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  1. What is the MILA? And my only critique really is that the fish doesn't really work as the O when that big, in my opinion. If it was smaller, yeah, but not really when that big. I say use one of the O's from the above two wordmarks, and put the Hellfish below it. But still, the logo is a vast improvement, and the wordmark is sharp. Very nice.
  2. That's a revised R-Snake, isn't it? R looks less defined, snake looks more detailed. If that's the case, they should have left it at that. The generic logo on the copper lid is unnecessary. The uniforms aren't bad, and I don't even mind the road being more teal-heavy. I'd like to see more teal on the home set, actually. I'm not a fan of the copper numbers, either...a bit muddled. The snake-skin is a cool touch, though the road uni overall could use a touch more copper to balance out. I also don't see why they need two helmets. If the copper one had the R-Snake, I'd prefer it for both. And is it just me or does the helmet copper not match the sleeve copper? All in all, it's a step in the right direction, but a step while the legs were bound by previous re-hashes, resulting in a tumble to the ground, and a nasty skinned nose. Overall: C-
  3. Does Middle Tennessee's Pegasus "Lightning" technically count as a horse logo? I guess, since it does say horse-related, that it counts. I just glossed over it at first, running through Middle's history. Before the Lightning rebrand in 1998, we had "Ol' Blue" (a dog) and a Nathan Bedford Forrest type on horseback. Sadly, I don't think either ever got a logo (they used the block MT in various forms, and the zig-zag MTSU mark, mainly). Still, good catch. And I will offer up one that I think has been missed. The official mascot for the University of Southern California is "Traveller," a horse.
  4. Glad someone started this thread. I'll add some images in due time, but I went to the newly expanded Goodwill here in Dickson, TN, and found some incredible-for-Tennessee finds. First of all, a seemingly brand new Calgary Flames "baseball uniform top," which if I in any way liked the Flames I would have bought without thinking. And secondly, the crown jewel of all of my searches of this kind (which I couldn't buy yet, as I was awaiting a paycheck)...a warmup or fan jersey from an obscure Spanish-league basketball team. Yeah. "Tennerife." Made by "Pi -- 3-14" (or tres catorce). That was...amazing. I have no idea how, but it's in a Nashville-area Goodwill, just chillin'. I had to take pics to show you guys...and again, I will share in time. Right now...I have to go eat and handle other plans. But I figured you'd enjoy.
  5. How is it that the only thing unpainted is the, um, "painted area?" Seriously. Only thing on the whole floor. Without paint. Is the PAINT. Ugh. State outline and B-where-the-school-is (I think) are positives; reminds me of the MTSU floor up until about 8 years ago when they replaced the huge state of Tennessee with the standardized MT logo. (I called a couple of playoff games there and had fun with the state, telling would-be listeners that someone shot from about Chattanooga, passed it out to so-and-so standing about Knoxville, or on a fast break they took the pass about Memphis. Yes, I'm a dork.) Logo is decent as well, but everything is too...over the top. No on the painted floor, heavy colors, huge everything, and bare lanes. Just seems like an attention grab for all the wrong reasons...and just like Nike/UA/adidas uniform will work on the kids.
  6. And as I'm sure you know, the company is not "United Healthcare"; it's "UnitedHealthcare". I work in health policy and we typically have to deal with MCO reps...they're very sensitive if their name is split up. Hm. Somehow I missed the forest for the trees on that one. Well played. As a marketing minor and an advertising exec, I'll simply shut up, and bump them to a B.
  7. As a 2 (and possibly 3) time UHC cardholder, I like the idea, but the execution is lacking. I know they like to have the logo all on one line... But it would be so much bigger, and so much more legible, if they split up United and Healthcare. LO UNITED GO HEALTHCARE Something like that. C+, because it doesn't look bad...but could look 10x better. At least they finally got a sponsor.
  8. That wolf looks pretty sharp. Did they nab it from somewhere? (How jaded am I to think that immediately?) that wolf drooling?
  9. My coworker strongly disagrees...but this is incredible. Unbelievable. Simple, obvious...but never done before. Beautiful.
  10. No one's going to comment on the typo in their official image? "ENHANCE" McNeese Athletics? It's even referenced in the article as "Enhanced." I like the update without bevels...but this redo smells like Phoenix. It says "Torch Creative," I know...but it reeks of Phoenix. Anything using a detailed animal/person/both logo, a seemingly-common font (western with points, like Angels and Rangers), bevels (esp when not needed) and outlines, it screams Phoenix. Especially when not a lot changed. I guess PDW has soured me on updating looks...and I actually kinda like the tweaks here. Am I alone on the PDW vibe?
  11. Glad to see the way this turned out. It's not exactly DTOM, it doesn't have a new crest, and it's not perfect...but it's an A. Especially the overall combo. Simple, clean...solid. Wow. Two A grades from ol' Git in one day? I need to find out what they slipped into my tea at Jersey Mike's...
  12. Yeah, I can honestly say I've seen mispelled player names, misspelled city or team names, but never an upside-down flag. Nice find. And thanks to whoever did that reference on the Juns post. Not me, I swear....but I'm honored to be referenced in an almost threadjack. Lol.
  13. Wow, the fact that this thread was referenced and relaunched is awesome. Made an old lurker's day. And made me laugh a ton at some of that crap. Amazing finds, guys.
  14. Absolutely perfect. For once, I don't think I'd change a thing. Those AF jerseys get at least an A from me.
  15. Purple on black is the absolute worst. I do high school play by play for Dickson County HS (Dickson, TN), and DCHS plays Clarksville High in district games. The Wildcats' road jerseys are black with dark purple numbers, I believe outlined in thin white. And if being unreadable at 50 yards wasn't bad enough, they have "CHS" arched above the front numbers (in either yellow gold trimmed in white or vice versa, IIRC) and I think yellow-gold trim on the unis too. Horrendous. And to make matters worse, the girls' home unis use light yellow-gold numbers on white unis, and the boys' home look isn't even good (dark numbers, but an awful font). CHS boys' roads and girls' homes are great examples of why purple and black don't need to be together on unis without a ton of white. Also, MSU's green/black, and the Philly Eagles' as well. Gold, powder blue, reds, oranges, and silvers work fine with dark colors. Black, burgundy, navy, purple, dark green....those colors do not.
  16. You spelled horse- wrong Rarely do I actually "LOL" in real life. Well-played. And Lee., I'm glad someone else picked up on that Shipping comment. This site is so bad that it's good.
  17. Is that the Titans part at the bottom (thus explaining the random gold), but Jets green and white elsewhere?
  18. Just got a facebook ad from "" and it was so bizarre I had to investigate. Poor English. Shady shipping site. Haphazard pricing. And my personal favorite...mishmash jerseys of random assemblage. Because who doesn't want one of -Philadelphia-Eagles-%237/Detail.bok"]these or -Titans-%2328-Chris/Detail.bok"]these monstrosities? It's one thing to be tricked by a counterfeit. It's another to buy one willingly. But to buy this? Still with the "tags" on it? Wow.
  19. For some reason I'm hung up on Nashville minor league teams from the past. Nashville South Stars Nashville Vols (probably any era...but very old and just-before-going-away are best) Nashville Express (to be able to prove they existed, lol) Nashville Dixie Flyers Nashville Knights (saw a Preds fan rocking one of these) Also, I'd love one of the blue or white MTSU hockey jerseys as well...with actual numbers (they sometimes had to use electrical tape). They were in the style of the Leafs. Oh, and while I'm dreaming in my MTSU dorkdom, the 1980s MT football tops and helmets, and the 1975 (?) navy blue helmets with the powder blue state-of-TN outline and block MT overlay. That one's a beaut.
  20. It looks awesome...IMO they should've just went with Rose City. Absolutely. That stuff is beautiful. Sharp crest. And (while somewhat convoluted), I consider "Blood, Sweat, and Roses" to be a witty slogan. Very nice.
  21. That's one of the most disgusting sets I've ever seen. Wow. I miss the bruised bananas. And why is the BCFC crest in such a mishmash of colors?
  22. I like the idea of keeping Metro, but the identity problem seems to be with the big mouthful of a name, not with the College/University part. So I think DSU is best, with Central CO a pretty solid second.
  23. Hey, the ABA is getting a team in Tucson! Aweso-- What? Baseball? Seriously? Where did I put my failstamp?
  24. I'll chime in with agreement. I expected to see something like the Stars & Stripes logos, with one logo cutting away to reveal the other. Hmm, that's an interesting concept. I'd suggest the snakehead needs to be a little bit bigger, since the mountains are so much more obvious, and I also don't get the olive color....but I don't mind it. A-
  25. It looks like all they sell are adjustables and knit caps, but try I tried to sell the guy advertising on a Nashville radio show about 2 years ago. He said he had done some things in the past with Rick and Bubba. The hats look good, seem to be of good quality. And he's based out of my other home, Murfreesboro, TN.