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  1. Looks like I'm not getting any more C&C on Union. Moving on to Seattle. I was happy with no pattern on the badge, but it was a little bland so I tried a wave pattern to play on a water theme. A little switch up on the color scheme as well. Going with an Emerald green for obvious reasons, and a deep blue.
  2. Looks like that's going to wrap up the Impact. I will definitely give kits a try if I can get my hands on an Adidas template, but until then I will continue to do badges. Up next is Philly. This is a tricky one because in my opinion they have a great brand already. One thing I wanted to do was eliminate sky blue. I feel it clashes a bit with the gold/bronze. I also wanted to go with either a shield or circular badge instead of using both as they do now. After reading that their shield is on the seal of Philadelphia, I decided to go with it.
  3. I'd make the white space between the D black and in general find a way to make the D easier to see.
  4. Update 2.0 thanks to hendocfc - Less Stripes - New Word-mark - Sleeker Shield - White border fixed Thoughts?
  5. Love making soccer badges so I figured I would take a few stabs at MLS logos. Montreal's logo is one I have messed with before, but I did not take my last design into consideration with this one. I kept the basic elements, like the 4 stars, fleur, and traditional stripes. My goal was to give them a clean look. Let me know what you think. Also, what American Soccer logos do you think could be improved, I would love some ideas. Thanks!
  6. Ok looks like nobody else has anything to say about SC so I'm moving on to Hawaii. I do have one minor change to SC that I'll get to later. As for Hawaii we have a pretty straight forward design. Pretty much the direction I'm heading with all of the concepts. The main colors are blue and red, which is found on the state flag. The home jersey is aqua. I felt like it could work well with the red/blue scheme and it turns out one of the islands uses aqua as its official color. No aqua on the away jersey. The flower on the helmet/pants is one we all recognize. Was a little unsure about it being on a uniform, but it is a great representation of the state IMO. I just wanted something that people would look at and instantly know what state it represented. I feel like the aqua is a great tropical color for Hawaii. Not everyone is going to like it, but I decided to stick with it. Also just added the state outline about the name for some extra detail.
  7. Okay so South Carolina is the host, coming out of the southeast region. Since they don't have to qualify Washington slides into their spot in the Southeast. So basically they play every team that SC would normally play during qualification.
  8. The template is brave-bird's. It is called Mach Speed just search it. Any more C&C on SC before I post Hawaii? Such as?
  9. Thanks. Didn't catch that. I think Michigan having 2 parts confused me when skimming it over. West Virginia was supposed to be in the midwest region.
  10. I started with the host, South Carolina. SC has one state color, indigo, which I used as it's primary color. The jersey features "crescents" on the shoulders as found on the flag and the famous palmetto tree is prominent throughout the set. The blue-white gradient on the undershirt is supposed to represent the beaches of South Carolina. Happy to answer any questions about the format.
  11. Watching the World Cup got me wishing that there was an American Football World Cup. I looked around to see if any other countries cared about football even a little bit and I found nothing. Either way it would still be a very long time before any country became competitive. I know there have been concepts about football in other countries and I loved them. So here is a new idea. Instead of countries competing against each other, states compete in the American Football Cup. Professional, College, and in some cases even High School players would play for their home state in a 32 team tournament every 4 years. Qualifying is very similar to the world cup. I divided the states into 5 "regions" (map below). Each team would play 3 qualifying games, against teams in their region, each of the 3 years prior to each Cup, for a total of 9 games. The 6 best teams in each region advance to the tournament. DC would qualify in place of the host team, who receives an automatic-qualification. For example, I chose my home state (South Carolina) as the host, so DC would replace SC in the southeast region. The Cup has 8 groups of 4 teams. Teams in the same region will not be placed in the same groups. Best record in each group advances to the 8 team knockout stage. The teams would play a max of 6 games throughout the tournament, 3 minimum. I used a random state generator to decide who made the cut. Each team has 2 helmets, jerseys, and pants which allow for multiple combos.
  12. The swords are to small I comparison to the shield usually swords would be bigger than a shield. Right now your script says "cleueland". I'd also add a third color (white/grey/etc).
  13. Add yellow or black stripes to accent. Just make them the same size as the white stripes and I think that would improve these a lot.
  14. For Dortmund I've always liked their solid gold with maybe a small design on the side/sleeves. And they are one of the few teams that uses their true colors on their clash/third kits. I agree with everything Wgeddes said as well. Also, about the Netherlandsi like where you are headed with the flag as stripes on the pants. Personally I would keep the traditional orange and black and then have the flag colors on the clash kit. Inter Milan's clash is decent. I would take the stripes off the back of the Jersey as it is a little busy right now and maybe try a black sponsor logo. I'm not sure how I feel about changing Inters traditional kit, but if that's what you are going for, by all means keep it. I know it's a lot, but just take what you want and plug it in. Not a bad start.
  15. Top left Id put a small N or NCFC or something.
  16. The uniform looks great. I just think that Nike would give the US a more personalized uniform. These are almost exactly like PSG's kits.
  17. Version 2.0 -Stars Removed -Team Name added -Motto moved to the inside of the badge -Smaller Stripes C&C?
  18. So you think a lighter blue would be better? Can you elaborate a little more?
  19. So it's been around 2-3 years since I've posted. I began throwing up bad concepts like this one:, and got discouraged and quit making concepts all together. Now I'm taking another shot at concepts. I've recently became fascinated by soccer and really enjoy looking at badges/kits from around the world. I am not much of an MLS fan, but I am excited at all the improvements being made and the popularity spike. The league rebranded last year, along with a few other teams, as most people know, and it actually is looking more like a football league you would find in Europe. One team I feel could use a rebrand is Montreal, so I made them a completely new badge. Actually this is the first logo I have ever made from scratch. In the past I just made tweaks or recolored logos. I kept the blue/black stripes that they have always had, not a bad look and similar to the stripes on Inter's traditional kit. The 4 stars are also found on the current badge and represent the 4 founding communities of Montreal. The centerpiece of my new badge is the fleur-de-lis to represent the French Heritage in Montreal. "Tous pour Gagner" is their motto, which apparently means something like "Everyone for Victory". Decided to keep it and I'm not too disappointed with how it fits at the bottom of the badge. I'd love to get some C&C on this... uniforms may be in the works. Not going to put any out unless I'm really happy with them. I'm using right now, not sure if that is really suitable for making good uniforms, but I'll check it out.
  20. White bills are a no. Change the font and make the jerseys white (for home) and make your own design. After this you will have a nice start.
  21. I'm going to get back into concepts slowly since summer is starting and I have more time. Since baseball is in full swing now (get it?), I am going to do a few MLB tweaks. I will be tweaking uniforms and logos as needed, but not sure how many I will do. We will start with the White Sox and see where it goes from there.
  22. Yes, this is about an hour late, but I have been busy. Anyway, it is time for round 2! First round was an interesting round with surprisingly just 1 upset, 2 sweeps, and a couple very close tallies. A few close matchups of note would be Wisconsin-Stanford and Florida-Utah St., both of which came down to the final voter's tallies. Florida State was the only team to pull an upset, so it looks like there will be no Cinderella story of this bracket. So now, I will unveil the updated bracket. Voting format remains the same, just a little easier with less teams. Round 3 begins next Monday, around 9:00 PM ET. MY VOTES: Florida State, Oregon, Alabama, Stanford.
  23. I should have cleared this up better. You are voting based on the teams uniforms as a whole.