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  1. As cool a design as it is, it is pointless. The whole point is forge their own identity and remove the union jack. If they are going to keep some reiteration of the union jack just keep the current flag. I hope we (Australia) go through this in the next few years. This one for me:
  2. ok vamos a ver si te puedo ayudar con este trabajo[Post = ' '] hope you like it the best I could update the logo Amazing thank you so much!
  3. Amazing stuff logomostbest! Would love a clean, modern update of the logo below in your own time, if you would be so kind.
  4. Shouldn't the logo (at least the 'main' one) seem a little more American? Edited below:
  5. Very soccerish from my Broncos. But at least is it simple and clean, which is more than I can say for many other Rugby League teams.
  6. Just make it '50'. Is it really that hard?
  7. The corporate logo is underwhelming but I love the integration and uniform of all the others. The only gripe with the corporate is the void between the word and the chevrons. The NRL premiership logo is top shelf in my opinion.
  8. Love the Knicks new Unis, just wish the trim followed all the way around the 'sleeve, instead of the M look.
  9. The Logo is great but the over-detail in the Pirates font and the under emphasised West Coast are the only faults IMO.
  10. Got my Giants jersey in the mail today (in Australia). Love it! So much better than the Reebok pieces of I had. It is much more similar to the Rugby League jerseys we have here so maybe that is why I like them sooooo much more.
  11. Indiana and Washington don't use names. Can't see it being an issue.