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  1. dboi

    Yakball Concepts

    Place the Labrador on the shorts. Other than that, you have a clear winner.
  2. Green and Brown with Silver trim for the Texas Rangers please. i have always wondered why bseball teams never use brown and it would fit in with the whole park ranger theme.
  3. I know the UHL was a terrible league, but I absolutely love this logo: Move the islanders to brooklyn and give them this logo with a few tweaks.
  4. Shawinigan wear a more navy blue.
  5. I agree with the statement of the crown jersey. trya gold alt with a purple C and use the crown on a alt cap.
  6. Too bad the nets can't use those as the new jerseys with a few tweaks. That would look great.
  7. dboi

    wildwing64's NHL

    I see a frown in the crown.... but besides that little error, this is awesome. I love it.
  8. dboi

    Kevin's MLB 2.0

    Thank you, but I'm not Fox! He's working on his own fantastic MLB series-thread on this board right now as well. Sorry, got confused in the moment.
  9. dboi


    I like this a lot. It works for the Astros quite well. However, can I see this with the 90's font, if you can find it?
  10. dboi

    Kevin's MLB 2.0

    Change the shade of yellow to a duller one and you've got a winner! I love what you have done here,Fox. I've been following this closely before I got an account, and I have to say, this is your best yet!
  11. the way you have placed the striping on the jerseys makes them look awful.
  12. I don't like silver and black for the Colts. I know i'm new here, but I have been following this site for quite a while. The Colts jerseys are horrendous. I like what Fox said about a blue helmet. Can i see a gold alternate for the Saints?
  13. dboi


    Change American league to Baseball Club for now. I like the look of this though.