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  1. New Patriots wordmark on jersey
  2. Looks really nice, I like Patriots and Jaguars, unique designs. Keep doing..
  3. hotbanana

    MLS Redesign

    I will change the number below names to MLS fonts and make them same color with names. And here is Vancouver Whitecaps concepts ;
  4. What kind of people say it is a TD, I dont understand. An awful morning is going to start for me
  5. But Jennings caught it in air then fell on the ground and then defensive player had hand on the ball.
  6. I'm verry pissed of, it was definitely interception
  7. Yeah, man! Best saler ever! English isn't his first language. No need to be a dick Thank you
  8. Another pic off instagram We are really gonna make a new concept. Thats interesting, I wasnt except that.
  9. I just received my Lebron 9 P.S Elite Black & Yellow shoes from Basketball Mall Here its pics ; Best shoes shopping website I've ever seen. Really secure payment and nice saler. You can trust them.
  10. I'm looking for a jersey that has 30 inches lenght. What should I buy ? I'm thinking about youth jersey but I dont know their sizes.