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  1. Steelers confirming that they are wearing black in Cleveland.
  2. Steelers @ Jaguars I think the Jags will wear white at home for this game, considering that they're doing so when they host the Panthers in Week 1 of the regular season.
  3. Here's the article on the Cowboy's official website:
  4. Todd Archer of ESPN reported on Twitter that the Cowboys will wear their blue jerseys for Thursday's game against the Raiders.
  5. But that was a night game. When the Ravens play their home opener during the day, they usually wear white at home. The Ravens wore white in the home opener against the Steelers in 2011. The September 11 game. My point is they have done both... you made it sound as if it is a given that they always do one over the other. Ravens home opener 9/26/2010 vs. Browns and they wore Purple. But you didn't say they've done both, you're going off of last year, and I was implying the opposite of what you said; "you made it sound as if it is a given that they always do one over the other". Which is why I showed you the other instance of what they did. The Cleveland home opener in 2010 was a late September game. Where heat in most places in the country cools down by then. Here are the games before 2010. The 2009 and 2008 home openers. Chiefs game 2009 Bengals game 2008 The Ravens will be wearing purple jerseys for Sundays game against the Browns. I do remember them wearing their white jerseys at home against the Steelers in 2011. They also wore them at home back in 2004 against the Steelers. Both games were the Ravens home openers those years.
  6. For some reason, somebody in the Rams front office isn't all that keen on the gold pants. I like those with the Blue tops. The blue pants should be used with the white jerseys.
  7. check this out. The Bengals website shows that the Bengals will be wearing their Orange alts on November 17 vs. the Browns.
  8. Here's the pic from the Bills official Twitter account. Bills are in blue jerseys, white pants for their game today per tweeted photos of the dressing room.
  9. Haven't we suffered enough? There are worse throwbacks out there. Who remembers this lovely ensemble? Or how about this one?
  10. Steelers to wear throwbacks against the Detroit Lions on November 17.
  11. I would like to see the Panthers use blue as their full-time home jerseys with the black plants and blue socks and they can save the black jerseys for later in the season. They only wear the black jerseys for three games a year anyway, so one less game wouldn't hurt.
  12. Here's the link to the article:
  13. Just found out on the Ravens website that they'll be wearing their black jerseys when they take on the Giants.
  14. . That's nonsense. NE had sliver-gray alternate jerseys in the early to mid 00's ..... they wore them as away uniforms with their navy pants and the opponent wore their colored home jerseys, like when Dallas played at NE and they wore their rarely used navy jerseys with silver pants. If Seattle wants to wear them they can, if so their opponent will have to wear their home uniform. Maybe you are right but then why have they not worn them yet? They have three home games left and they're all against NFC West opponents. Perhaps they were saving them for one of these matchups.