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  1. No way. the Bills looked beyond putrid, down 24-0 at the half in a home game? They'd be the favorite for the 2015 1st pick if they hadn't traded their first rounder. LOL... those Buc jerseys are really bad, and IMO look worse in real life. And yes... Bills look horrid.
  2. I went to the Buffalo Bills preseason game against the Buccaneers. The running joke at halftime was... "The Bills are playing as bad as the Buccaneers uniforms look" They look as bad if not worse, it a very confusing design in general. Everyone around me was commenting on them and some of the women and kids were asking if this was a new team... LOL Yeah sorry peeps. I love my Bucs, I love the new logo, but the helmet and uniforms are the NFL worst.
  3. Looks like the horse had gas... ate some bad hay.
  4. I threw up a little in my mouth. Ugggg... I just cant see this design making it past concept .. yet. Here it is!
  5. I'm pretty sure it isn't the Bucs' popularity that's driving this thread. People keep coming back here for the same reason everyone slows down while passing an auto accident on the freeway. Yup you nailed it... I'm watching the Jags game and I swear this is like a Semi-pro game... players I dont know, horrific jerseys / pants / helmets.
  6. Funny that the two worst uniforms are exclusively designed by Nike. What a crap company who would do this to a professional team. I just want to cry... the Logo, great, the helmet, ridiculous and the jersey / pant combo is an abomination. *SOB*
  7. I always disliked the Ravens logo's. With so many options to choose from they go with a crappy race looking shield to a cartoon bird you could find on spy vs spy or soemthing. Love the colors, hate the logo.
  8. the Dallas Stars logo (the chocolate starfish) and jersey, the Buccaneers jersey and helmet (like the new logo alot), the Minnesota Wilds everything (it's dumb) The Buccaneers is the only one that makes me angry.
  9. I agree this is close... but the new logo is much better than their napkin drawing they had before.
  10. Well when you choose between two turds, you still end up with a turd.
  11. Buccaneers. My favorite team since 1986. Now has the worst uniforms in the NFL. Most of the other teams I like, I love the UNI's...
  12. What an absolute :censored:ing disgrace. The designer of those things needs to change professions, assuming that uniform design was their day job to begin with. I belive it was more than one person sadly, a score of people patting themselves on the back ushering in tampa bay to a new era of uniform embarassment.
  13. Fungus can grow on you... bad rashes... boils, ingrown toenails... nose hairs... all better than these horrific jersey's/ I have designed enough things in my life to know, this is a poor design top to bottom. Nothing coordinates, nothing makes sense and it isnt even progressive. Worst jersey's in the league by a long shot. No one is even close and with those helmets with ginormous logos on them. *facepalm* Only thing worth anything is the new logo (not the wordmark, its attrocious too) I like it, it is an improvement.
  14. We have a winner winner... Chicken dinner
  15. Well if people buy a crapton of them, then more @$%# y designs will surface. Its why I will never buy one. I own 7 of the previous and 3 orange. I will save money not buying this monstrocity.