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  1. This is a cool series. The expansion teams are all really well done, especially with the color schemes all taking into account the existing teams in the league. I agree about the Voyageurs. Maybe you could have the man in the canoe standing and paddling more vigorously? I don't know. Google tells me that voyageur refers to river traders, but you could also use imagery related to explorers like Samuel Champlain, who I believe founded Quebec City. That could veer too closely to the Schooners, but you don't use a big old fashioned boat in that logo really. You should keep the pine trees, the midnight green (and the Eagles number font?) regardless!
  2. The antlers are great! I was wondering when you would have a non-logo (like the Philadelphia Eagles or the Minnesota Vikings) on the helmet. The Oslo alternate is sweet, as expected.
  3. I have to catch up with all the great progress you have made in this series! I like the number font update for Madrid. Angular numbers to match the wordmark looks much better. You could even make the numbers larger and the dark blue outline slightly thicker. The double sickle Segadors logo is one of your very best ideas. Genius. Have you considered ditching the helmet stripe though? I have noticed that you like big, bold helmet stripes, which I generally prefer too, but I wonder if that particular uniform set would benefit from no helmet stripe. Especially because the logo is so strong and you have another pattern with the Catalan flag on the sleeves (which I think is a must for any team named after a Catalan symbol). Roma is perfect. Once again, the update you made looks great. I love Napoli as well. The Miami Dolphins photo on the mood board is a good comparison. As others said, the letter and number font is sleek and gorgeous. I also like the update you made with the pants striping. You knew not to overdo the gradient, which I wish more designers would understand. Very professional. The logos for Marseille and Athens are incredibly well-executed. I did not appreciate them enough the first time. With the larger image, you can really see the detail. The wordmarks are great for both too. The ancient Greek E is a silly little trick, but it works every time to convey a classical identity. And I have no complaints for the uniforms. I think the update you did for Marseille makes sense (a common theme from the past week is you are making really smart updates!). For Athens, you successfully combined the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings in a way that is still unique. Very wise decision to stay away from white and green numbers or block shoulder striping that would have too closely resembled the Packers. Keep up the great work!
  4. Prague is beautiful. The font and the primary mark are so cool. The number font and striping pattern are also perfect. I actually liked the three stripes on the helmet for Porto and the lighter shade of green. The white helmet really popped. I would say to make the stripes on the shoulder and pants more narrow and add a third stripe for consistency, maybe. But you should ultimately do what you like. It's your project. I am just suggesting an idea. If anything, the number font seems a little boring, especially compared to the word font. Could you make the number font look more like the word font? As always, no pressure.
  5. Love the upper chest stripes on the Breakers and the decision to stay away from a military-themed name. Also love the Hamburg double green helmet stripe. Munich was probably my favorite logo from the beginning and I like the striping pattern on the jerseys, but I wonder how the helmet would look with yellow instead of white. I think the white works really well with the road uniforms, but I am not sure about the home set. It is a shame that the OCLAF, like the NFL, is a one helmet league. I also wonder about the font. I love the beveled numerals, but they seem too cartoon-ish or maybe just too large?
  6. Copenhagen turned out really nice (although it would be great if you did not delete your earlier drafts from your image hosting site so that we can look back and see your progress). A blue P seems like the right decision. Oslo is really the star of your league. Eye-catching logo. Very original color scheme. Cool striping pattern on the helmet and the pants with great texture. Nice work.
  7. I really like the way the logo looks on the primary cap. The tusks really pop. And purple and orange is just a great color scheme. I can't decide if I think you should add a bevel to the shoulder and pant stripes or if that would be overkill. The mismatch between the wordmark and the striping is bothering me slightly. Also, quickly for the rest of the series: Victoria is amazing. The primary logo is so intricate and well-executed and the wordmark pops. I love the decision to go with a cream hat too. Calgary is likewise really strong, especially after brightening the red and switching to the Engineers name. The blue-striped hat is a bold move but I feel like you have a good reason for it. I agree that something feels off about Halifax. The mouth of the basking shark just doesn't look right. I was looking at pictures on Google Images and I see your dilemma. Not the easiest thing to render. I would keep experimenting with the teeth/stripes (?) based on other images than whatever ones you have been using. The name and color scheme are great though and I like the uniforms. I usually hate names like Motion but I think you made it work with the 70s/retro look. The paneled cap is cool. Saskatchewan is good, you always need to have a green and gold team in a well-designed baseball league! I would maybe consider a different cap logo though. The concept is already wordmark-heavy and the PS just accentuates that. Even just an S interlocking with the stalk of grain would be an improvement. Overall great work! The caps especially have been a highlight!
  8. I just logged into my account after a long time away from the forums because I want to follow this project! I love how you built the league around the divisions and the team names and color schemes are very creative. In my opinion, you found a good balance between traditional names (Atlantics, Royals, Dragons) and more unusual names (Golems, Segadors, Steampunkers). I like that you were willing to take risks. The logos also perfectly match the style of NFL logos. I can already see in my head how they would fit on helmets! My favorites are the ones where you added a little bit of depth (Invaders, Polars, Corsairs). Perhaps a couple of the logos would benefit from similar depth (Copenhagen and Porto?), although I respect if you want to keep some of the logos flat for variety. I also really like Munich, Kiev and Glasgow The league logos and the trophy logo look great as well. Excited to see more of your work! I returned from an study abroad/exchange program in the UK last month and I was really surprised at how popular American football is becoming in Europe. This was a great idea to make a continent-wide league.
  9. Another great concept! I love the color scheme and the team history works very well. Reminds me of teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Somewhat unusual team name, non-traditional color scheme and little historical success. And of course, as a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, it gives me nothing but pleasure that Dallas sucks at rugby.
  10. So happy that this series is back! And the Brooklyn Bantams look great! That's a fantastic historic team name and I love the navy and peach orange color scheme. My only suggestion would be to move the amazing bantam head logo from the shorts to the shirt. I like the old-fashioned B, but I think the bantam head is more distinctive and it gets lost on the shorts.
  11. That's a great name for Boston. Very creative and it feels very authentic too. I also really like the primary logo. The Paul-Revere-on-a-horse is not easy to execute. I think the B helmet logo is a bit lacking though. It's almost a completely different color scheme than the primary logo. Maybe simplify the color scheme in the primary logo and then replicate that same color scheme in the helmet logo?
  12. The first two concepts look really nice! Should be a fun series. Is there any reason you chose navy and gold for Austin? If possible, a short explanation of the concept and description of the team's identity would be helpful.
  13. I think this is an incredible series so far and I just reactivated my account here because I wanted to let you know. There is so much creativity and realism here with the league histories and especially the team identities. Each one is colorful, classy and well executed. My favorites are New Orleans and San Francisco. The Jester fleur-de-lis looks amazing and the home and away are quirky but not over the top. The Jailbirds are so unique. I have never seen a San Francisco team concept based on Alcatraz before and it works so well. Omaha and Illinois are also very strong identities. I love the Abe Lincoln logo and the orange and blue color scheme. Keep up the great work. I will be following along closely.
  14. Dodgers-Giants looks very good. The white brim and white shoulder piping were nice touches for Dodgers. I also kinda wish the Padres were yellow but the brown isn't bad. Looking forward to the other yellow teams.
  15. The stars on the sides are WAY too New Jersey Nets for me. [http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/atwbi6ejqacmzvvghxl54flt9/New_Jersey_Nets/1978/Home_Uniform] I didn't know the Sixers had stars from 71-78, but according to the link, the Nets had them from 77-90--which is longer and more recent. So I would stay away from stars, especially because your striping is similar.
  16. Nice update! For this one, I think it's just best to keep the alternate looking similar to the home and away.
  17. If this is one of your first "from scratch" designs, then I'm very impressed! You translated the color combos and feel of the train to the home and away uniforms very nicely. In some ways, using the black and white train tracks as the main striping on the alts takes away from the cool yellow-red-black look. Also, I've tried to do a train-themed concept before and I've never thought of the name Diesels! I like that a lot. I usually end up scratching the names I come up with (Express, Locomotives, etc.) because they sound too cheesy. Nice work in this series!
  18. Yeah. Me too. I hate to be a nag, but we love our series!
  19. First of all, I'm so glad this is back. It is my favorite series ever... Haha The storyline for The District is so cool, I love it. But as DeFrank said, the uniforms kind of let you down. I would with a collar and no sublimated stars in the shoulder because it gives more of a traditional feel. The clash is one of my favorites yet.
  20. Maybe they should have considered calling it the American Athletic League (AAL). They should call it the AA, because by the time the dust settles in conference realignment, it will be equivalent to Double A Baseball.
  21. I don't get Indiana. Oh, It's pants! I thought is was some sort of teepee or something. Very clever.
  22. The clash is awesome. I love it. It compliments the primary well because the primary is the opposite of bland. Very nice.
  23. These are the best of the minimalist logos because you didn't just slap logos onto a page and re color them. Very creative.
  24. Yeah, this is my favorite series ever. I have been looking forward to seeing your posts every day. All of your teams are masterfully done.
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