz/CFB, leaps into the air, and explodes, only to reveal that our hero was a time travelling robot from a distant galaxy...while still keeping the same Happy Days plot line. In other words, we've jumped the shark--now it's just getting unbearably bad. In other news, MTSU uni-tracker info: last week, it was Silver/Blue/Silver. This week at UNT, Silver/White/White. A bye this week, then the Blackout vs. Marshall, meaning likely Matte Black/Black/Black. As you were.
  3. Just saw a sign at lunch that the MTSU blackout game is going to be against Marshall. Just found this in the game notes, while searching for the homecoming combo for tomorrow against ECU: BLUE ON WHITE ...................................... 13-7BLUE ON WHITE WITH BLACK HELMETS .......1-0BLACK ON BLACK ......................................2-2BLACK ON BLACK WITH BLACK HELMETS......1-0WHITE ON WHITE WITH WHITE HELMETS .....1-0BLUE ON SILVER .......................................2-2BLACK ON SILVER .....................................1-0WHITE ON BLUE .................................... 15-17BLUE ON BLUE ..........................................4-7WHITE ON WHITE......................................4-8WHITE ON BLACK ......................................0-1WHITE ON SILVER .....................................1-2BLUE ON SILVER WITH BLACK HELMETS .......1-0TOTAL 46-46 (Just double-checked, this is the Stockstill Era) Scanned the notes, with no mention of the combo. As it's homecoming, expect Silver/Blue/White or Silver/Blue/Silver. I reeeeeeeally hope they don't go crazy and use one of the white lids (white/blue/white would look great, but not for a homecoming game for a 100+ year old school that has used the silver buckets for several decades) or worse, some black uniform element (white-on-black 0-fer, I'm looking at you). Updates to follow. Oh, and since this is their first C-USA home game, they're using a special commemorative coin in the kickoff. Neat. (No pics that I know of. Sorry.)
  4. Obligatory MTSU uniform recap post. A rare road trip for the Royal Blue pants on Friday night in Provo. Raiders went Silver/White/Blue. I may actually prefer the Silver/White/White, but this was pretty traditional.
  5. I can see that the head is pasted on, if I know to look for it. That being said...I think it blends well, and I love the entire set. Awesome.
  6. I've got a couple in my backyard. And their bitter rivals.... The Lipscomb Bisons. (Apparently they've changed to new logos in the last year or two...but if they have I haven't seen them anywhere but here...and I prefer the older ones.)
  7. I was in Call-Center-on-Saturday Purgatory last year, so I have to ask....Sleeves? I thought those were banned by the Shrink-Wrap Pact of 2008, when Nike and adidas decided....whatever, you saw where the joke was going. Are those legit sleeves? Also, I didn't think Oregon was allowed to use the Donald Duck logo or any variants, just the name and mascot. Is that true? I hope I'm just mistaken, because if the facemask is a solid color those are near perfection for Oregon.
  8. This page of the thread doesn't contain any Hokie Stone Helmet bashing yet. I think I'm gonna go find those MTSU upper-chest-patched jerseys I ranted about a few days ago and cuddle them, maybe have a good cry. I said a few pages back that I didn't think I could take much more...and then THAT happened. Let's just take away all aesthetics at all. Since some people don't know how to use their crayons without eating them, wearing them, or melting them down to be reformed with glitter and NONE OF US get to color. I hope all of these #swag kids are happy. YOLO is right...You Only Live Once, and that life ruined college football. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a yard to make you get off of. I've got a few decades yet until AARP discounts kick in.
  9. MAKE THIS FULL TIME RIGHT NOW That looks 1,000,000X better than the garbage they have worn the past several seasons. Fully agree. I even like the diamond. It's a win all around, for me. Glad to find someone else who likes my Raiders. They don't always make the best aesthetic decisions, but this Nike USC/Duke-from-a-few-years-back template is the best thing they've had in decades. Also, I fully agree that the silver hats are easily their best...but the white lid isn't bad, and the matte black is better than a gloss black at least. I actually saw a fan rocking a first-or-second-year Blackout uniform. Up close, they aren't that bad. BFBS, sure, and not meant for the BLUE Raiders...but decent enough as a fan shirt.
  10. MTSU in the all white, lids and all. Went Black/Blue/White last week btw.
  11. This is fantastic. The jersey number as the score is brilliant. And I never saw the "New York" detail on the UB uniforms until now. Excellent attention to detail.
  12. Think you got that mixed up, champ.And they're not the same. Wake uses the old Mizzou template. Also, Vandy got new unis so the "same" template won't be seen again. Yeah, it's just a template popularized by Mizzou, and used by many. I think Wake is one of the last teams to keep using it.I thought Vandy had new unis this year...but their visual identity is still a bit of a cluster. And I don't care who had those generic, templated, piping-crazed messes first, just as long as Vandy doesn't wear them again. Franklin has been doing so much to turn this program into an actual program that we need uniforms that match the logo and quality of play. (And I'm deliberately sidestepping the now-former-players' rape case, because it's a separate issue. I hope for the victim's sake that justice is served, but as it was isolated to those players that are booted from the team and the university, I don't want the team to suffer, or have any negative stigma a la Penn State or Duke Lacrosse.) Or they might go white/blue/white? Didn't realize so many teams were doing 9-11 tributes this week. Between the battle of the Blue and White, the first Saturday home game, and the 9-11 tribute, I'm predicting Plain White/Blue/White. However, with UNC going Stars and Stripes White Helmet, we might see the Salute to Vets helmet early...and bc it's MTSU, it could be White/Blue/Gray's MTSU. This team played in Silver/Blue/Blue seemingly every opportunity they could, for a while...took years if not decades to bring back silver/gray pants only to get it wrong the first time...and despite being a Nike school still has more of the generic Reebok jerseys from about 7 years ago for purchase around town than any other jersey style. (You can't miss them; they're stunningly plain, with a massive and generally miscolored MT-and-horse logo screened or heat sealed on the upper left chest.) In other words...we don't have the best uniform history at Middle Tennessee Normal. Case in point, Dwonne Hicks is being inducted into the MTSU Sports Hall of Fame Saturday. His senior year we switched him to #4, to promote the Hicks4Heisman campaign, and his numbers went into the tank so hard that he quietly switched back to #33 before the end of the season. That's my alma mater, ladies and gentlemen!
  13. Beautiful. That will look awesome with Carolina blue and black. I don't want to like this. But the helmet striping is absolutely gorgeous. I give it an A. the slogan near the front bumper makes this hilariously awful It took me far longer than I care to admit to realize that stripe is a zipper. It quickly went from "that's....kinda cool.....whatever it is..." to "just no."
  14. Ok, it took a while, but I finally have some non-negative things to say for once. Oregon State? Oklahoma State? Not bad. Solid job. Wisconsin? Great look. I think I prefer the white lids, but the red is very solid. Wake Forest? Why did you steal Vanderbilt's piping jerseys? You guys don't like each other! But if WF wearing these means that Vandy will wear that style less or not at all (and so far, the influence is lessened), go for it. FAU? I really wish you hadn't changed uniforms, because you have looked so solid for a decade...but that helmet logo is interesting. Rutgers? That may be the best look you've worn in years. Also, I think Clarksville, TN -- Rossview High has worn that helmet before. Also, I haven't found word of what MTSU will wear this weekend vs. Memphis yet. There was a frontload calling it The Battle of the Blue which would suggest a blue top, with a silver or white helmet and gray or white (or blue) pants. I didn't see the frontload today when I went to the site; a quick refresh showed me it was still there. It's the Hall of Fame Game, which means nothing to the uni matchup (could go traditional or make it a crazy celebration), and the schedule online has homecoming marked and nothing else. No Blackout, no Salute to Veterans (usually the last home game, or the second to last, and where one of the two white hats will be worn).'s a mystery. Considering that they are Blue-and-White, I predict Silver/Blue/Gray, fwiw.
  15. I honestly think that UCLA set is where college football jumped the shark. Stick a trackable light inside the football. Do away with the coin toss and have them sprint for the ball like in the XFL, and have nicknames on the back of every shirt. Oh, and we have too many bland nicknames. I think we need to have the New Mexico State Fusionzz with chromatic blue helmets....oooh, with LED scrolling message boards on the helmet bumpers!! And we'll have LSU, Clemson, and Auburn in a three way cage match. The winner gets to keep the name Tigers, while the runner up becomes the Slayers, and the first team eliminated just drops all nicknames entirely like North Dakota...except they wear hot pink. The same should be done for the Bulldogs teams, including Louisiana Tech, Georgia, Mississippi State, and the like...and the first team out can become the Vampires....because Vampires are cool, right? And they need gold crackle-painted they sparkle in the stadium lights. if you'll excuse me, my toaster and I need to go for a swim. #overit #neededtofinallyhaveameltdown.
  16. Thank you to those of you who confirmed the new Florida number font. That was driving me bonkers! Maybe I don't like change, but I hate the new numbers. The old style just seemed more...classy. Also, no changes to the MTSU Blue Raiders for week one, as they went silver/blue/white. Nothing fancy, just clean and consistent. (Tried to post one pic, but it said the image extension wasn't supported by the boards. Le sigh.)
  17. I noticed we had the MTSU white helmets covered. But what we didn't have (and what took me a bit of searching to find) is the new ALT white helmet, for the Salute to Veterans/Salute to Armed Forces Game. I know I should...but I don't hate it. Especially as a one off. No worse than the special MLB caps, and pretty well done IMO. Kind of like the matte black--shouldn't exist, but at least done well. FWIW, the articles I've seen said that we now have 36 uniform combinations. Yikes. Also, while the white helmets look nice AND are a throwback to our history...MTSU is just a few yards away from perfection. The silver hats with white or silver-gray pants (when done correctly) and the blue USC tops for home games; the silver hats with the white jerseys and the blue pants. Punt the "blackout" and walk away. If we have to have a throwback lid, make an entire throwback set (maybe to the 1975 double-helmet Cowboys ripoffs?) and schedule Tennessee Tech again for the "Totem Bowl." Give the old timers something to really enjoy, because between Boots Donnelly's silver buckets and the kiss of consistency from Nike...we've almost got it.
  18. If anyone can find the intro video for the MTSU Blue Raiders, I will be forever in your debt. The last time I saw it was when Middle introduced the "Blue Tube" (I kid you not), and it featured lightning striking a CGI statue of a Pegasus and bringing it to life (our mascot is a winged horse NAMED Lightning, btw); the Pegasus throws its head back and lets out a deafening cry, before taking to the sky...which is then over-run by a flock (?) of Pegasus/Pegasi/Pegasuses (?) as the vid ends. In other news, while finding that vid I did find FIU's intro vid from a few years ago AGAINST Middle Tennessee. All things considered, it's pretty good. However, much like the original goal of the MTSU vid before they ran out of money, it is very similar to the old intros for the Nashville Predators and surprisingly the helmet-chase vids of the Nashville Kats.
  19. I guess that's what I get for skipping over a couple of pages on what amounts to a 5 page thread. I missed the backpedal...thanks. If you'll excuse me, I'll go back to lurking a bit more. ( Kidding...but it is harder to keep posting when I don't have internet at home anymore..)
  20. PC or not PC, I think it's stupid to do a throwback halfway. Your team used to be named after a gun, with a gun on the jersey. Now you're throwing back to a gun-themed name, and wearing the same jersey...with no gun on it. If Colt wouldn't allow the don't wear them. Simple as that. It's like wearing a Braves jersey that's supposed to have a tomahawk without a tomahawk on it; why even bother? Also, Tampa Bay. A team named the SMOKERS. Really? The freaking "Smokers." But you can't have a smoking implement on there. I don't care if the censored jersey does look better. Don't do a throwback to something offensive, suggestive, or controversial if you won't go all the way on it. As much as I hate the Wizards' recolor and everything, they got this right with the true Fauxback. They didn't make Bullets jerseys without referencing actual bullets or the name. They made Wiz jerseys that are obviously inspired by the Bullets, but aren't. Retread hands logo, same old colors, stripes, and the like...but the new name, and another alt logo to tie it all together. If you're ashamed of smoking and guns, don't wear jerseys AT ALL that reference smoking or guns. Or if you must, fauxback it--use the same style, but make it say your current team name. "The Rays" in red-pink cursive, with a simple Cownose at the bottom...And Astros, with the gun replaced by a star, stadium, atom, etc...and a Smoke-made-A. Done. Bad on you, MLB/Astros, regardless. Ya just stubbed your toe.
  21. For once I'm going to rail against the matte helmets. It's too much. The Talons would be pretty solid if the helmet wasn't matte. I like the huge digits. Tampa is awful, Pitt is tragic, and Utah needs help in the worst kind of way. The numbers for the Orlando Predators are great...and everything else is terrible. And for once, I actually really like what Chicago did with all of that. (Painful to say, as a Kats fan since the original Kats in the 90's.)
  22. I'm excited to see these uniforms in real pictures. I do radio for WDKN and cover Dickson County High School (Dickson, TN), alma mater of UNCA's J. P. Primm, so we've been following the 'dogs this year. However, when I see CRONS I keep thinking of it as CROHN'S...sort of an unfortunate name, acronym or not.
  23. I agree with everything, and really have nothing to add other than a simple question: why is Russell killing everything good about the visuals of the AFL? If we had more purple, and the home numbers were still white, it would be tolerable. Also, nothing says visual consistency like an iconic purple helmet with mono-black at home. Keeping the helmet, and simply dumbing down the solid roads keeps this from being an F-...but I have to give this an F. I wanna go easy on it...but no. Bad Russell. Bad.
  24. The jersey/pants graphite color doesn't match the helmet. The helmets are class. I love the blue jersey for what it is. But I miss the graphite primary. Hate the GT template splashed everywhere. HATE HATE HATE the "PHL." Just awful. Not a complete falling out like the VooDoo...but a step backwards.