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  1. le'veon bell was given this hat on his signing day. the deemphasis of the old football shaped logo and their frequent use of the italicized NY does seem to hint that it'll be prominently featured.
  2. infor's logo is red and yet the nets got their patch to be black/white and about as seamless as possible. more team should be pushing for that, though i'm sure brooklyn probably negotiated themselves out of some money because of that choice.
  3. are the thunder the rare team where every alternate they have right now is a better uniform than their regular association and icon looks? if they could inject some life into the white uni i would say this is the best they've ever looked.
  4. as someone who wears and loves the last two lebrons models (15 and 16), i've never worn a basketball shoe with that combination of sturdiness while still being relatively light. they're pretty incredible shoes and definitely feel like they were built for lebron's playing style.
  5. green and red is definitely my favorite combo they've had. i know people thought it looked like christmas but i never made that association until i posted on this board.
  6. i'm more annoyed by the choices the teams are making in design and when they choose to wear certain looks than i am with the quantity itself. the warriors have a crazy amount of yellow on their court. it just looks better if the lakers wear purple there. i also hate when teams who have a colored uniform wear their black unis in brooklyn or san antonio, as well. we're not far off from a scenario where the wolves are wearing their purple prince unis in sacramento while the kings are in light blue and red. it's a mess.
  7. the ability some of you have to get to a place of insults on the internet over people not liking the designs you like is seriously as impressive as it is disconcerting.
  8. My choices have revealed to me that my spirit animal is just a dude from Fresno who didn't care about hockey until he moved to NYC after college:
  9. timberwolves moving away from the tree motif on their unis and phasing out green in all but ONE alt has been a mistake. they need to reset.
  10. It's good thing this guy was: starting lineup: Zubac / Kuzma / Ingram / KCP / Lance? showtime is back, baby!
  11. I was at the game. “Kyrie’s Leaving” to be exact. Since team management OK’d the “diehard” fan section in 114, I’ve enjoyed watching fans in the arena evolve into the jerkish NYers I’ve always known they could be instead of the sit-on-their-hands corporate stiffs they were in their first few seasons at Barclays. Chanting “You can’t shoot” and “Tatum’s better” at Markelle Fultz was a highlight. NOT about my team: It’s gonna be interesting seeing how much longer Denver can hold off the Warriors on top of the West. They’ve been ahead for a while now but today they’re only a half game ahead. I’d love to see them win home court throughout the playoffs but as of now I just don’t believe it.
  12. man do i want chiefs/rams in that dome. here's hoping KC can take care of business next week.
  13. As a Nets fan, I'm trying to reconcile how I feel about this team basically being a .500 team, especially without the best player. I had already accepted mentally that Brooklyn would suck and was ready to get one of the top guys in the draft this year now that they finally have their own first round pick, because no matter how many good moves Sean Marks makes to negate the damage of Billy King or how well Kenny Atkinson has developed the young guys on the team, I can't actually fathom a scenario where the Nets make great use of the two max slots they have next summer.
  14. i love philly, nola, miami, and milwaukee out of that lineup and wouldn't mind if they wore entire sets based on those looks. houston, okc and indiana aren't bad either. toronto needs to ditch the "north" thing.
  15. it still bugs me when i see old clips and remember the cavs won their only title in these: instead of one of these: