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  1. this matchup is why i can't completely get on the "color vs color is always an abomination that should never happen" train. these games all looked great. in fact, you could do color vs color with most teams in the league and there'd be at least 2 different combos that look fantastic and dont have fans wondering who is who. there just doesnt seem to be any focus / intention at all with who is wearing what. the nets debuted a black earned jersey that perfectly fits their aesthetic and it feels like they've worn it twice. the clippers are wearing two different drab black uniforms nonstop. utah never wears anything other than red rocks at home even though they'll probably phase it out in a year or two. it's just all so muddled and every team looks like every other team.
  2. i gotta be honest, seeing them worn, i kinda like the all-star jerseys not as all-star unis but if indiana had ever wanted to do a fauxback to that 80s era uniform.
  3. i mean, theoretically the nba could tell the all-star participants they're doing white jerseys vs. color jerseys and specifically pick everyones jersey. it would literally take less than 10 minutes of work to make sure nobody wears anything that clashes.
  4. I'd be in favor of these being their icon unis and making a white/off-white chevron version as their association set. The original black Brooklyn jerseys look great at home vs. the opponents in color, but their white jersey is just so boring in comparison to every other look they have.
  5. I think most people don't mind the uniform conventions being a little more flexible. the nets in a blue tie-dye throwback, the lakers wearing white alts, boston wearing green at home, color vs. color, etc. But LA playing on the road in all blue on a mostly blue court while the sixers are in red is legitimately confusing beyond a "uniform" convention standpoint. the mavericks going on the road in white and gold against the bucks who are wearing mavs colors on a black and green court is actually confusing to my friends who dont care about uniforms. hopefully the nba learns from this like they did the t-shirt jersey experiment.
  6. Hawks/Hornets was a GORGEOUS uniform combo the other night. Also, I know I'm biased but these Nets throwbacks look great in action with the throwback court.
  7. Lakers/Mavs the best uni-matchup of the day so far but I still feel like an old complainer because the trend of not matching your shoes to your uniform will always bug me. Also, completely agree that Boston's banner unis look GREAT in action. Like, perfect design and the perfect team to execute it.
  8. oh for sure, i think the unis are pretty sleak and cool in a vacuum but they just do not look like the milwaukee bucks in any way, as you said. every time i glance at the game i'm momentarily confused about who is even who.
  9. whose idea was it for the bucks to cosplay as the mavericks?
  10. okay, skyline uniforms have officially jumped the shark if they hadn't yet.
  11. Lebron was definitely just wearing Don C fashion shorts that have nothing to do with the Lakers. Highly doubt they're gonna have Dodger unis anytime soon but I dig those new whites.
  12. suns new jersey is fantastic. 10/10 would own if i was a suns fan.
  13. IIRC, Basquiat didn't want his stuff licensed and his dad kept that going after he passed, but when pops passed the rest of the family opened up shop. Now, as a disclaimer I am a Nets fan but I've loved most of their uniform looks 2012-present. The grey sleeved jersey was the only truly heinous thing they've worn IMO. The white sleeved-jerseys would've been fine without sleeves and Bed Stuy jersey would be great with 'Brooklyn' or 'Nets' on 'em. That said, this jersey is corny. Also, telling some Nike designer to use Jean-Michel's style as the "inspiration" for a sports uniform seems like a guarantee to get a watered down, poorly done imitation of what the artist was actually trying to capture, and blah blah blah I know Jerseys are just money-grabs. But damn. That thing sucks.
  14. They lost one key guy in D'Angelo Russell and are still in the playoffs. The remaining 4 of their best 5 players last year are still here. As a Nets fan, anyone mourning the loss of Ed Davis, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, DeMarre Caroll, Shabazz Napier or Allen Crabbe is a crazy person (Dudley was cool and I hope LeBron wins him a ring). If getting another star meant losing Taurean Prince, Garrett Temple, Rodions Kurucs, Wilson Chandler and Dzanan Musa this summer I'd sign up for that in a heartbeat.
  15. You guys may hate the neighborhood specificity now but wait till next year when the Nets debut their “Bay Ridge” jersey where the chest logo is just an NYPD officer arguing with a pizza shop guy about the Yankees.
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