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  1. Yeah, take a stroll through a Wal-Mart or Sears clothing department and you'll see some of the worst hats and T-shirts you've ever seen. Yeah, I knew the black one wasn't fake, just the obscene amounts of black bothered me a bit. It kinda grew on me, but at first it set off some "ugly" claxons. The first one looked too truck-stop to be real. And the stuck-on logo just made it worse. IMO. And as far as Wally-World with fakes, I have the best one yet that I'm going to post on a new thread later. Hopefully the pics focused more than I thought...but I saw some Middle Tennessee State University toboggins/knit caps/whatever they are called...with NHL "authentic" tags on them! And what made it even better? Not only was it the old NHL logo (orange and slanted down), but even that was fake! Beware the Walmart fake-monster. (Or were the Blue Raiders an expansion team in the NHL that folded due to the lockout? )
  2. I don't see why not. If you're going to counterfeit something, wouldn't you want to counterfeit something somebody would actually want to buy? Very well said. I found another one for The Fugly Awards, but this one doesn't look fake, just sad. With a color-scheme-creep. Everybody's favorite add-to-the-color-scheme-color....Black!
  3. Another thread mentioned how cheap Rays caps are on ebay, which kicked up my curiousity. While searching, I came across this little doozy... WTF, Mate? This thing is baaaaad. Sorry I can't post the pic; my computer at work won't let me right-click. I'm not the best judge of counterfeits, but this thing....ugh. Are these for real?
  4. My least favorite part of the jersey is the main cap logo...I don't know, it just seems a little odd to me. I still kinda like it, but not a lot. The side-view Tiger is much better, though I'd love to see it with a flying cap like this guy! I wanna be a kid again, so I can want this... However, I love a lot of the little things...the stenciled numbers (nice touch), wordmark, khaki roads (if they aren't dazzle, that would be fantastic), the Scrambled Palms, and the plane Alt Logo. If I had to pick the 3 best things about this rebrand, I'd probably go Scrambled Palms, then the Plane, then the Stencils, but it's close on all 3. The way they blended local history with the parent club's well-known signature branding to make something that's Lakeland unique, but not too unique. I was lukewarm about this at first, but it's growing on me--more every second. Even the winged head logo is a little cooler when you consider the roaring head is I believe a throwback to WW Era plane graphics also (correct me if I'm wrong). All in all...A- (feeling generous, so I'll ignore the little things)...make the "Dress-Uniform" Palms hat the primary, and give me a hat with the plane logo and maybe a Navy alt, and this is a high A.
  5. Yuck...looks like the Powercat Kids club got into the jersey bin with their markers. I typically don't mind black being added to teams' looks (Tennessee Vols, NY Mets, etc.) but the Black and Purple jerseys just look tacky. And these whites, while the best of the set, look very high school hoops-esque. The front of the jerseys looks fairly clean on second glance, but this is one time where I'm not even a fan of the off-color shoulders. It gets maybe a C, and that would be generous.
  6. Another vote for the navy-with-green-trim rainbows. They're ugly. They're not very PC. They are unique. They are fantastic. A classic that's so bad it's good, I guess. I know I shouldn't like 'em, but I do.
  7. FWIW, me being from Tennessee and having never been to Iowa, I adore the change. I kinda liked the old look, but this new look is sweet, drisp, modern, and whimsical, yet still manages to look professional as well. Very nice. The "K" is kind of hard to see at times, a bit of a stretch, but the bat/corn "dude" is very cool, the colors go together well, and the look is just plain sweet. (The fact that it looks like a local icon makes it cooler by a factor of 10.) And I even like the "beer league" style tail on the roadie and BP with the city name on it, though the text on the tail needs to be white on the road jersey, just because it is much easier to see that way. All in all, I think this is one of the best efforts and rebrands I have seen in a long time. Bravo.
  8. I have to toss a few rusted coins in on this. The Slug practice jersey looks awful. Simply put. The Preds one does too. The Preds' mustard stuff just plain looks disturbing. However, I love the 3D logo. In fact, I have a hat that I wear all the time with that logo on it. It's navy with bright yellow trim and bill stitching, with the old NHL logo (downward slant) on the back in silver (surprised me too, when I noticed the differences when they changed). Personally, I love the Preds' logos. The original is very solid, the 3D compliments it very well, and I honestly would like to see more of the fossil alt. It's very unique, and is the missing link between the team's image and why said image was chosen (fossilized remains of a sabretoothed tiger found in Nashville while digging to build a skyscraper). However, our uses of mustard as a Primary color have simply made us look ridiculous. Some people like the mustard jerseys...I personally would require a large pay-off to be seen in one, myself.
  9. Thank The Force...I almost lost respect for humanity there. I don't know that I would be enamored with these two jerseys ordinarily, but after the practice sweaters these may get my vote for jersey set of the year. (Not saying I dislike them, but I'm saying that after a night of sleep and separation from the green-ness, I think I'd give them an "okay." Not sure I like the sleeves, the arrows on the tails, or the gold-as-a-road-color idea. But I'll pass judgement after a breather.)
  10. That's from the actual Lids page for the C-Note Hats...
  11. Blue, goldenrod yellow, and Neon Lime Green?? Ew. Ew! EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!! Bad Richmond. Very, very bad! And as far as the new Cyc's logo, I can't say that it's great--can't even say that it's good. However, it's crisp, clean, and (considering how little there is to the logo itself) well-done when I see the larger image of it. The silver stroke adds a touch of much-needed class. I wouldn't want this as a long-term logo, but as a temporary fill-in it really isn't that bad. I gave it a bum rap the first few times I saw it. Oh, and btw....Go Huntsville! (And bring back the Channel Cats. )
  12. I'll grant that the Bruins unis look sharp...sharper than the current ones in every way but one--the logo. Keeping in mind that I haven't been a hockey fan for even a decade and that I have no ties to Boston, I think the vintage plain-yellow-gold B Spoke logo looks plain compared to the modern Black B-Spoke. The Black B with the gold spokes (stroked in thin black) looks so much classier and more professional IMO, FWIW. As I prepare for the ensuing barrage of following my "n00b" assessment, I must say I agree about the Habs road sweaters. The vintage ones are far and away an improvement, though some of the tweaks shown here could make them look even better.
  13. Honestly, I like these. They aren't fantastic, but they're okay. The script is solid, as has been said, but I don't see the diamond side panels as a problem. The number font is perfect for Vegas, but I hope the nameplate is not as bland as the pics make it seem. If it's a little more interesting and eye-catching, I'll be happy. However, my biggest knock against these is that there's still too much color or white bleeding into the opposite jersey. Anything is better than last year's monstrocities IMO, but still...the white jerseys need to be white, and the colored jerseys should be the correct color. Mixing and matching just seems so bush league. All told, I'd give them a B, simply because of the incorporation of the venue elements and the improvement from their last effort.
  14. According to their online store, it's a retro jersey. Item Link Interesting.
  15. Slightly off topic, but I couldn't help but post it... Somehow I think a hat with "BM" on it doesn't send the right message about your franchise.
  16. Personally, I like this one. The crest's burst imagery also looks like spread wings. Would make better sense for a phoenix, but's a cool effect, and a decent replacement for the timeless and classic interlocking TTU logo. Although the more I look at it, the more it makes me think of Tennessee-Martin's Skyhawks logo. Interesting.
  17. As far as Titans/Oilers, when I see Columbia shoulders and Navy/Dark Blue body on a football jersey, I automatically think Titans. I think it's a bit more unique than it is given credit. The Oilers' look was classic, I will admit, and if done well it could make a fantastic new 3rd jersey once the Smurf look runs its course. Don't get me wrong, I love the reversal jerseys....when viewed up close, on one person. As a fashion jersey, it looks fantastic, and looks solid in a close-up, but on 11 people in an overhead? *shudder* Maybe it's my youth showing, but the Orange Crush Broncos and Creamsicles look "nostalgic," while their new looks seem professional, clean, and well done. I wouldn't mind seeing them dragged out for a Thanksgiving, or a special occasion (maybe even once a year), but the teams look great the way they are now. To me, the modern Bronco and Bucco schemes are their "real" colors. Just a couple of rusty coins tossed in.
  18. That's it...I knew there was some kind of Greek something about Nashville. just the clarification I needed... As far as the Titans, we can't forget about the Parthenon in Nashville as well...we're called "The Athens of the South" not only for the music and culture and educational opportunities (i.e. Vandy), etc., but also because we actually have a life-size Parthenon in our city. I've been there a time or two, and it's quite neat. You gawk up at that huge Athena statue (where you're about the size of her little toe) and you get a feel for life as an ant. As far as the Tampa Bay Lightning, an interesting note from Wikipedia is that "Tampa" was a Native American word for the area, believed by some to mean "sticks of fire" in the language of the Calusa tribe. That phrase could be talking about the concentration of lightning strikes in the area. As a result, I have a fictional baseball team in mind for one of my leagues....the Tampa Bay Thunder Sticks. (Citation.) Oh, and the Predators nickname and imagery relates from the fact that while digging to build a Nashville skyscraper, a preserved Sabretoothed Tiger and its den was found, a very rare discovery indeed. I cannot, however, find an excuse for those ridiculous "mustard" jerseys. Ack. I agree that the singular-yet-plural team names are often quite annoying, but I probably tip a bit more to the non-traditional side than the old-fashioned one. Dodgers, Yankees, Colts, Cubs, Bears, Broncos, Braves, Rangers (to some extent), and Whalers I'm fond of, but I see no reason (in my humble opinion) why those are necessarily better than Titans, Preds, D-Backs, Rays/Devil Rays, Flames, T-wolves (with the old logo), Hornets (with the CHARLOTTE connection), and New Orleans (or Seattle, Memphis, or StL, for that matter) Jazz. Of course, I think my all-time favorite team name I never actually got to see play...the minor league Nashville South Stars. (And I also feel there are way too many teams bearing the monikers of unintimidating birds.)
  19. I just have to say I love the last two. Traditionalist? Meh, they don't know what they're talking about on those Fire jerseys. However, I would tweak the white set, simply because something about the red on the jersey top and stripe doesn't sit well with me. I'd maybe juggle the colors on the piping and go with the navy instead, which would stand out in the pants stripe, or at least go with a white stripe panel on the pants; that's just me. However, the logos, fonts, the rest of the colors, and the overall "feel" of it are great. A- And the Blackhawks jerseys? Even as a proud Predators fan I must say that these look fabulous. I'd suggest a black top/red pants alternate, but that would just be a bonus. A+ I also like the Bulls stuff, especially the helmet (though the stripes seem a little odd for football), but the sets scream Bulls' basketball, meaning you accomplished the goal. The Cubs set was decent, but nothing to rant one way or another on. I like the White uni for the Sawx as a baseball one, but not as a football uni; that said, the pinstripe-and-black uni looks awesome. And that's coming from a proud anti-White Sox sportsfan. Keep up the good work.