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  1. Did a little search didn't see much, I feel like I've seen whispers of the Clippers changing identities. I went on to the NBAShop today and saw this hat on there. Now it could very easily be a throwback fashion hat or something like that, but is there any chance they slipped up and leaked a new logo? http://store.nba.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12788322&cp=2132627.2132627&lmdn=Team
  2. So it looks like the next winter classic will be Wings vs Leafs in Detroit. Guesses for uniforms? Not many choices for Detroit, I feel like this will be the look: Wings As for the Leafs: Leafs It's tough to say who will wear what color since both throwbacks include a lot of White/Primary Color but we will see. What's everybody thinking?
  3. I tried to look around and see if there was already a thread about this, but did anybody notice the cut and seams of the Giants jerseys last night? It looked like it could have been something that I at least haven't seen before. I know they have been known for seeing some new equipment before other teams. Anybody got anything? Example 1 Example 2 You can see a weird seam around the shoulders
  4. I really want to buy Johhny Oduya Jersey (inside joke between me and my buds) and I'm kind of hoping to see the price drop below the $100 mark. Too high of hopes?
  5. Do you guys feel like NHLShop/ The Atlanta Thrashers Team Shop is going to have a big clearance sale any time here soon? I know the news is fairly recent but I'm hoping to see some of their jersey prices drop real low. Do you think they will let us buy away for awhile or will they just pull it all away at once? (Any insider info/past experiences?)
  6. So my brother is away at school and wanted to buy me a birthday present. He told me to google "ESPNJersey" and pick out anything I want and he'd order it. I ended up at this real shady looking website and asked him if I was at the right one. All jerseys were 50 or less, but all the pictures were legit. He told me some of his buddies have ordered from the site and they come straight from the producers in China in poor packaging with no tags, but the jerseys are legit. So I picked out a red Steve Yzerman jersey and he said the site takes about 2 weeks to ship. Since I'm not the one using my money I let him go ahead with it but have any of you guys heard of/ordered from this site? I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on what happens.
  7. I picked up a pair of nike (lebron brand) grey ohio state basketball shorts for $9.99 at my local TJMaxx. They are screen printed but they look great!
  8. I don't know about you, but that Mitchell & Ness Reds gear sounds like a nice find to me. the mitchell and ness gear wasnt exactly my style, if you know what im saying
  9. Took a trip out to the AJ Wright location in Lorain, Ohio. Very disapointing. Mostly Bengals and Browns jerseys, Rudi Johnson, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Frye. There was some Mitchell and Ness Red's Gear and a couple of old blank Indians jerseys. An interesting find was a Black Minnesota Vikings Sharper Jersey looked pretty cool. The only items I considered buying were a black stiched Mike Vick jersey for 10 bucks, or a purple stiched Phoenix Suns Shaq jersey for 20. Worst Part: Not a single piece of Hockey gear. Living in Cleveland it's rare to see any hockey apparel, so I didn't have high expectations but c'mon not one thing? I don't know about other locations but the place was very dumpy and lacked choice. I might try another in Cleveland but we will see if Santa brings me some sports goodies on Chirstmas.
  10. I was going to check the one in Garfield Hts either this weekend or after Christmas, mainly to see if they have any hockey jerseys thats alittle out of range, but if they have red wings jerseys let me know, thats what im after
  11. anybody from the cleveland area been to the aj wrights at cleveland or lorain? I'm thinking about making the trip but I don't want to drive out there if the reputation is bad. Any help?
  12. First off these look amazing! I had to pm another member to find out who made them cause I loved them so much. Overall, great idea and excellent clean work. I don't know how many requests you're taking/how busy you are but I have 4 I'm hoping you can do for me. 1- #4 Miami (Devin Hester Style) 2- I didn't see an Ohio State Pro Combat so I don't know if youre working on that but I'll take either an OSU Pro-Combat or a Normal OSU with #5 3- Grand Valley State, Whatever number is easiest. Here's a picture if you don't know what the jerseys look like, very basic 4- Avon Lake (My High School), Number 17. Jerseys are very similar to USC's jerseys except a little darker. Here's a picture (It says "SHOREMEN" across the chest. No rush, if you cant get them done or whatever no big deal. Thanks in advance!
  13. does anybody know if all schools are going to have shirts like the tcu and ou ones seen on this page? Man I really hope so, I don't feel like shelling out for a new osu jersey but I feel like that t-shirt would be sick if they make one. I'm sure Nike is going to make as much garb as they can max their $$$. So sad that I realize this and I'm still going to buy it.
  14. I really like Blue and Black, I think the colors together are intimidating. I also like Green/White/Black, I have seen alot of high school teams use it over the years and they always look good.
  15. On NFLShop.com they are selling a red Detroit Lions jersey. It's listed as Red QB Practice Jersey and is ofcourse #9 with Stafford on the back. The jersey itself is a dark red mesh. From the pictures that I've seen from Lions camp/practices this jersey and their practice jersey look nothing alike and the red jersey just looks so dumb. So why even bother selling it? I don't get it. Pics Real Practice Jerseys: Red QB Practice Jersey: