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  1. Another great concept! I love the color scheme and the team history works very well. Reminds me of teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars. Somewhat unusual team name, non-traditional color scheme and little historical success. And of course, as a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, it gives me nothing but pleasure that Dallas sucks at rugby.
  2. So happy that this series is back! And the Brooklyn Bantams look great! That's a fantastic historic team name and I love the navy and peach orange color scheme. My only suggestion would be to move the amazing bantam head logo from the shorts to the shirt. I like the old-fashioned B, but I think the bantam head is more distinctive and it gets lost on the shorts.
  3. That's a great name for Boston. Very creative and it feels very authentic too. I also really like the primary logo. The Paul-Revere-on-a-horse is not easy to execute. I think the B helmet logo is a bit lacking though. It's almost a completely different color scheme than the primary logo. Maybe simplify the color scheme in the primary logo and then replicate that same color scheme in the helmet logo?
  4. The first two concepts look really nice! Should be a fun series. Is there any reason you chose navy and gold for Austin? If possible, a short explanation of the concept and description of the team's identity would be helpful.
  5. I think this is an incredible series so far and I just reactivated my account here because I wanted to let you know. There is so much creativity and realism here with the league histories and especially the team identities. Each one is colorful, classy and well executed. My favorites are New Orleans and San Francisco. The Jester fleur-de-lis looks amazing and the home and away are quirky but not over the top. The Jailbirds are so unique. I have never seen a San Francisco team concept based on Alcatraz before and it works so well. Omaha and Illinois are also very strong identities. I love the Abe Lincoln logo and the orange and blue color scheme. Keep up the great work. I will be following along closely.
  6. Dodgers-Giants looks very good. The white brim and white shoulder piping were nice touches for Dodgers. I also kinda wish the Padres were yellow but the brown isn't bad. Looking forward to the other yellow teams.
  7. I've been away from the boards for a while but this series is really exceptional. A couple of my favorites are Sporting Oceanside, Sol Yuma, Bidwell Park and Coronado International. This latest one for Visalia is pretty amazing too. I love the vibrant, beautiful color combinations more than anything else. But there's just so many great kits in here. @TheGiantsFan you should be proud!
  8. Nicely done! I always love checkers and the Italian crest was a nice touch. Kevin Harvick?
  9. Love it! Another stellar concept with tons of creativity. The turtle/soccer ball is the best part.
  10. Thanks! I was skeptical about the brown and yellow, but glad it is being received well. As for Chicago, what do you think it is about the Kraft logo that doesn't work? Is it the color on the away kits? Is it just the general style of the logo? Yeah the color of the Kraft logo really clashes with the rest of the design on the away kit imo.
  11. Los Guerreros de Monterrey is the best one yet. I love your use of gradients and the pixelated checkered pattern. Overall, I think the kits work really well with each other. The crest with the arrows and the sunset and bull horns is a masterpiece too. I think you could improve Chicago. For the away kits, I think the sash should be all light blue. Also maybe look for a different sponsor. The Kraft logo looks especially bad on the away kits.
  12. Yeah I would play with it a little more. You're off to a great start but the fonts need to be larger and bolder. Especially the USA.
  13. Wow I love the Mexican colors with a strawberry shade of red! It's cool to see how your knowledge of the state makes the concepts more realistic and more unique. Sometimes I have to remind myself that you're not making everything up anymore.
  14. Love the diagonal stripes and the logo feels very classic. Calgary's probably my favorite so far! Keep it up!
  15. Maritime Long Beach has a beautiful crest. I like the kits too. You resisted the temptation to go overboard with the nautical flags and found a good place for them on the shoulder. Also, your patterns on the kits for Battle Born are very clever. Keep it up!
  16. Nailed it. Love all the combos on the action drawings too. Surprisingly, I really like the all gray on Marshawn Lynch.
  17. So many soccer alternate universes! I really like your league backstory and I like your start on Chicago City. But I would minimize or drop the black. I think the logo would look much sleeker and better feature the beautiful colors of the Chicago flag.
  18. Mill City and New Haven look sharp. I always like to see more checkered kits. I also like the variety with crest shapes and fonts on this last set much better.
  19. Congratulations! The Alton soccer pyramid has been an absolute joy to follow along with. The consistent creativity and variety was enormously impressive and quite a few of your concepts blew me away. The thread definitely felt interactive and I appreciated your responses to every suggestion and thought in our C&C. You've energized hand-drawn activity here on the boards and inspired me (and many others) to jump back into concept art. I hope you are proud of the great work you've done here!
  20. Almost laughed out loud at the LA Clippers reference. And I really like the concept too. The gorilla is a cool mascot and you executed it well. I like how it perches on top of the crest. The kits are nice too. I would never say no to a solid Argentina knock-off.
  21. The wings in the crest translate into the hoops so well! Really classy look overall. I'm definitely going to miss this series, but it's bittersweet because I can't wait to see what you have for us next!
  22. I love your crests for Centralia and Dunaire. Very clever with the soccer ball sun. Everyone always wants to throw in a soccer ball and that's a good way to do it creatively.
  23. I don't really have a problem with more traditional looking kits for Staten Island. I think you've shown that you can produce clean, simple kits. Overall, I like what you've done with the NYSL but I feel like you could incorporate more of New York's rich history. Right now, Staten Island, the Bronx and Queens City feel detached from each borough's distinctive history. I would advise you to do some more research and rework a couple of these concepts.
  24. I like the new cleaner versions of the old NFL Europe teams. And great redesign of the Orcas. The light blue helmet looks great!