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  1. The A's are the only Big 4 team to not have red blue or black ANYWHERE on their uniforms, since no MLB team doesn't not have one of those three colors, and every other league features their league logo in it's true colors on every uniform.
  2. Yet with the exception of 2008, the Yankees have made the playoffs pretty much every year since 1996. And they've had the best record in baseball many of those years. Yet since they've only won one World Series in the past decade no one really cares too much. Which is something we should think about. You have to be in October to win October, and if we really want the regular season to "mean something" again, that would likely result in the Yankees being in and winning more World Series than they already do. Yankees spend their money right
  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG that's so funny and original and creative all at once. You should have your own late night talk show. And the name of your world wide famous website is?
  4. I just lost a lot of respect for you Tank. That is one of the stupidest posts I've read on this board.
  5. Because it's asinine to pretend that 60/68 teams have first round byes, and is much cleaner and rational to just say those are play-in games. With baseball, it's just a tiebreaker game, the likes of which we have seen for many years. The only difference is, instead of an actual tie, it's like "Okay, we're gonna pretend you guys tied. Go at it to see who goes to the playoffs!" The former set up stated "Okay Division Winner and Wild Card, we're gonna pretend you guys are the same, both go to the same round in the playoffs!
  6. A Yankee whining about calls is like Bill Gates whining about gas prices. No its like Bill Gates complaining about having a crime committed against him. A wrong call against the Yankees is just as wrong as one against any team.
  7. I have to say, and I hear that complaint a lot about the Rays set, what other team uses double blue in baseball? Only the Royals alt (which was released the same time, and has Royal Blue instead of Columbia Blue) and the Blue Jays (which came out four years later and features royal instead of powder)
  8. Wrong! Kelly green looks great on the Celtics, the Canucks and looked way better on the Dallas Stars when they used to use it. Not too mention the North Stars... some of the greatest jerseys ever to see the ice His opinion... Despite my username, I'm actually not HUGE on Kelly Green, my love is for dark green. Kelly Green generally only works for me as a secondary (Celtics being a rare exception), which is why for example the Canucks homes are 1000x times better than their roads to me. For example, I love the A's current identity, but the original Kelly Green and gold looked borderline awful together.
  9. I officially love a Clipper
  10. THIS is the best Cavaliers uniform:
  11. Why is there an AHL logo on the back of a Jets jersey? Looks like the Jets affiliate, the St. John's Ice Caps.
  12. For the love of God Blue Jays and Marlins, PLEASE have a blue vs. orange matchup this series. None tonight, Miami wearing their awful black unis.